Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 12.3

CHAPTER 12: Malicious Intent

12.3 Malicious Intent: Criminal Mischief

As Asia watched Giovanni leave the lunchroom she began to realize the consequences of what she had agreed to do. She was beginning to have seconds thoughts as she took a bite of her slice of pizza. There was a possibility that this plan could blow up in their faces. Asia did not even want to think about the trouble they could get into if they got caught. They could be expelled or worse for destroying a teacher’s property. But if Asia was right about Mr. Santos and they aren’t proactive they could be killed in order from him to get his hands on their powers. Asia decided that a little criminal mischief was the lesser of the two evils as she ate her last bite of pizza.

“I knew I wasn’t going to like it here.” She whispered as she grabbed her things and got up from the table.

The auto body shop was right next to the huge school courtyard that was full of students eating lunch and conversing. Giovanni quickly walked pass all of the students to the back door of the auto body shop. Then crept into the dark and empty room making sure that no one saw him. He softly shut the heavy door behind him and began to feel around. Having no luck with finding what he needed in the dark room Giovanni took his phone from his pocket and turned on its flashlight.

“There you are!” he exclaimed as he grabbed a rubber tube and a gas can from one of the shelves on the wall.

Asia left the lunchroom and headed out to the teacher’s parking lot. When she got there Giovanni was nowhere to be found. “Where is this kid?” Asia asked herself. Just as she pulled her phone out to call him he walked up behind her.

“Okay you ready to do this?” he asked.

“Yeah lets hurry before some one sees us.” Asia replied. “Did you get a candy bar to stick in the tank?” she asked.

“Man I knew I was forgetting something.” Giovanni said.

“Are you kidding me?” Asia asked annoyed. “You do know what we are about to do is illegal and could get us expelled and or arrested?” she asked.

“Hey this was your idea not mine.” Giovanni said.

“Yeah but thought you realized the consequences of what we are about to do.” She said. “we have to do this quickly so that we don’t get caught.’ She added frustrated.

“Look calm we are still good.” He said. “Here just go get a candy bar.” He told her as he reached into his pocket and handed her a five-dollar bill. “See that blue car, the last one on the third row.” Giovanni said as her point across the parking lot.

“Yeah I see it.” Asia replied.

“That’s Mr. Santos’ car and that’s where I will be syphoning out gas when you get back, now hurry.” He said.

Asia rolled her eyes at Giovanni and sighed. “Okay I will be right back.” She said. “Be careful and don’t get caught.” She added as she began to walk back towards the lunch room.

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 10.3

Chapter 10: The Art Of Seduction

10.3 The Art Of Seduction: Uninvited

Daniel was deep in thought devising a plan in his mind when Han walked into the club. “What’s up man?” Han asked as he came behind the bar. “Where is Chanelat?” He asked as he looked around the room.

“She stayed home today she isn’t feeling well.” Daniel replied.

“Already it’s only her second day and she is already calling out.” Han said as he shook his head.

“She had a tough night.” Daniel said angrily.

“Hey don’t get an attitude, I’m saying this lifestyle isn’t for everyone maybe your girl just cant handle it.” He said. “Ands that’s not a bad thing considering what we do here.” He added.

Daniel took a deep sigh and rolled his eyes desperately wanting to change the subject. “Hey what can you tell me about that Diego Powers dude?” Daniel asked.

“What do you mean?” Han asked as started taking glasses from the sink and lining them up.

“I mean is Kimura really thinking about working with him?” Daniel asked.

“I don’t think so since word around is that Diego is dead and that you and Chanelkilled him.” Han said sternly. “What you didn’t think that I knew?” Han asked as he looked at the shocked look on Daniel’s face. “Come on dude be straight up what are you really trying to ask me?” he asked.

“I need to know if should be worried about what Kimura is planning.” Daniel said. “He just put me and Chanelright in the middle of this rivalry and she’s afraid to leave the house now.” He said.

“You should always be worried.” Han stated. “You live longer that way.” He added as he continued to wash and line up the glasses.

“Hey Carter!” Akeno called as he waddled from the back room.

“Yeah.” Daniel answered from the bar.

“I talked to Kimura and he said its cool if Chanelneeds a couple of days off.” Akeno said as he walked over to the bar and sat down. “He told me to tell you that he was going to check her on.”  He said. “Han can you pour me a shot of whiskey?” Akeno asked moving on from the subject.

“Sure thing boss.” Han replied as he grabbed a glass and a bottle of whiskey.

“Wait, when is he going to do that?” Daniel asked in shock.

“Right now I think.” Akeno said.

“Okay.” Daniel said nervously trying to hide his angry as he left the room and went to the cooler.

He could not believe that Kimura had just invited himself over to his house when he wasn’t home without even asking. Daniel knew that plan was to get Kimura to the house so that Angelica could seduce him but he felt slightly disrespected not even being asked. Daniel opened the door to the cooler and stepped inside. He just stood there hoping that the cold air would somehow calm him down. He kept reassuring himself that Angelica knew what she was doing and that she could handle Kimura but nothing put his mind at ease.

Rockcity Rapland 10.3

Chapter 10: The Black Mafia

10.3 The Black Mafia: Money, Power, and Respect

Camilla could see Alejandro staring at her out of the corner of her eye as she stood in the corner of the room talking to her uncle. She could tell that he felt uneasy about the night’s turn of events and for good reason too. No one would feel great about their enemies coming to visit in the middle of the night especially not in this business. But Alejandro was taking things pretty well at least he was pretending to for Camilla’s sake. She could tell that he really loved her somewhere in that cold heart of his and it almost made her feel bad for using him.

Camilla heard her cousins coming back through the front door with their luggageand she turned to smile at Alejandro say if saying thank you from his kindness. Alejandro smiled back sweetly at her and began to walk over with a half full glass of whiskey in his hand. “Hey let me show you to your room.” Alejandro said to Camilla’s uncle.

“Yes of course.” Humphrey replied as he motioned to his three sons’ to follow him.

Alejandro kissed Camilla on the cheek then he led the four men upstairs to the guest bedrooms. Camilla let out a deep sigh as she went over to the bar and began to pour herself a drink. “So we are drinking now?” Angelo asked as he walked up behind her. “I don’t think you quite old enough.” He joked as he sat down next to her.

“Maybe not in years but I definitely feel at least thirty in life experiences.” She replied as took a sip of her mixed drink.

“So what was that all about with you and your uncle you two looked like you were having a very heated discussion.” he said.

“Nothing I just haven’t seen him in a while.” She said. “I’m sure you heard how he disowned my mother after my grandfather died because she married my father.” She added.

“I may have heard some chatter about that.” Angelo said.

“Yeah we were banned from the family except for on the Christmas.” She laughed.

“And he wants to come around and pretend like you two are family?” he asked.

“Yeah exactly.” Camilla said as she turned to face Angelo.

“Why now?” Angelo asked. “What does he want?” he asked sternly.

“You sound just about as concerned as me about my uncle’s motives.” Camilla said as she turned away and took another sip of her drink.

“I am.” Angelo said. “My cousins a being naïve because of his love for you and his need to make up for murdering your parents.” He said. “I’m just trying to make sure he doesn’t get us all killed.” He added.

“My uncle doesn’t want to kill anybody at least I don’t think he does.” Camilla said. “If I had to guess I would say that he wants what he has always wanted.” She said.

“And what is that?” Angelo asked confused.

 “What we all want, power.” She replied.

I Know Your Type 10.3

Chapter 10: The Black Widow

10.3 The Black Widow: Guy Code

“Is that so?” the man asked with a smile as he slurred his words. “Do you want to come have a drink with me in my hotel room its really close?” he asked.

“As fun as that sounds I can’t.” Dawn replied. “I’m actually on my way to my brother’s house, I’m visiting from out of town.” She said.

“You don’t have a hour or two to spare for a night cap?’ the man asked as he moved closer Dawn.

“No.” Dawn said sternly becoming extremely annoyed. “I’m here for my mom’s funeral and my brother has been waiting on me all night.” She said.

“Oh my bad I’m sorry to hear that.” The man replied as he face turned red from embarrassment.

Camilla was shocked to see that even though the man was a liar and cheater he still had enough compassion to know when to back off. Some men would have kept going trying to pressure you into coming to their hotel room offering moral support. It was despicable the things that men would do for sex. They were like predators who preyed on the weak and wounded. Camilla wished she had enough time to spare to kill this drunken asshole but Dylan was waiting on her and she already been gone too long.

“Why don’t give me your phone and can meet up later.” Dawn said with a smile. “I will be in town for a couple of days and I might need that drink after the funeral.” She said.

“Better yet why don’t you give me your number.” The guy suggested. “And I will just call you tomorrow night.” He said. “I’m only here on business until the day after tomorrow.” He added.

Typical, Dawn thought. If you were cheating you never let the other person have your number and risk them calling you at some inopportune moment. It was better if you got their number and just called them when you wanted to be bothered and then just blocked their number afterwards.

“Okay.” Dawn smiled as she took the guy’s phone out of his hand and began to put in her number. “There you go.” She said as she handed him his phone back. “It was nice meeting you I will look forward to your call.” She added with a grin as she grabbed her candy and headed to the cash register.

Dawn paid for her candy bar and left out of the store rolling her eyes as she thought about how all mean had the same tricks. There must be some kind of rulebook floating around, she thought. There is no way that every man just happens to say the same stupid shit as the next, she thought baffled as she got into her car. Dawn started her car just as the drunk guy walked out of the store. As she watched him walk to his car she thought of just running him over and giggled to herself.

“Maybe another day.” Dawn said then paused as began to think hard. “I didn’t even get that guys name and the asshole didn’t even ask me mine before he asked me to come to his hotel room.” She exclaimed as she pulled out of the gas station parking lot. “Men.” She added shaking her head.

Dirty Little Bitches 10.3

Chapter 10: The Make Up

10.3 The Make Up: How Will I Know?

“Aw sweetie, don’t cry over that loser.” Aaliyah’s father said as he wiped his daughters tears away. “You already know that I would rather you pick the other kid, what’s his name?” he asked.

“Jean Pierre.” Aaliyah replied with a giggle.

“Yeah him, he seems like a good guy.” Her father said. “Why don’t you like him?” he asked.

“I do like him.” Aaliyah replied.

“No you don’t.” her father laughed. “You like Dominic.” He told her.

“I like them both.” She said. “What makes you think that I don’t Jean Pierre?” Aaliyah asked confused as she took a sip of her hot chocolate.

“Because you are just using him to make Dominic jealous,” he replied. “You are hoping that him seeing you with someone else will make him change and treat you better.” He said. “But it won’t.” He added.

“So you don’t think that people can change?” Aaliyah asked sadly.

“No, I absolutely think people can change I did for your mother but making someone jealous isn’t going to make them change its only going to push them away.” He replied sternly. “If you love Dominic then stop stringing that Jean Pierre kid along trying o make him jealous.” He said.

“I don’t want to hurt Jean Pierre though.” She said.

“Its too late for that because what you are doing is hurting everyone including you.” Her father explained. “Maybe you should just be alone for awhile and get to know yourself better.” He suggested. “Maybe you just aren’t ready for all of this.” He added.

“You mean marriage?” Aaliyah asked.

“Yeah.” He laughed. “It could just me not wanting to let my little girl grow up but I think you need to slow down.” He told her. “Marriage is a serious commitment that is suppose to be forever and you don’t want to spend forever with the wrong person.” He said.

“Yes sir.” Aaliyah said.

“Now do I want to know why Dominic and Jean Pierre started fighting in the club?” He asked.

“Probably not.” Aaliyah laughed.

“Okay honey if you are good I got our favorite movie in the DVD player.” Her father said as he drunk the last of his hot chocolate.

“I’m good.” Aaliyah said as she grabbed her mug and followed her father into the living room. “Oh dad I forget to tell you Jean Pierre is coming over for breakfast.” She said as she plopped down on the couch.

“He is?” her father asked shocked as he pressed play on DVD player. “When did that happen?” he asked as s\he sat next to her on the couch.

“He called me right before I got here wanting to apologize and make it up to me.” She replied. “He asked if he could takeout me out to breakfast but I’m to embarrassed to go in public after everything that has happened so I told him to come over here instead.” She said.

“Okay I guess its cool.” He said with a smile as the previews started to play. “Did Dominic call?” he asked.

“No.” Aaliyah said sadly. “Dad is it possible it feel so in love with someone and know that they aren’t the one you are supposed to spend to the rest of your life with?” she asked.

“Yes marriage isn’t just about love its about respect and compatibility.” He replied. “I have loved many women but only one woman could put up with me and tie me down.” He said.

“How will I know who that is?” Aaliyah asked. “And will I know right away?” she asked.

“It won’t be right away it will creep up on you when you least at expect it but trust me when it hits you you’ll know.” He smiled.

Where He Brought Me From 10.3

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 10: Family Matters

10.3 Family Matters: Air Play

“Ugh I’m so over today I just want to go home and go to sleep.” Jessica said. “What else do we have to do?” she asked.

“Well we still got some more shopping to do for Thailand.” Kash replied. “But it can wait until tomorrow.” He said. “To be honest I’m ready to call it a day after all that too.” He added.

“Do you think this is going to be all over the Internet?” Jessica asked nervously. “I saw a few people with their phones out do you think they were recording us?” she whispered.

“I wouldn’t put it past them.” Kash replied as he finished off his meal and started on another.

“I can just imagine what the headlines are going to say.” Jessica said as she shook her head. “I don’t want the entire world to know all my family’s business I’m already embarrassed that you know.” She said.

“I’m sorry but that’s the price you pay for fame.” Kash said. “When you get famous everyone wants to know everything about you and privacy is pretty much obsolete.” He told her. “That’s includes your family’s privacy.” He added.

“I know Jennifer can’t wait for the press to ask her some questions about me so she throw me under the bus and embarrass me in front of the whole world.” Jessica said.

“Yeah I can so see her doing that.” Kash laughed. “But she wouldn’t be the first family member to spread rumors or gossip about a celebrity.” He said.

“I don’t think that’s funny.’ Jessica said annoyed. “I really don’t want to have to fight my sister.” She said aggravated.

“But then again she might need to get those hands.” Kash said. “Your sister has a real problem with you every chance she gets she is talking bad about you or trying embarrass you.” He explained.

“Are you serious I am a grown ass woman I can’t be fighting like some ratchet.” Jessica exclaimed. “She’s just jealous, I’m use to it.” She said.

“Hey I agree it’s not a good look but some people just don’t get it until you knock them out.” He joked.

“See that’s why I don’t fuck with them and I keep them out of my business.” Jessica said. “I don’t need to give them no ammunition to use against me.” She said.

“Even if you cut them off they can still make up stories about you and tell them to the press if they wanted.” Kash said. “You all have to get to the heart of the issue and fix the problems between you.” He said.

“How?” Jessica asked. “We can’t even have lunch together.” He said.

“Honestly I have no idea you motherfuckers are crazy.” He laughed. “I’m full are you ready to go?” Kash asked.

“Yeah I’m ready.” Jessica said as she reapplied her lipstick in her compact mirror.

Kash waved down the waitress and paid their check. Then he and Jessica left the restaurant hand in hand. Outside a limo and a several paparazzi were waiting for them. As lights flashed in their face and people screamed their names Kash and Jessica remained calm and got in their limo. “I don’t know if I will ever get use to this.” Jessica said as the driver shut the car door.

“Don’t worry you will get use to this sooner than you think.” He said as he grabbed her hand.

As they waited for the driver to take them home Jessica noticed that the radio was quietly playing a song that sounded very familiar to her and it piqued her interest. “Hey turn up the radio that sounds like my song.” Jessica exclaimed.

Kash reached over and turned up the radio. “That is your song.” He smiled.

Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 12.2

CHAPTER 12: Malicious Intent

12.2 Malicious Intent: Unlikely Partners

“Nah that sounds crazy.” Giovanni said as he took a bite of his pizza. “Do you know how many things would have to happen for that kind of coincidence to occur?” he asked as he swallowed. “The man is just insane, that’s all there is to it.” He added.

“Just be careful.” Asia said.

“For what we have superpowers what is he going to do to us?” Giovanni asked.

“I don’t know but we don’t know everything about these powers or the history behind them.” Asia said sternly. “And this guy is coming to your house tonight.” She said.

“I know and I’m not worried.” Giovanni said as he showed his claws. “If he try’s anything I will just kick his ass.” He said dismissively.

Asia grabbed Giovanni’s hand and forced it down underneath the table. ”You need to take this seriously.” Asia whispered through clenched teeth. “And you need to be cautious about using your powers, what if someoneelsesee’s you?” she asked angrily.

“So what?” Giovanni asked annoyed.

“So, everyone has a weakness just because we have powers that doesn’t mean we are invincible.” She replied.

“I don’t feel like I have any weaknesses.” Giovanni smiled and he flexed his chest muscles.

“Yeah but you don’t know for sure and if Mr. Santos is who I think he is he may know more about this stuff than we do.” Asia explained.

“Okay I’ll be careful.” Giovanni sighed. “But the man is coming to my house tonight to speak with my father about my behavior, what am I suppose to do?” he asked.

“Cancel or something.” Asia said.

“You don’t know my father I can’t cancel so I hope you have a better plan than that.” Giovanni said.

“Okay if you can’t cancel then we just have to make sure that Mr. Santos cancels.” Asia grinned mischievously.

“I like that look on you, we are about to do something bad aren’t we?” Giovanni asked with a grin.

“Yes.” Asia replied.

“Welcome to the dark side.” Giovanni smiled as he ate his last bite of pizza. “So what do you have in mind?” he asked.

“Well he can’t do a home visit without his car, now can he?” Asia asked with a smile. “I was thinking we could sneak out to the parking lot and slash his tires.” She said.

“That’s your plan?” Giovanni laughed. “That can be easily fixed.” He said.

“Not if we slash all four.” Asia said.

“Yeah but then that looks suspicious and he will probably blame me.” Giovanni said. “You are on the right track though but since I don’t want to get in anymore trouble I say we siphon out the gas then stick a candy bar in his gas tank.” He said.

“Siphon the gas?” she asked confused. “That sounds difficult.” She said.

“Its actually pretty easy I just have to stop by the school auto shop and get a few things.” Giovanni replied.

“Okay do you know what car he drives?” Asia asked.

 “Yeah.” Giovanni said. “Finish eating and then meet me in the teachers parking lot, I need about fifteen minutes so take your time.” He said as he stood up from the table. “I am really going to enjoy this.” He said with a grin.

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 10.2

Chapter 10: The Art Of Seduction

10.2 The Art Of Seduction: Secure The Body

Daniel had never been more nervous than he was today. This was the first mission that he and Angelica had been on where she was the bait. When Daniel thought about putting her in harms way it made him sick to his stomach. He was beginning to think that luring Kimura to their apartment while Angelica was there alone with no backup wasn’t such a good idea. But he knew if he were to run back inside and tell her that it would cause another argument. Daniel sighed as he looked back at the door to their apartment.

“I hope you know what you are doing.” He said as he got in car. Just as Daniel had cranked up the car and was getting ready to pull out he got a text. He immediately stopped what he was doing and checked his phone. Go to work I got this a text message from Angelica read. Daniel began to laugh as he put his phone back down on the passenger seat and pulled out of his parking spot. “Okay I agent Bonnie.” He said quietly as he left the apartment complex.

Angelica looked down her phone smiled when she got a notification that Daniel had read her message. She knew that he was worrying himself to death about leaving her to face Kimura alone. She also knew that he would never admit it for fear that she would get angry. “Man I should have made Daniel make me some breakfast before he left.” Angelica said as her stomach began to growl. “I guess I will have to cook something myself since I can’t leave the house.” She sighed as she got up out of bed.

Daniel pulled into the parking lot of the club just as Akeno, Kimura’s brother was pulling up. “Okay lets do this.” Daniel whispered trying to psych himself out as he parked his car. Then he took a deep breath and opened his car door. “What’s up Akeno?” Daniel said as he got out of the car.

“Hey Carter where’s Chanel?” Akeno asked as he opened the door to the club.

“She’s really messed up about last night so she decided to take the day off I hope that’s okay.” Daniel said.

“I don’t know I’m going to have to call Kimura.” Akeno said as he went inside. “So you say she having a hard time?’ He asked as he turned on the lights.

“Yeah the whole being kidnapped thing then shooting those three men, she’s scared that Diego’s people may retaliate.” Daniel said.

“Well if that’s all she’s worried about she can stop worrying because Kimura isn’t going to let that happen.” Akeno said.

“Oh yeah?” Daniel asked. “What makes you so sure Kimura can prevent it?” he questioned.

“Because my brother is a smart man and you don’t cut off the head unless you secure the body first.” He replied. “Hey start getting everything ready I’m going to go call Kimura, Han and Devon should be here any minute.” Akeno said as he went to the office.

So Kimura bought Diego’s men, Daniel thought as he started to cut up fruit for the bar. He had a notion that Kimura probably stepped on some toes and made a few enemies who were more than willing to talk.

Rockcity Rapland 10.2

Chapter 10: The Black Mafia

10.2 The Black Mafia: Unfair Advantage   

“Me and Alejandro need to have a little talk.” Humphrey said.

“No, no one is supposes to know about us yet.” Camilla said.

“I don’t want to talk to him about you, I want to know if he’s serious about sharing some of his territory.” Humphrey said. “You can handle yourself.” He smiled.

 “So where is Sasha and everyone else are they not coming?” Camilla asked.

“They are all coming tomorrow as planned.” He replied.

“I hope they aren’t planning on staying here as well.” Camilla said nervously.

“No they are just coming for the funeral then going back home.” He said.

“What are you doing?” Camilla asked.

“Well I think me and the boys will stay awhile.” He grinned.

“Here, at Alejandro’s house?” she asked shocked and confused.

“Yeah why not?” he asked. “He is so hospitable.” He said smiling. “I mean it is the least he can do.” He added.

“I don’t think that’s good idea.” Camilla said sternly. “And what makes you think that Alejandro would agree for you to stay here after the funeral is over?” she asked.

“Because you are going to convince him.” He said.

“And why on earth would I do a thing like that?” Camilla asked.

“Trust me whatever you are planning on doing you don’t want to do it alone.” Humphrey explained to her. “While Alejandro may love you that doesn’t mean the rest of his family will and there is no telling how they will react when they find out you are planning to marry.” He said. “Do you really want to be here alone if things get ugly?” he asked.

“What do mean get ugly?” Camilla asked concerned. “Do you think that they would hurt me or something?” she asked.

“There are rumors that Alejandro’s father killed his own brother to be next boss of the Bastenelli Crime family.” He said. “If Vincenzo Bastenelli hadn’t been murdered his son Angelo would be boss and that could bring about some hostilities.” He told her. “You would be surprised at what your enemies would do to the people you love in order to hurt you.” He added.

“So who all is going to stay just you, Tyrek, Omar and Steven?’ Camilla asked.

“Yeah that’s it.” He replied.

“But what’s the purpose though tell why you got in your car in the middle of the night and drove here?” Camilla asked. “I mean you have had some kind of plan other than staying the night.” She said.

“Why of course.” He said. “See the only difference between the white mafia and the black mafia are connections.” He told her. “That’s how they oppressed us years ago because we had to go through them to get drugs that was until we made our own overseas connections.” He said. “And even now the white mafia has so many high-powered connections that they are basically above they law.” he explained. “All we need to do is make some of those same connections.” He added.

“Okay so how do you plan to do that?” Camilla asked intrigued.

“The same way they did, blackmail.” Humphrey replied. “That’s why we are here to find out what Alejandro has on those men in the Union Social Club that made them let him join so we can use it to our advantage.” He said.

 “I might be able to help you with that.” Camilla smiled.

I Know Your Type 10.2

Chapter 10: The Black Widow

10.2 The Black Widow: Temptation

Dawn slipped out of her club attire and threw the clothes into the truck. Then she grabbed her jogging pants and t-shirt from underneath the front seat. Dawn began to change her clothes as a love song played softly on her radio. She had to look like she had been to the store and not to the club just in case Dylan was still awake when she went in the house. Dawn had changed clothes and turned off her car, she was just about to go into the house when she caught a glimpse of her make up filled face in the window. She reached into her middle console and grabbed a package of baby wipes then she began wipe all the make up from her face.

“Clothes check, make-up check what am I forgetting?” she asked herself as she glanced around the car. As Dawn looked around the car she realized she didn’t have anything to say that she bought from the store. Dawn sighed and cranked her car back up hoping that Dylan wouldn’t hear her in the driveway. I hate having to lie all the time, she thought as she pulled out of the driveway. I wish I could just kill someone and not have worry about covering it up or making up some story, Dawn thought angrily.

Having to lead a double life was part of the reason she could not have a real relationship with the opposite sex and the fact that she was criminally insane. Dawn could probably never trust a man anyway he would only give her some reason to kill him. A lot of women said that sort of thing to their men when they messed up, I’ll kill you. But Dawn was the type of woman who meant it.

It was really a pet peeve of hers for someone to insult her intelligence by not even taking the time to come up with a good logical sounding lie. Lying was an art form it was like telling a story you had to know the who, what, where, when and why. Men had no appreciation for the art and that’s why they always got caught.

Men always tried to play on a woman’s emotions ignoring logic. The thing about playing on people emotions though was that people’s emotions changed to often and the very first time you do something to make a woman feel the way she felt before she would remember every time you made her feel that way. But what you made sense of with logic would never be questioned as long as you could remember the lie you told. That’s why women were so good at lying they never forgot anything.

Dawn pulled up to the junior food store up the street from her house and parked right in front. She checked the time and it had been thirty minutes since Dylan had called her.  He must have went back to sleep, she thought as she got out of the car and went into the store.  “Hi.” Dawn said to the store clerk as she went down the candy isle. She was deciding between a candy bar and a entire bag of chocolate when a man approached her.

“What are you doing out so late sexy, where your man at?” he asked.

Dawn turned to see a handsome man who was obviously tipsy with a shadow on his ring finger indicating where a wedding ring used to be. “Its your lucky day.” Dawn replied with a mischievous grin. “I’m single.” She said.