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Death Before Dishonor

“Your dad always loved the ladies.” Bobby laughed as the locked the door to the gym.

“Yeah, that and stealing,” Roger said.

“You need a ride?” Bobby asked as they walked down the sidewalk to his car.

“Yeah, thanks,” Roger said.

“Hey, do you know that girl that comes into the gym every once in a while?” Bobby asked.

“Yeah she’s hot I tried to talk to her but she blew me off,” Roger replied with a smile.

“Well, you must have made some kind of impression because her father wants to train you,” Bobby said.

“Bobby you know I can’t pay for that,” Roger argued.

“He said he’d do it for free I heard he’s some kind of Kung Fu master,” Bobby said. “Here’s his number,” Bobby said as he handed Roger a piece of paper. “Kid this could be your big break.” He said as he unlocked the car door.

Roger ray smiled. I sure hope so, he thought.



Nikki had to pretend she liked Arianna but really, she hated her guts. Every day she would pray something bad would happen to her. Like she would fall off the top of the pyramid at cheerleading practice and sever her spine. However, little did Nikki know when you pray whole-heartedly for something bad to happen to another person the devil hears. If Nikki had known the severity of her words, she might have been more careful with what she said. She might have been more careful about what she wished for. If Nikki knew the power of the tongue and the effects it could have over her life she would have been a better person. Nevertheless, she did not know and by the time she had realized what she had done her fate had been sealed by karma.


The Bottom

As the music began to play Alexandria could feel everyone’s eyes on her. She began to feel less confident about her talent and when the beat dropped she froze.

Tony quickly stopped the beat. “You missed your cue.” He said.

“I know, play it again.” She said.

“Okay.” He said sarcastically as his friends began to snicker.

As the music started over Alexandria took a deep breath and this time when the beat dropped it was like a beast had been unleashed. If anyone had doubted Alexandria’s talent previously at that moment she had put all doubts to rest. When she was finished she smiled and took her headphones off.

“Can I hear it?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Tony replied.




Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon

Asia missed her parents dearly. All she had to remember them by was some weird ancient Chinese medallion that probably cost them their lives. Why did they always have to trek the world going on some dangerous adventure for ancient artifacts? Asia remembered her father saying the medallion was supposed to have some sort of magical powers back when they were searching for it but it just looked like an old piece of junk to her.



Ahote was a 17-year-old Native American from Greasewood, Arizona of the Navajo tribe. He and his family lived on a reservation especially for people like him. Ahote was a shapeshifter and hundreds of years ago most of his kind was killed off and forced from their tribes on suspicions of being a witch. Today shapeshifters from his blood tribe and other tribes from all over the world and different ethnicities lived on this private reservation in Arizona.








Where He Brought Me From

Jessica Kealoha was a 24-year-old singer-songwriter who made her living singing in nightclubs and coffee houses. She was a woman with a grudge against men, a woman scorned and she let it show it her music. Jessica couldn’t be alone so she always found herself with some loser who would end up the subject of her next song. She felt like she was destined for more but she was stuck in a downward spiral, loser after loser, deadbeat after deadbeat. She had lost her father at the tender age of 14 to kidney failure and was left with an evil stepsister, a nonchalant mother, and a cruel stepfather. She never really learned how to love because she never truly felt any love. Her talents often went unrecognized at home and it made Jessica feel alone. Her stepfather who was often in a drunken rage about nothing constantly harassed her while her mother sat and watched aimlessly. As soon as Jessica turned eighteen she moved to New York with her money from waiting tables in Pensacola to try and live her somewhat impossible dream. She knew impossible like a childhood friend she always never quite met the mark but little did Jessica know this morning was different, things were about to change.


Dirty Little Bitches

Raquel saw Dominic across the room at the bar sipping a drink and conversing with a group of guys. Dominic was charming and sexy. His smile lit up a room and Raquel was determined to have him. Raquel was the type of woman you could never really be friends with because if you had something she wanted she had no problem taking it. Raquel was relentless and cutthroat two qualities that made her a piranha is the magazine world. She was at the top of her game an editor for one of the top fashion magazines. She had the best money could buy but she still wasn’t happy. Raquel wanted a husband so bad that she often was a mistress to already made families. She was getting tired of being the other woman she wanted a man of her own even if she had to take him from her best friend.




Flash Fiction




I Know Your Type

Dawn never wanted to kill him she was a good girl. She was sweet, loyal and faithful but she had an uncontrollable temper. He had just set her off, she told herself it wouldn’t happen again but she knew it would because it kept happening over and over again. The first time was an accident but then she discovered she liked to kill. She liked hearing their screams for mercy it turned her on. They wanted it, they wanted to die and she wanted to help them. She could spot them a mile away an unfaithful man begging her to end their miserable lives. She liked to see them cry and beg for forgiveness. She wanted them to pray for it to end and she wanted to be their savior. She wanted to answer their prayers. Amen motherfucker she whispered then she lit a cigarette and walked out of the room into the hotel hallway.


Rockcity Rapland

“What’s going on dad?” Camilla asked.

“Don’t worry about it honey you and your mother just hide up here while I go downstairs,” he said.

Camilla and her mother hide in the closet of her bedroom as her father went downstairs to greet the intruders. Camilla heard arguing but she couldn’t make out what they saying then there were two gunshots and everything went quiet. Her mother started to cry as they heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

“Camilla you stay here.” She said.

“No mom, where are you going?” She whispered.

“They will kill you!” She cried.

“No matter what happens don’t you make a sound or come out of this closet.” her mother told her.

“Yes, ma’am.” she cried.

Camilla’s mother quietly stepped out of the closet and closed the door. Camilla could hear her make her way into the hallway.

“Mrs. Aquila there you are.” she heard a man say. “Your husband has taken something very valuable from me do you where it is?” He asked.

“Please.” Her mother begged. “I don’t know anything.” She answered.

“See now I just don’t believe that, Mrs. Aquila!” He screamed.

“No, I swear I have no idea where it is.” She pleaded. Then there was a single gunshot.


Codename: Bonnie and Clyde

“Look, Agent Bonnie, I know you guys have history but you two make a good team,” he said calmly. “I don’t want to take you off this case because we’re so close to catching Kimura but I will, so take it or leave it,” he said.

Angelica thought about it for a second. Clyde severely annoyed her but he wasn’t useless like everyone else, he could at least do his job.

“Okay, I’ll take it.” She uttered unhappily.

“Good.” He replied. He pressed the intercom on his desk and said, “Send in agent Clyde.”


Inspirational Words