Karma 1.1

Nikki Anderson was a bully. She was evil and mean. She never missed the chance to belittle someone or hurt someone’s feelings. Everyone thought she was a spoiled brat but no one would tell her to her face. Nikki was the richest and most popular girl at Woodham high school. She wore designer clothes and always had the most expensive weave. She thrived on the power that came with dating an older man who was one of the biggest drug dealers in Pensacola, FL. Everyone at school either feared her or wanted to be her. Therefore, when a new girl showed up in Nikki’s senior year that was richer and prettier she was pissed.



The new girl was even nice, so everyone genuinely liked her and they were not just pretending to. It had only been a month and the new girl had completely taken over. She was dating the plug that supplied Nikki’s boyfriend. She had been made the captain of the varsity cheerleading squad and she had gotten lead in the play. She had everything Nicole wanted. Her name was even prettier, Arianna.



Nikki had to pretend she liked Arianna but really, she hated her guts. Every day she would pray something bad would happen to her. Like she would fall off the top of the pyramid at cheerleading practice and sever her spine. However, little did Nikki know when you pray whole-heartedly for something bad to happen to another person the devil hears. If Nikki had known the severity of her words, she might have been more careful with what she said. She might have been more careful about what she wished for. If Nikki knew the power of the tongue and the effects it could have over her life she would have been a better person. Nevertheless, she did not know and by the time she had realized what she had done her fate had been sealed by karma.


“Come on guys! We got a game tomorrow!” Arianna yelled. “Pep it up!” she yelled.


“Man I hate her,” Nikki whispered to a fellow cheerleader.


“Yeah she’s so perfect it’s annoying,” Carmen whispered back.


“So you don’t just love her like everyone else?” Nicola asked jokingly.


“No, anyone that perfect has got to be hiding something,” Carmen said.


“I know right.” Nicole laughed.


“She’s not even that pretty,” Carmen said.


“I thought I was the only one that thought that.” Nikki giggled. “I don’t know what Brandon sees in her, she’s average to me.” “We should hang out after practice.”


“What happened to your girls Ashley and Brianna?” Carmen asked.


“They are both up Arianna’s ass,” Nikki replied.


“Damn. These hoes aren’t loyal.” Carmen laughed.


“Nikki and Carmen can you guys please pay attention!” Arianna called out. “We have to get this dance right and you two are a step behind.” She said.


“Did she just call us out?” Nikki asked Carmen angrily.


“I think so,” Carmen said.


“I’m so sick of this bitch!” Nikki exclaimed. Nikki dropped her pompoms and stormed to the front of the gym where Arianna stood. “Who do you think you are telling me that I’m a step behind?” Nikki screamed.


“I’m the captain!” Arianna yelled. “If you don’t like it you are welcomed to leave,” Arianna said with a smile.


“You know what? I think I will leave, I quit!” Nikki exclaimed.


“Me too!” Carmen yelled as she dropped her pompoms and followed Nikki out of the gym.


“I can’t believe we just did that!” Carmen exclaimed when she and Nikki reached the parking lot.


“That bitch is going to regret the day she ever crossed me,” Nikki said sternly.


“What are you going to do?” Carmen asked stunned.


“I don’t know yet but she is going to pay,” Nikki replied. “I hope she breaks her fucking leg!” Nikki yelled and she meant it with every fiber of her being.