Where He Brought Me From 1.1

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 1: More Than What We Are

1.1 More than what we are: Change

So today was a crazy day as is every day of my life. I love a boy who isn’t worth my time so I waste my time being worthless. Now I know I’m worth a lot but you couldn’t tell with the things I endure on the daily. When did I forget who I was? I think it was the day I lost my virginity and my vagina started telling my heart and my head that it knew what love was. Silly to think I was making love when I was only having sex, but I followed suit and look where I am. I’m married, but separated, lost, confused and somewhat hurt. I’m only 24 but then again I am 24. I’m only me but then again I am me.


It was an unusually cold morning in April as Jessica was awoken by the sound of her alarm clock. She could feel how cold it was it outside in her drafty New York loft. As she could no longer ignore the sound of the alarm she reached over to her nightstand and pressed the snooze button. Ten more minutes she thought. Jessica pulled the covers up over her head and began to drift back to sleep.

She had just broken up with her no good lazy ex-con boyfriend of six months and she was a wreck. Jessica didn’t even want to get up out the bed. She had been in bed all week long watching Korean dramas. She seemed to attract a certain type of guy and she always fell in love. Jessica was married at age twenty-one and divorced by age twenty-two. Her ex-husband was verbally and physically abusive but abuse was all she knew. It was all Jessica had ever seen in a relationship, even though she knew it wasn’t what she wanted it was familiar. This time was no different than any other; Mitchell had used her just like every other guy. He was a bartender at Aloha’s one of the places she frequently performed. Mitchell seemed like a guy who had made some mistakes but wanted a fresh start, when he really was just an ex-con trying to get over. He lived at her apartment and didn’t help pay any bills. He would often come home late and drunk after losing his entire paycheck gambling. It was the final straw when Jessica caught him cheating with a waitress but she still missed his company. She hated being alone and Jessica always felt like she was alone.

Jessica Kealoha was a 24-year-old singer-songwriter who made her living singing in nightclubs and coffee houses. She was a woman with a grudge against men, a woman scorned and she let it show it her music. Jessica couldn’t be alone so she always found herself with some loser who would end up the subject of her next song. She felt like she was destined for more but she was stuck in a downward spiral, loser after loser, deadbeat after deadbeat. She had lost her father at the tender age of 14 to kidney failure and was left with an evil stepsister, a nonchalant mother and a cruel stepfather. She never really learned how to love because she never truly felt any love. Her talents often went unrecognized at home and it made Jessica feel alone. Her stepfather who was often in a drunken rage about nothing constantly harassed her while her mother sat and watched aimlessly. As soon as Jessica turned eighteen she moved to New York with her money from waiting tables in Pensacola to try and live her somewhat impossible dream. She knew impossible like a childhood friend she always never quite met the mark but little did Jessica know this morning was different, things were about to change.

Where He Brought Me From 1.2


Dirty Little Bitches 1.1

Dirty Little Bitches

Chapter 1: Best Frenemy

1.1 Best Frenemy: Dirty Deed


There he was this tall handsome olive skinned man. She had only met him once at a charity benefit but she knew everything about him. She knew he was a wealthy entrepreneur and he drove a Lamborghini. She knew he had a girlfriend that he had been dating for over a year. She also knew that were having problems. Raquel also knew she wanted him. Ever since she had first seen him in a photo she knew she had to have him. She knew how well he treated his woman and she wanted that same treatment. She wanted to be the girl on his arm and she was willing to do anything to make that happen.

Raquel saw Dominic across the room at the bar sipping a drink and conversing with a group of guys. Dominic was charming and sexy. His smile lit up a room and Raquel was determined to have him. Raquel was the type of woman you could never really be friends with because if you had something she wanted she had no problem taking it. Raquel was relentless and cutthroat two qualities that made her a piranha is the magazine world. She was at the top of her game an editor for one of the top fashion magazines. She had the best money could buy but she still wasn’t happy. Raquel wanted a husband so bad that she often was a mistress to already made families. She was getting tired of being the other woman she wanted a man of her own even if she had to take him from her best friend.

She had been a friend to Dominic’s girlfriend forever, they were like sisters but Raquel secretly hated her. She was beautiful, charming and talented. She was almost always the center of attention; people seemed to gravitate towards her especially the opposite sex. Raquel was always in her shadow and it made her sick how nice and sweet she was. She hated how she bragged about Dominic with his million-dollar security business, his fleet of tricked out old school mustangs and his Lamborghini. She hated how she always talked about her glamorous job as a model and actress. She hated her rich parents who gave everything she wanted. She hated her Ivy League school degree. She hated every perfect little thing about her. Raquel was so envious of her that wanted her life and she would start with her man. She knew how much her friend loved Dominic but to her it made things more fun. She was going to take everything from her one by one until she had nothing.

Raquel walked across the dance floor of the club to the bar and took a seat right next to Dominic. Dominic had his back turned to her as he continued talking to his friends. She held her vodka tonic in her hand as she stirred it with her straw. Raquel took very a provocative sip of her drink and licked her lips. Then Raquel sat her drink on the bar and purposely knocked it over. The drink spilled all over the bar and into Dominic’s lap. Startled he leapt up from his seat and turned to face her. Oh my goodness I’m so sorry she said as she grabbed a handful of napkins and started vigorously wiping the liquor from his crotch. Whoa! Whoa! He yelled. Don’t worry about its okay he replied. Really? She asked. Yeah it’s fine he replied. He didn’t even seem to recognize her. You got to let me do something to make it up to you, please? She asked. I just feel horrible I ruined your clothes, let me buy you drink she said. I’m Raquel she said as she smiled and shook his hand. Hi I’m Dominic he replied.