Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 1.1

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde

Chapter 1: Terrible Twosome

1.1 Terrible Twosome: Be Nice

Angelica stepped into her boss’s Mr. Wong’s office and took a seat. He looked furious but he didn’t say a word. He just sneered at her for what seemed like forever. She thought to herself maybe I should say something first and try to explain myself. Sir in my defense agent Jones is totally incompetent she said. First he had to stop for ice cream then he spilled it all over himself and all over the floor. That’s not all when we got eyes on the suspect he slipped in the ice cream, sprained his ankle and we lost him. Then after all that he kept singing and rapping in the car, he didn’t know the words and have you heard his voice? She asked. He’s lucky I didn’t kill him she stated. You broke his nose because he got hurt and has a bad singing voice? He yelled. Well, yeah she whispered. He made us lose the target and come on I barely touched him, are we sure it’s broke? She asked defensively. Quiet! Agent Bonnie, this is the third partner you’ve had this month! He bellowed. You are going to have to control your temper! He shouted. I’m giving you two options he said. You can either take a month off with pay or work with agent Clyde he told her. Can I work alone? She asked. No! He screamed.

Look Agent Bonnie I know you guys have history but you two make a good team he said calmly. I don’t want to take you off this case because we’re so close to catching Kimura but I will, so take it or leave it he said. Angelica thought about it for a second. Clyde severely annoyed her but he wasn’t useless like everyone else, he could at least do his job. Okay, I’ll take it she uttered unhappily. Good he replied. He pressed the intercom on his desk and said, “Send in agent Clyde.”

Agent Clyde walked in with hugest grin on his face. Well. Well. Well he said. I knew you’d come running back, what did you do break an agents arm again? He asked with a smirk as he plopped down in the chair next to her. No his nose she uttered through clenched teeth. Hey, if she breaks my nose or blacks my eye will our insurance pay for reconstructive surgery? He asked.  Also I think I need a raise my face and limbs are in serious danger working with her he stated. Daniel, Can you shut up? She asked with an attitude. What? Are you going to break my nose to? He asked. I might! she yelled. Both of you, quiet! Mr. Wong screamed. I need you two to get along just long enough so we can catch this bastard he told them. Now Kimura just opened a club called “Seven” in the shipping district and we suspect his gang is using it as their headquarters. I need you two to go undercover and find out what he’s up to he said. Here are your aliases he said as he handed them two manila folders.


Rockcity Rapland 1.1

Rockcity Rapland

Chapter 1: The Business

1.1 The Business: Retaliation

Camilla lay in bed reading the last chapter of a very good mystery murder novel. She always loved books about crime and murder because in most of them the good guys always won. The books she read were nothing like real life, where the good guys were often killed and the bad guys were rich.  She knew about real life first hand. Camilla’s father worked for very powerful man. He was the second in command to the boss of one the most ruthless criminal organizations. Camilla’s family often visited the boss’s house on holidays and special occasions. They were like family, dysfunctional but family nonetheless.

A couple of months ago the boss had died and his arrogant son took over the business. Her father had begun talking about getting out of the mob. He said he was tired of it and he was going to retire but Camilla knew this sort of life wasn’t something you could just retire from. He said he had a plan and it scared Camilla to think about what he would do. Leaving the mob was like leaving family and they considered it an insult. It was like leaving the people who took care of you. Camilla had just finished her book and was about to go to bed when the doorbell rang. She listened to see who it was at this time of night but no one opened the door. She slowly sat up in her bed. Two seconds later her mother and father burst into her room. Honey hide!!! Her father yelled. Camilla saw that her father had a gun in his hand. There was a loud beating at the door then a loud boom like someone had kicked the door in. Mr. Aquila! A voice yelled. You have something that belongs to me and I want it back! The voice screamed angrily.

What’s going on dad? Camilla asked. Don’t worry about it honey you and your mother just hide up here while I go downstairs he said. Camilla and her mother hide in the closet of her bedroom as her father went downstairs to greet the intruders. Camilla heard arguing but she couldn’t make out what they saying then there were two gunshots and everything went quiet. Her mother started to cry as they heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Camilla you stay here she said. No mom, where are you going? She whispered. They will kill you she cried. No matter what happens don’t you make a sound or come out of this closet her mother told her. Yes, ma’am she cried. Camilla’s mother quietly stepped out of the closet and closed the door. Camilla could hear her make her way into the hallway. Mrs. Aquila there you are she heard a man say. Your husband has taken something very valuable from me do you where it is? He asked. Please her mother begged. I don’t know anything she answered. See now I just don’t believe that, Mrs. Aquila! He screamed. No, I swear I have no idea where it is she pleaded. Then there was a single gunshot.


I Know Your Type 1.1

I Know Your Type

Chapter 1: The Itch

1.1 The Itch: Kill or be killed


Blood dripped down Dawns fingers as she took a deep cleansing breath. She loved the way his blood felt against her skin the warmth she could feel through the latex gloves, the sound the knife made as it sliced through his flesh. Slitting his throat was orgasmic for her. He was scum he didn’t deserve to live. He didn’t deserve his wife or children. Here he was in a hotel room with her at one in the morning while his unsuspecting wife and kids were at home. He was supposed to be on a business trip he told her but really he just needed space from his family. He said that being a husband and a father was hard; he said he got married to young that he never got to experience life. What about his wife? Dawn thought. What did she miss out on? What did she give up for him? He actually thought marriage being hard was a good reason to cheat. Well nothing was hard any more dawn thought as she stared at his lifeless body in a pool of blood laying in that king size bed.

She smiled then walked to bathroom to wash her hands. The water washed the blood off of her hands revealing her white latex gloves. There she stood in her bra and panties gazing at her self in the mirror. He thought he was going to get some tonight; well he got more than he bargained for she said. Her dried her hands and slipped the gloves off. She checked her wig in the mirror. As she picked her clothes up off of the floor she began to giggle. He had said this would be a night you’ll never forget and it was. Dawn slipped her dress and shoes back on then walked back into the bedroom. She admired her work, she always did. She was an artist. She took the gloves she was wearing and put them in a plastic bag in her purse. She never left any evidence behind it was her M.O. love them and leave them at least that’s what the news kept saying.

Dawn never wanted to kill him she was good girl. She was sweet, loyal and faithful but she had an uncontrollable temper. He had just set her off, she told herself it wouldn’t happen again but she knew it would because it kept happening over and over again. The first time was an accident but then she discovered she liked to kill. She liked hearing their screams for mercy it turned her on. They wanted it, they wanted to die and she wanted to help them. She could spot them a mile away an unfaithful man begging her to end their miserable lives.  She liked to see them cry and beg for mercy. She wanted them to pray for it to end and she wanted to be their savior. She wanted to answer their prayers. Amen motherfucker she whispered then she lit a cigarette and walked out of the room into the hotel hallway.