Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 1.1

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde

Chapter 1: Terrible Twosome

1.1 Terrible Twosome: Be Nice

Angelica stepped into her boss’s Mr. Wong’s office and took a seat. He looked furious but he didn’t say a word. He just sneered at her for what seemed like forever. She thought to herself maybe I should say something first and try to explain myself. Sir in my defense agent Jones is totally incompetent she said. First he had to stop for ice cream then he spilled it all over himself and all over the floor. That’s not all when we got eyes on the suspect he slipped in the ice cream, sprained his ankle and we lost him. Then after all that he kept singing and rapping in the car, he didn’t know the words and have you heard his voice? She asked. He’s lucky I didn’t kill him she stated. You broke his nose because he got hurt and has a bad singing voice? He yelled. Well, yeah she whispered. He made us lose the target and come on I barely touched him, are we sure it’s broke? She asked defensively. Quiet! Agent Bonnie, this is the third partner you’ve had this month! He bellowed. You are going to have to control your temper! He shouted. I’m giving you two options he said. You can either take a month off with pay or work with agent Clyde he told her. Can I work alone? She asked. No! He screamed.

Look Agent Bonnie I know you guys have history but you two make a good team he said calmly. I don’t want to take you off this case because we’re so close to catching Kimura but I will, so take it or leave it he said. Angelica thought about it for a second. Clyde severely annoyed her but he wasn’t useless like everyone else, he could at least do his job. Okay, I’ll take it she uttered unhappily. Good he replied. He pressed the intercom on his desk and said, “Send in agent Clyde.”

Agent Clyde walked in with hugest grin on his face. Well. Well. Well he said. I knew you’d come running back, what did you do break an agents arm again? He asked with a smirk as he plopped down in the chair next to her. No his nose she uttered through clenched teeth. Hey, if she breaks my nose or blacks my eye will our insurance pay for reconstructive surgery? He asked.  Also I think I need a raise my face and limbs are in serious danger working with her he stated. Daniel, Can you shut up? She asked with an attitude. What? Are you going to break my nose to? He asked. I might! she yelled. Both of you, quiet! Mr. Wong screamed. I need you two to get along just long enough so we can catch this bastard he told them. Now Kimura just opened a club called “Seven” in the shipping district and we suspect his gang is using it as their headquarters. I need you two to go undercover and find out what he’s up to he said. Here are your aliases he said as he handed them two manila folders.


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