A Fool and His Prize

See past my hair weave

And high heels

Look past my make up and witty lines

See my Afro and my bare feet

Am I still someone you recognize


Because my words sound good

I pretend real well

I speak of Gods love

But I don’t know him for myself


I put myself on a pedestal

I call myself a queen

I adorn myself in name brands

And costume jewelry


I’m highly intelligent watch how I speak

But still I have no substance

I don’t think

I repeat


I tell the world how great I am

Because they can’t see

That’s what I call confidence

To talk not to be


I Hide my flaws well

So I’m deemed fit to judge

But really I’m just a hater

Who’s incapable of love


My likes measure my beauty

My comments measure my success

But they don’t really know me

And I know me less


You can have me

I’m perfect for show

I can upgrade your appearance

And spend all your dough


I’m selfish

I’m trifling

I’m all I can be

But I’m sexy as hell

And that’s all that you see



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