Where He Brought Me from 1.2

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 1: More Than What We Are

1.2 More than what we are: Opportunity knocking

Buzz!!! The alarm clock rang and Jessica jumped up into a seated position in her bed. She began to rub her eyes as she let out a yawn. Today was the big day she had an interview at one of the biggest record labels in the world. Rockcity Rapland Entertainment had branches in the United States, Canada, India and Korea. They host some of the biggest names in music and film. If Jessica could get a job there she could finally become the writer she always dreamt of being. She could remember siting in her room with her headphones in and the music turned up loud to block out the constant yelling. She would imagine that she was some place else on stage singing her heart out. Jessica would write poetry, songs and short stories all the time, she even carried around a notebook in case she got an impromptu idea. She created a world she could live in on the pages of her notebook to escape her daunting reality.


This is my dream she thought to herself. I could be a famous songwriter like Diane Warren or a billionaire novelist like J.K. Rowling. Jessica rolled out of bed and put on the most professional looking outfit she had in her closet a black pantsuit and a pair of red pumps. Still not fully woken up she stumbled to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. Then she put her long black hair in a ponytail. She wanted to look sexy but serious so she only wore a red lipstick. She looked in the mirror and said to herself “I look like a real writer.” As she began to walk out her front door she grabbed 5 samples of her writing off the kitchen table and put them into her briefcase.


Jessica had a long way to go to get to Rockcity Rapland’s office in Times Square. Since she had no car and her funds were too low to catch a cab she had to ride the subway. Jessica had to walk four blocks to get to the subway station and by the time she got there her feet were beginning to hurt. She was so happy when she got on the train that she plopped down into the first seat she saw. Jessica didn’t even realize the hot piece of man candy in a suit in the seat next to her. You look tired? A sexy manly voice inquired. Jessica turned to her right to see a dark haired olive skinned attractive businessman. By the looks of his suit, briefcase and Rolex watch he could definitely afford other means of transportation. A little she answered back with a smile. Hi I’m Kash he replied with a smile as he extended his hand. I’m Jessica she said as she shook his hand.


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