I Know Your Type 1.2

I Know Your Type

Chapter 1: The Itch

1.2 The Itch: Forensic Science


3 Days later


Hey Dawn it looks like the Black Widow is at it again a tall guy in a forensic uniform said.


Hi Will, so what have you guys discovered so far? She asked.


Well nothing he replied.


Will had met Dawn in the front of the hotel where the murder had occurred and begin to walk her to the elevator. The guy was a hedge fund manager, a husband and a father of three he told her as they stepped in the elevator.


I wonder why these guys keep going home with these strange women; I mean this has been all over the news she said puzzled.


Hey there’s nothing more relentless than a dog trying to get a bone he joked as the elevator stopped and they got off on the 15th floor.


Dawn Malawi was a forensic scientist who also had a degree in criminology and graduated at the top of her class from Harvard. She definitely knew how to get away with murder.  She knew how cops thought and what they looked for when investigating crime scenes. Being the lead forensic scientist she always got to come back and admire her handy work. Dawn reveled in the fact the she left the other investigators stumped. She loved how the cops had no leads they were confused. Men all over the city were scared but it didn’t stop them from taking her home night after night.


She and Will entered the hotel room. There were cops and forensic scientist everywhere.


His carotid artery was completely severed with what looks likes a very shape blade will said.


He was also handcuffed and the cuffs were so tight that it slit his ulnar artery he said.


Just say slit his wrists, you know I hate when you use unnecessary medical terms Dawn replied.


Dawn approached the body that was lying on his back in bed with this hands handcuffed in from of him. He was lying in a pool of dried blood in nothing but his boxer shorts. She could see the bloody wounds on his neck and wrists.


He’s been dead about three days, there was a do not disturb sign on the door so no one came in until he didn’t check out on time he said. The housekeeper found him the little old lady nearly had a heart attack, it took forever to calm her down he told her.


Dawn could see that there were no defensive wounds on the body but she already knew he didn’t fight back. She took him by surprise; he made it so easy with the handcuffs. He loved being tied up and told he was a bad boy. Well he was a very bad boy and mama wasn’t pleased so she slit his throat, his unfaithful lying throat.


What’s the victim’s name? She asked.


Donald Carter, Will stated.


Have you notified the family yet? She asked.


Yeah they will be here tomorrow they had to catch a flight from New York he told her.


I feel so bad for his family Dawn said with a sad look on her face. Those poor kids left without a father and his wife left to raise those kids on her own she added. We have got to find whoever is doing this I just can’t tell another family their father, son or husband is dead she said.


It must be that time of the month Will said with a laugh. You usually don’t get emotional, you’re usually gangsta at the crime scenes he said.


Will you are on a roll today with the jokes, you should be a comedian to bad you aren’t funny Dawn stated.



Rockcity Rapland 1.2

Rockcity Rapland

Chapter 1: The Business

1.2 The Business: Trapped


Tears welled up in Camilla’s eyes she just knew both of her parents were dead. She began to sob softly. She started to hear the intruders rambling through their things. She could hear them throwing and breaking stuff. They were going from room to room destroying everything in sight. Camilla began to tremble with fear. She had no idea what to do and she knew that soon they would make their way to her room. Camilla knew she was going to have to make a run for it if she wanted to live. She sat silently in her bedroom closet waiting for an opportunity to run. She began to hear footsteps coming towards her room and tears started to trickle down her face. She heard as they entered her bedroom. Camilla sat and listened as they went through her dresser drawers. She listened as they knocked her make-up and perfume on the floor. Then she heard the footsteps get closer and closer until they were at her closet door. Camilla inched her way to the back corner of the closet and hid behind her clothes.


A hand reached in the closet and rummaged through her clothing. As the hand pushed the clothing all to one side of the closet Camilla’s hiding place was revealed. A tall burly menacing man looked at Camilla and yanked her out of the closet by her ankle.


Camilla began to scream, “Let me go!”


Boss I found somebody in the closet he yelled.


Camilla continued to scream and swing her arms wildly. Leave me alone! She screamed.


The man slapped her and threw her onto the floor.


Camilla began to cry loudly and yell “Why are you doing this, why did you kill my parents!”


Another man walked into her bedroom he was tall and ruggedly handsome. He had this sinister but sexy look about him. Camilla recognized the man from somewhere, she couldn’t put her finger on it but she knew she knew him. Mr. Bastianelli I found her in the closet hiding the tall burly man said to the ruggedly handsome one. It suddenly came to her, she remembered who he was. Mr. Bastianelli was her father’s boss’s name and the man that had killed her parents was his son, Alejandro. Camilla quickly stopped crying then jumped up from off of the floor and slapped him.


You bastard! She yelled. Camilla hit him over and over again in his face.


Alejandro grabbed both of her wrists and shook her. Stop! He yelled very irritated.


Do you want me to shoot her boss? The other guy asked.


No, Vincent get her clothes and shoes then bring them to the house he said calmly. You’re coming with me Alejandro said.


Then he pulled her out of the bedroom.


Camilla’s face had the look of shock and bewilderment as he dragged her down the stairs of her house and out the front door.


Where are you taking me? She yelled.


Your father owes me money and I’m taking you as payment he told her.


She started to scream, “Help!” and began to punch him in the back of his head.


He turned around angrily and said I will shoot you. Calm down! I’m not going to do anything to you he told her. Look your parents are dead, you’re only sixteen and you can’t stay here alone he said.


They are dead because you killed them she said in tears.


Alejandro opened the door of the Rolls Royce and forced Camilla into the backseat. He slid into the backseat next to her and she just burst into tears. Camilla couldn’t believe what was happening. She was going home with the man who had killed both her parents. He had just taken her like a piece of property to makeup for whatever her father had stolen. This was Camilla’s worst nightmare.



Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 1.2

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde

Chapter 1: Terrible Twosome

1.2 Terrible Twosome: The Assignment


Angelica and Daniel glanced over their assignments.


Hell no! Angelica exclaimed. A Go-Go dancer, I’m not doing this she said. Daniel started to laugh. What did you get? She asked Daniel. She looked over and peered into his folder. Bartender! She yelled.


Relax you get to keep your clothes on Mr. Wong said. Okay go ahead; get out of my sight he told them.


As they walked out of the office into the hallway Daniel said I’m driving.


No you’re not, I’m driving and you’re sitting in the backseat she said as she pushed him into the hallway wall.


So abusive, you should really see someone about that you know Daniel stated.


As soon as you see someone about your disorder she said with a grin as she continued walking. What disorder? He asked confused.


You know the one where you can’t help but disgust the opposite sex she told him.


I got you Daniel retorted with a laugh.


Then you lost me! She replied angry and annoyed. I promise I don’t like you Angelica said as they stepped out the front door of Miami Secret Intelligence Headquarters.


Angelica and Daniel got into the black on black Camaro. Angelica buckled her seat belt and put on her shades. This assignment was going to be the hardest they ever had, partly because of their rocky past and partly because Kimura was the most notorious gangster in Miami. He was into sex trafficking, drugs, murder and money laundering. It was so hard to pin anything on him because he was so crafty; Kimura had cops, forensic scientists and judges on his payroll.  It was rumored that he had two undercover cops murdered last year for trying to infiltrate his gang, so Angelica and Daniel knew this wouldn’t be easy.


Agent Bonnie and Clyde were the best undercover agent team at Miami Secret Intelligence Headquarters until two years ago when their team broke up now they couldn’t stand each other. But if they wanted to catch Kimura they were going to have put aside their differences and work together. This was especially hard for Angelica after what had happen between them. Every time she even looked at him it brought up old memories and feelings.


So where are we going? Daniel asked.


The mall, we need disguises she replied.


Look Angie Daniel started.


Angelica cut him off. You can’t call me that anymore she said.


Lets just do our jobs okay he told her. I can’t change the past and you can’t forgive me but lets just do our jobs he said angrily as he turned and stared out the car window.


Angelicas eyes began to tear up behind her shades but she quickly sucked up her feelings and started up the car. She hated him and she couldn’t forgive him for what he had done to her and now she had to work with him to solve this case. What was Mr. Wong thinking putting us together, we are going to end up getting ourselves killed she thought. Angelica turned up the radio she didn’t even want to hear him breath. They sat in silence for the rest of the ride both to afraid to speak to the other one. There is no way this is going to work she is going to get me killed or kill me herself Daniel thought as he glanced at her out the corner of his eye.