Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 1.2

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde

Chapter 1: Terrible Twosome

1.2 Terrible Twosome: The Assignment


Angelica and Daniel glanced over their assignments.


Hell no! Angelica exclaimed. A Go-Go dancer, I’m not doing this she said. Daniel started to laugh. What did you get? She asked Daniel. She looked over and peered into his folder. Bartender! She yelled.


Relax you get to keep your clothes on Mr. Wong said. Okay go ahead; get out of my sight he told them.


As they walked out of the office into the hallway Daniel said I’m driving.


No you’re not, I’m driving and you’re sitting in the backseat she said as she pushed him into the hallway wall.


So abusive, you should really see someone about that you know Daniel stated.


As soon as you see someone about your disorder she said with a grin as she continued walking. What disorder? He asked confused.


You know the one where you can’t help but disgust the opposite sex she told him.


I got you Daniel retorted with a laugh.


Then you lost me! She replied angry and annoyed. I promise I don’t like you Angelica said as they stepped out the front door of Miami Secret Intelligence Headquarters.


Angelica and Daniel got into the black on black Camaro. Angelica buckled her seat belt and put on her shades. This assignment was going to be the hardest they ever had, partly because of their rocky past and partly because Kimura was the most notorious gangster in Miami. He was into sex trafficking, drugs, murder and money laundering. It was so hard to pin anything on him because he was so crafty; Kimura had cops, forensic scientists and judges on his payroll.  It was rumored that he had two undercover cops murdered last year for trying to infiltrate his gang, so Angelica and Daniel knew this wouldn’t be easy.


Agent Bonnie and Clyde were the best undercover agent team at Miami Secret Intelligence Headquarters until two years ago when their team broke up now they couldn’t stand each other. But if they wanted to catch Kimura they were going to have put aside their differences and work together. This was especially hard for Angelica after what had happen between them. Every time she even looked at him it brought up old memories and feelings.


So where are we going? Daniel asked.


The mall, we need disguises she replied.


Look Angie Daniel started.


Angelica cut him off. You can’t call me that anymore she said.


Lets just do our jobs okay he told her. I can’t change the past and you can’t forgive me but lets just do our jobs he said angrily as he turned and stared out the car window.


Angelicas eyes began to tear up behind her shades but she quickly sucked up her feelings and started up the car. She hated him and she couldn’t forgive him for what he had done to her and now she had to work with him to solve this case. What was Mr. Wong thinking putting us together, we are going to end up getting ourselves killed she thought. Angelica turned up the radio she didn’t even want to hear him breath. They sat in silence for the rest of the ride both to afraid to speak to the other one. There is no way this is going to work she is going to get me killed or kill me herself Daniel thought as he glanced at her out the corner of his eye.



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