Infinite Darkness

You could be the one

Let me be the light

Darkness everywhere

Let me give you life


This could be the moment

Let me take you there

Where nothing is beautiful

Together there’s beauty everywhere


Emptiness inside

Let me fill your cup

Love running over

I will never get enough


You could be the one

Let me find your soul

Lost without a savior

Be redeemed and made whole


Let me be your prayer

Ask for anything

I want to be your answer

Nothing is as bad as it seems


When its dark and cold

I could be the sun

When its over and done

Let me start again

When you are searching for something

Let me be the end


Lost in the whispers

The voices in your head

Focus on my heart

And get lost in me instead


Let me be the miracle

That you’ve been waiting for

If your life is in the negative

I can give you more


Everything that’s wrong

Let me make it right

You could be the one

Let me be the light