Lost and Found

I was never suppose to understand love

There are no lessons to be learned

There was no reason for anything

It just was what it was


All there is, is war among us

The blood flows like tears

We know not grace or mercy

The forgiven never forgive


There is no right time and place for things

You bend until you break

Then you try and mend the pieces

While piling on the hate


We just are, what we are

People don’t change

We just look for acceptance

A reason to stay the same


Yours guns

Blaze the night sky

Your words

Challenge my faith

Always pointing fingers

To put me in my place


What’s the meaning of it all

What are we fighting for

I was lost in a daze

With no will to live

I feared the grave that you would put me in


In that dark hole you left me

Fighting to leave

I found strength

I found wisdom

On the precipice of defeat

The day I lost you

Was the day I found me