I woke up one morning

And the light had gone out


I was left in darkness

I was numb and cold


There’s no sunshine

If you are gone


What will I do without your sound advice?

Remember when we used to sit and talk about life


Remember listening to Eminem and trying to freestyle

Recording on my karaoke machine in the bathroom

At your mothers house


I was super loud and loved to sing

But you didn’t interrupt

You let me do my thing


We fought like siblings

But you had my back

You saved my life

And there ain’t no trophy for that


I will miss that goofy grin and the way you joked around

I guess the ones who died before you

Will get to enjoy your laughter now


I guess God needed a rapper for choir

And he definitely took the best

Rest in heaven Manurk

You had my love

But you earned my respect