Where He Brought Me From 3.2

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 3: This is your song

3.2 This Is Your Song: Edge on the Competition


The sunlight shined through Jessica’s bedroom window right into her eyes waking her up. It was the morning of the competition at Rockcity Rapland and she had waken up before her alarm clock went off. She wanted to go over her song before she took it in today to make sure it was perfect. Jessica got out of bed the went and sat in front of her keyboard. As she sat down she yawned and stretched her arms out over her head. She begun to play her song and sing-a-long softly. She sung the song one time through and begin to wonder  what would make it better. Jessica thought about it for awhile and decided it was perfect. Just as she got up from her keyboard her alarm started to go off. Jessica quickly turned off her alarm then went to take a shower. She turned on the shower and stepped in. As she let the water run over her body she began to sing her song. She was ready for the competition, she was confident that she would win.

Jessica got out of the shower and wrapped her towel around her. She started to dry her hair when he heard a knock at the door. Jessica grabbed her robe from the bathroom door and put it on. She went to the door and peeked out of the peep hole to see Kash‘s driver. The driver had a big nicely wrapped box in his arms and a dozen red roses. Jessica opened the door and said “hi what are you doing here?” “Mr. Torelli told me to come pick you up for work” he said as he handed her the box and flowers. “He also said for you to wear the outfit in the box to work today” he added. Okay…Jessica said with a surprised look on her face. “I’ll wait for you downstairs Ms. Keahola” the driver said and went back down to the car.

Jessica shut the door and smiled as she sat the flowers on the kitchen table. Kash is amazing she thought as she opened the box. Inside the box was a knee length dress with three quarter sleeves and a pair of black Louboutin‘s. The dress was black with thick red stripes down the sides and a scoop neckline. Jessica slicked her hair back in a low ponytail the wrapped in a bun. Then she put on her undergarments and slide into her dress. She put on her shoes then went and looked at herself in her full length mirror. The dress was so pretty and the shoes were amazing. She grabbed her purse from off of her dresser and took out her red lipstick. Jessica put on her lipstick then grabbed her things and went downstairs where a Rolls Royce waiting to take her to work.

The ride to the office was different in a Rolls Royce than on the subway. Jessica felt important in this car. The driver pulled up right in front of the office building then came around and opened her door. As Jessica got out of the car and went in the building everyone began to stare and whisper. She heard people saying who is that  and does she work here. Jessica just smiled and got on the elevator.


Where He Brought Me From 3.1


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Dirty Little Bitches 3.2

Dirty Little Bitches

Chapter 3: Boss bitch

3.2 Boss Bitch: Two Can Play That Game


Raquel stopped to get coffee on her way to work at her favorite coffee shop. She was craving a vanilla latte. She was unusually happy today even though she hadn’t spoken to Aaliyah yet. Raquel pulled up to the drive thru of the coffee shop and ordered a large vanilla latte. As she pulled around to the drive thru window her cell phone rang. Raquel looked down at her phone and saw it was the office calling her.

Hello? She said as she answered the phone.

Yes Ms. Thomas this is HR and we need to you come in as soon as possible we have a problem regarding your employment a voice said on the phone.

Okay Raquel said confused. I’m on my way now she added and hung up the phone.

Raquel paid for her coffee and quickly pulled out of the coffee shop’s parking lot. She wondered what was this all about, she had been at this job for seven years. Then it came to her it was Aaliyah. Aaliyah had gotten her fired over the Dominic situation. Raquel was mad and she couldn’t afford to lose her job. She had gotten accustom to a certain type of lifestyle and unemployment was not going to cut it.

Raquel picked up her phone and dialed Aaliyah’s number. She tried to calm down as the phone rang. Aaliyah was still at brunch with her father when her phone started to ring.

Dad its Raquel Aaliyah said to her father as she picked up her phone. I’m going to answer it, excuse me she said. Hello? Aaliyah said.

“Hi Aaliyah its me Raquel” Raquel said.

Yes what do you want? Aaliyah asked.

I know it was you who called my job and probably got me fired but if you do not call back and get me re-instated I will call Dominic and tell him your little secret Raquel told her seriously.

Aaliyah laughed and asked what secret?

The one about you and your French boyfriend Raquel said.

Aaliyah’s entire facial expression changed, her smile quickly turned into a look of worry.

That sounds good and all but its fiction Aaliyah said now angry.

I can and will get proof Raquel said. So you better make the call because even if I can’t prove it the frenzy the rumor will start will end your relationship Raquel warned her.

You bitch Aaliyah said through clenched teeth.

Her father looked up sternly at her for her language. Aaliyah blushed and apologized to her father.

Okay, you can have your job back Aaliyah said and hung up the phone angrily.

Aaliyah picked up her mimosa and gulped it down.

What is it? Her father asked.

I agreed to give Raquel her job back she’s blackmailing me Aaliyah said.

What does she have on you? He asked.

Her father thought she was such a good girl she couldn’t tell him she was having an affair.

Nothing she said. She just said she would make up some story and sell it to the media Aaliyah told him. Don’t worry I’ll get her back just give her the editor position back for now she told her father.

Okay I’ll back her father said as he picked up his phone and began to call his office.

Raquel was playing dirty but two could play that game Aaliyah thought.