I Know Your Type 3.2

I Know Your Type

Chapter 3: Killer Plan

3.2 Killer Plan: Poison


Dawn had a plan she wasn’t going to be hurt or tricked again. If she was going to get involved with Dylan again she was going to take some precautions. Dawn took a couple quick bites of her food as the waitress went to get the to go boxes. Then Dawn finished off her margarita. Dylan couldn’t stop smiling he was so happy Dawn was taking him back. The waitress came back with two to go boxes, a paper bag and the check then sat them on the table. Dylan pulled two hundred dollars out of his wallet and gave it to the waitress.


“Keep the change” Dylan said.


Thank you the waitress said. “You guys have a nice day and please come again” she said as she curtsied then walked away.


Dylan began to put their food into the to go boxes then into the large paper bag.


Are you ready? he asked Dawn.


“Yes” she said as she grabbed her purse and slide her chair from underneath the table.


As Dawn stood up Dylan stood up too and took hold of her hand while he held the bag of food in his other hand. When they got outside to the car Dylan opened Dawn’s door. Dylan was doing anything to rack up points with Dawn hoping it would help him get lucky tonight.


Dawn fixed her makeup in the vanity mirror while she waited for Dylan to get in the car. Dylan sat the food in the backseat then got in the passenger side of the car and buckled his seat belt. Dawn started up the car and turned on the radio then she leaned over and kissed Dylan on the cheek. The car weaved in and out of traffic as Dawn ran her fingers through Dylan’s hair. Dylan put his hand on Dawn’s knee and slide his hand up to her thigh. Dawn smiled as she put her hand on his pectorals and gently rubbed his chest then moved down to his abs and onto his very excited member. She could feel how long and hard his member was through his pants as she stroked it softly. Dylan took his fingers and lifted Dawn’s dress up far enough to see her sexy red thong. Then he slowly slide his fingers inside her underwear to touch her vagina. He softly rubbed her clitoris and his heart began to beat faster as he felt her wetness on his fingers. Dylan was getting exceedingly worked up when they pulled into Dawn’s drive way. As soon as Dawn parked and turned off the car Dylan grabbed her by the hair and gave her a long passionate kiss.


“Lets go in” Dawn said out of breath when Dylan let her go.


They got out the car and quickly went to the front door. Dawn began to fumble with the keys as she tried to open the door while Dylan kept putting his hands all over her body.


When they were both inside the house Dylan grabbed her and continued to touch her body. He softly kissed her neck and shoulders while she moaned in pleasure. Dawn took her hands and pushed Dylan off then she ran for the stairs. She stopped mid-stairwell and looked back at Dylan urging him to follow with a sexy come hither wink. He looked up at her eagerly and smirked then followed her upstairs.


When Dawn got to her room she jumped into her California King onto her red satin sheets. Dylan stood in her bedroom doorway and began to undress.


Wait we need wine Dawn said as she stood up.


I don’t need any wine I’m ready now Dylan said. Dawn thought about it for a minute if she gave him the poison now then they wouldn’t be able to have any fun.


“Okay, we can have wine afterwards” she said with a grin as she motioned him over to the bed.




Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 3.2

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde

Chapter 3: Bad Mamma Jamma

3.2 Bad Mamma Jamma: Never Send a Man to do a Woman’s Job


Your old hungry ass Daniel joked. We are going to have to come back and get dressed too he said the guy only has a few free minutes Daniel said. Daniel and Angelica went back out to their car to go and meet their weapons connect. The weapons guy was a police informant named Dice who owned a pawn shop in downtown Miami and most of Kimura’s guys shopped there. I’m driving this time Daniel said as he jumped in the drivers seat. Angelica nodded and got in the passenger seat. Daniel drove sixty miles per hour the whole way there through the back streets of Miami.


When they pulled up to the pawn shop the parking lot was filled with cars. There was about four SUVS parked in front.


What’s going on? Angelica asked. I thought business hours were over she said.


I don’t know let me check it out he said as he grabbed his Glock from the glove compartment.


Daniel got out of the car and put his gun in his back pocket. As he stepped to the door of the pawn shop he saw about sixteen guys standing around. He went to the window to get a closer look at the men inside and in the middle of the crowd stood Kimura. Daniel didn’t know what to do or what was going on. He took out his cell phone and called Dice.


Yeah man I’m outside the shop right now and I see its filled with people is now not a good time? He asked.


Its cool come on in the guy told him. Daniel went back to the car and got in looking a little scared.


What’s wrong who is in there? Angelica asked.


Kimura and his guys Daniel answered.


Does he want us to come back? She asked.


No he said come on in Daniel replied.


“I don’t know this seems weird Daniel” Angelica said.


I know I got a bad feeling about this Daniel said in a daze.


How many guys are in there? Angelica asked.


About sixteen Daniel said.


We can take them Angelica said as she got her gun out of the glove compartment and opened her car door.


Daniel turned to look at Angelica with a serious look in his eyes and said You just really turned me on right now.


Angelica smiled and said come on as she stepped out of the car and put her gun in the holster around her thigh.


Daniel followed close behind her as walked up to the pawn shop door.


Angelica opened the door to the pawn shop and all eyes were on her. There she stood with her long flowing bleach blonde hair and her skin tight denim blue mini dress. Daniel watched as she walked in like she owned the place and he just followed her in awe. Angelica walked right past everyone in the room and went right to the front counter. Nobody said a word as she stepped in front of everyone and asked to see the desert eagle fifty cal. Kimura laughed when he heard her request.


Little lady what are you going to do with that? he asked her.


Angelica turned around and looked him square in the eyes and calmly said make a man feel like a bitch.



Rockcity Rapland 3.2

Rockcity Rapland

Chapter 3: Forbidden Love

3.2 Forbidden Love: Secret Meeting 


Angelo tossed and turned all night long, he kept dreaming about Camilla. He didn’t know what it was about her that he couldn’t get out of his head. Maybe Angelo was so infatuated with Camilla because he could not have her. After hours of trying to sleep more than thirty minutes at a time Angelo finally just got up out of bed. He decided to go downstairs to the kitchen to get a glass of milk. As Angelo walked out his room and down the long staircase he could hear commotion in the kitchen. He heard the sound of cabinets opening and closing. He heard glasses clinking and silverware being fumbled with. When he got to the bottom of the stairs he paused because he just knew it was Alejandro. He didn’t really want to talk to Alejandro at the moment, he thought Angelo was being possessive of Camilla and they were not even dating. To Angelo’s surprise when he entered the kitchen it was not Angelo who was in there making all the noise it was Camilla.


There she stood drinking a glass of water in this long form hugging powder blue nightgown.


Hi she said as she spotted him. You startled me she said with a giggle.


Angelo just stood there not saying a word to consumed by her beauty. He gazed upon her body his eyes darting from curve to curve. Camilla began to feel awkward when she saw the way he was staring at her so she put her glass in the sink and started to go back to her room. Just as she pasted Angelo he grabbed her arm and pulled her to his chest. She stood right beneath his chin as his long hair billowed in her face. She was so stunned she stopped breathing for a second. Angelo put his hand underneath her chin and raised her head as his lowered his until their lips met in a kiss. Camilla’s body went limp as he ran his fingers through her hair. Then his let go of her arm and grabbed her slim waist. She could feel his fingertips dig into her side as her heart began to pound. The kiss was long and passionate they both forget about everything and got lost in the moment.


Not known to Angelo or Camilla, Alejandro had heard the commotion from the kitchen too and had came down the stairs after Angelo just in time to catch that kiss. Alejandro watched as his cousin kissed the girl of his dreams and it killed him inside. He had no idea what to do, he wanted to go and beat Angelo to death but he knew that it would not be wise. When Alejandro could look no longer he quietly went back upstairs to his room. I told Angelo to stay away from Camilla and he blatantly defied me he thought. And Camilla she just kissed him he said aloud pacing back and forth in his room. His mind began to race with thoughts of what could happen next between them and just he lost it.