Where He Brought Me From 3.3

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 3: This is your song

3.3 This is your song: Winner


Jessica rode the elevator up to the fifth floor to Kash’s office. As she stepped off of the elevator and walked up to the front desk she continued to turn heads.

“Hi, I’m here for the writing competition my name is Jessica Kealoha” Jessica said to the girl at the front desk.

“Okay, just have a seat in the lobby with the rest of the contestants” the sectary told her as she checked her name off of a list.

Jessica walked over to the lobby and sat down with her lyrics and music in hand. She was so nervous as she looked around at the other contestants. They all looked so serious but more worried about who she was than anything. Jessica was in awe of the impact that an expensive dress and shoes had on people. The competition was afraid of her before they had even heard what she could do. Kash was an intelligent business man and Jessica thought to herself maybe he had a reason for sending her his car and this fabulous dress. She was definitely making a bold statement and once they heard her song she knew she would really put fear in them.


Jessica picked up a magazine to read as she quietly waited for Kash to call them Back. While she waited she began to hum her song and tap her feet. She heard a door open and she looked up from the magazine she was thumbing through to see Kash. Kash walked to the front desk and grabbed the list and called the first name on it. Jessica watched as the first contestant, a woman walked up. Kash smiled at Jessica then he led the woman to his office. Jessica went back to reading her magazine and humming her song.


After fifteen minutes the woman came back from Kash’s office and sat down in the lobby. Jessica watched as Kash called the next contestant back, a man and she began to get anxious. The first contestant was not giving anything away with her facial expression, so Jessica couldn’t tell how things had went. She knew Kash was not going to be the only one making decision about who would be hired on and she knew she would have some tough critics to impress. She was trying to stay focused and not second guess her talent. She had been waiting her entire life for this moment. Jessica started to remember something she had written in her diary a while back when had first moved to New York and had gotten her first gig. I decided to take a day off and reflect on my life. Everyone should have a day to himself or herself; I believe it’s extremely important. In a world where its easy to lose yourself trying to fit in, we have to remember where we’ve been to know how far we’ve come. I’m where I’m at because of myself and God and I’m who I am because I never forgot that. If God be for me, who can be against me? Then she took a deep breath just as the second contestant came back to the lobby and Kash called her back.


Where He Brought Me From 3.2


Dirty Little Bitches 3.3

Dirty Little Bitches

Chapter 3: Boss Bitch

3.3 Boss Bitch: Line in the Sand


Aaliyah wanted Raquel to believe that she had won. That would give her time to really demolish Raquel. Aaliyah didn’t take kindly to threats and because Raquel had threatened her she was going to do way worse than just firing her, she was going to make it where she could never get a job in the magazine world again. Raquel should have just accepted it when I had her fired and got another job Aaliyah thought. With her record she could have gotten a editor  position at any magazine in the world, but she could not just let things be Aaliyah thought.

“Okay, honey I got her the editor position back her” father said with a look of confusion on his face.

“Thanks dad, don’t worry I can handle this” Aaliyah replied.


Aaliyah and her father finished brunch and rode to the office together. While in the car on the way to the office Aaliyah called Pamela her and Raquel’s mutual friend.

“Hi Aaliyah are you back?” Pamela asked as she answered the phone after three rings.

“Yeah I got back last night” Aaliyah replied. “Are you busy right now?” Aaliyah asked her.

“No I’m free all day” Pamela said.

“Well, come to the office and lets have a late lunch, I need to talk to you” Aaliyah said.

“Yeah sure I’ll see you in a couple of hours then” Pamela said.

“Okay bye” Aaliyah said and hung up the phone. Aaliayh had an idea, until she thought of a sure fire way to ruin Raquel’s career she would just make her miserable.

Dad are you still looking for someone to fill the executive editor position? Aaliyah asked.

Yes we are, we were just going to promote from within in the company Mr. Rojas said. Oh. I see you got a plan he said with a grin. Would you like the position? he asked.

Yes Aaliyah answered.

Okay we will announce it today then her father told her. I taught you well he joked.


Aaliyah knew Raquel wanted that executive editor position. Raquel had been managing editor for over two years and she had been busting her ass to become executive editor. If Raquel wanted to take away the thing Aaliyah loved the most then Aaliyah would take away thing Raquel wanted the most. They had been friends for years but this was the last straw for Aaliyah a line had been drawn in the sand. She done so much for Raquel throughout the years. She had her father give her a scholarship to pay for college when she couldn’t afford it and she had gotten her a job at her fathers magazine. She also paid for her first apartment, not to mention all the clothes and shoes she had bought her over the years. Aaliyah was more hurt than anything by way Raquel kept stabbing her in the back. At this point she had enough and she was done being hurt by her behavior but she was going to make sure she knew to never cross her again.

Dirty Little Bitches 3.2