I Know Your Type 3.3

I Know Your Type

Chapter 3: Killer Plan

3.3 Killer Plan: Sick


Dylan unbuttoned his shirt as he got closer to the bed and to Dawn. He slowly took off his shirt and threw it to the floor. As he made his way to the bed Dawn turned around so he could unzip her dress. He lifted up her long back hair and placed it over the front of her right shoulder then he slowly unzipped her dress. Dawn rose up to her knees as Dylan peeled off her dress and threw it on the floor next to his shirt. She turned around to face him while he gazed down at her slender toned frame. Dawn was beautiful with her long jet black hair and big dark brown eyes. She a single butterfly tattoo on her right hip that was extremely sexy.


Dawn looked deep into Dylan’s eyes while she played with the tongue in her mouth. Then she reached up and grabbed his face with both of her hands and kissed him passionately. Dylan held Dawn’s waist tightly, his hands getting tighter the more excited he got. His hands rose up her back to her bra clasp and he unclasped it effortlessly. He then began to kiss Dawns neck as she slowly slide out of her bra and tossed it across the room. Dawn grabbed Dylan’s shoulders then rubbed her hands down Dylan’s chiseled chest until she reached his belt buckle. She unbuckled his belt then unzipped his pants and they fell to his ankles. Dylan kissed her forehead as he stepped out of his shoes and pants. Dawn smiled up at Dylan then pulled down his boxers to the floor.


“You are so sexy” Dylan whispered in her ear. “Marry me” he said. Dawn giggled as she ran her tongue down his abdomen. “I’m serious” Dylan said.


“Okay” Dawn replied with a laugh before she put his dick in her mouth.


Dylan began to moan loudly and run his fingers through her hair. He watched as Dawn grabbed his dick and started jacking it off while she sucked on his balls. He was going crazy inside, he couldn’t contain himself. This was not the same girl from college who’s heart he broke. She was doing things to him she had never done before and no one had ever done better.


After five minutes Dylan just could not take it anymore so he threw her down on the bed took off her thong and made love to her. Dawn moaned and whimpered in his ear. She softly whispered his name and kissed his neck.


“I love you” he said as he came and laid there on her chest. Dawn thought to herself what a lovely way to spend sixty minutes as she light a cigarette.


“You want one?” she offered Dylan. “Yeah” he answered as he rolled over off of her chest.


Dawn handed him  a cigarette and her lighter. I’m going to go get that wine now Dawn said. She put the box of cigarettes on her nightstand then headed downstairs.


Dawn went right past the kitchen and into the laundry room. She picked up the box of moth balls and poured out one into her hand. Then she walked into kitchen and took out two wine glasses and the bottle of wine then sat them on the kitchen counter. Dawn opened her kitchen drawer and picked up a knife then she began to shave off some of the moth ball into one of the wine glasses. She put the knife in the sink and the rest of the moth ball back in the box. Dawn smiled as she poured the red wine into the glasses. She continued to smile as she put the wine back in the refrigerator and took the glasses upstairs.



Rockcity Rapland 3.3

Rockcity Rapland

Chapter 3: Forbidden Love

3.3 Forbidden Love: Who do you Love?


Alejandro was livid, he went back down the stairs to find Angelo sitting there alone.


What are you doing up? He asked Angelo as he opened the refrigerator.


Nothing I just can not seem to get to sleep he answered.


Alejandro poured himself a glass of milk then went back upstairs. He stopped at Camilla’s bedroom door and knocked. As soon as Camilla opened the door he yanked her by her wrist and dragged her to his bedroom.


What are you doing?! She yelled.


We need to talk he replied.


He pulled her inside his room and shut the door. Then he got down on his knees and said be my girlfriend. Camilla started to speak but he cut her off. Listen I know I don’t deserve you but I’ve loved for a long time and I’m sorry that I made things the way they are between us he said as his held her hand is his. Please I will do anything you want just give me a chance he pleaded with her.


Tears formed in Camilla’s eyes as she stared down at Alejandro. I’m sorry but no she said as she snatched her hand away.


Alejandro stood up and began to cry but Camilla didn’t care she would never forgive him. She started to leave but he grabbed her and pulled her close and whispered in her ear. You will love me whether you want to or not he whispered through clenched teeth. Then Alejandro went and locked his bedroom door. “Lay down and get comfortable because from now on you are not leaving my sight” he told her.


Camilla rolled her eyes and got into Alejandro’s bed and laid down. She was to tired to argue with him. Alejandro got into bed then scooted over close to Camilla and put his arm around her.


He whispered in her ear I love you.


Camilla felt bad for Alejandro but she could not help it, she hated him. She did use to have a crush on Alejandro but there was no way she could love him now not after what he did.


I’m going to make you love me whisper into Camilla’s ear. Just wait and see he said.


Camilla smiled at the thought of Alejandro trying to win her over, a year ago this would have been ideal. She was so conflicted she felt like loving the person that killed her parents was betraying them. Then there was Angelo he was gorgeous but she didn’t want to cause problems between him and his cousin. That kiss tonight was amazing though she thought as she closed her eyes.


Just as Camilla began to drift off she felt Alejandro’s hand rub her thigh. She hated him but she was turned on by the way he touched her. Her turned around to face him and stared deep into his eyes. He stared back at her confused about what was happening. Then Camilla leaned in and kissed him. Alejandro was shocked but he kissed her back and this time it felt different. He felt something between them this time. Then suddenly Camilla stopped kissing him and turned back around. Alejandro did not know what had just happened but he liked it and he was not going to question it. He just put his arm back around her and together they fell asleep.



Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 3.3

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde

Chapter 3: Bad Mamma Jamma

3.3 Bad Mamma Jamma: Up in the Club


One of Kimura’s men went to grab Angelica but before he could Kimura put his hand up to stop him.


Feisty, I like that Kimura said.


I’m glad you grabbed your boy I didn’t want to damage his handsome face she said with a smile.


Bitch! The guy yelled and raised his hand to hit her.


Daniel grabbed the guys arms and bent it behind his back in one quick swoop before he could hit Angelica. Watch yourself he told him.


Hey I told you to chill! Kimura screamed.


Daniel let the guys arm loose as he saw the guy beginning to calm down.


What’s your name doll? Kimura asked as he lit a cigar.


Chanel Smith and this is my husband Carter Angelica said as she reached out to shake his hand.


Kimura grabbed her hand and kissed it. I think I’m suppose to meet with a Chanel and Carter Smith Kimura said.


That would be us Daniel said as he shook Kimura’s hand.


I like you two, why don’t you two come by the club tonight so I can get to know you better Kimura said as he smiled at Angelica and gave her a flirty look.


We will be there Angelica said with a devilish grin.


Alright get the guns and lets go! Kimura yelled as he left the building.


When Kimura and all his men had left Daniel reached over and smacked Angelica on the butt. I think you got a fan he said with a laugh as he moved up to the counter.


Dice laid the desert eagle fifty cal. on the counter and Angelica picked it up. She liked the way it felt in her hands, it made her feel powerful. Angelica nodded her head and then handed the gun to Daniel. He looked the gun over and got a feel for it.


There is a shooting range in the back if you want to try it out Dice said.


Daniel looked at Angelica and she nodded her head yes. Then he looked back at Dice then said yeah, why not? We will give it a try he said.


Dice unlocked another gun and grabbed some bullets. Angelica and Daniel followed Dice to the back of the store where a large metal door was located. As he opened the door he handed Angelica the other gun and bullets.


Make it quick Dice said.


Daniel nodded his head as he put on the headphones hanging in the booth he was in and let off five shoots. All of his shots hit the center of his target right in red circle. When he stopped shooting Angelica let off five shots. All of her shots hit the center of her target right in red circle all in the exact same spot.


Show off Daniel muttered.


Angelica grinned as if she knew what he was thinking even though she had not heard him. Daniel stepped out of his booth and walked over to Angelica just as she was taking off her headphones.


You good? He asked.


Yeah I like this she said.


Daniel looked at her holding that gun in that short tight dress and that mischievous grin on her face. She was so sexy to him and she knew it. He took her by the waist and then he leaned in to kiss her. Angelica put her arms around his neck and smiled. The kiss was long, soft and sweet.


Okay cowboy you ready to ride? She asked.


Daniel laughed and said Yippee-ki-yay.