You Can Go Without It


Today I listened to a message by TD Jakes entitled “Go Blind” and it was such a powerful message that I wanted to tell my readers what I got out of it. In the message he something that really resonated me he said whatever you lost or never had you didn’t need, you can go without it. See God knows what we need and what we don’t need to fulfill our destiny. As long as you keep looking for something else outside yourself to validate you there is no way you can make it. You have to tell yourself that whatever you need God has already equipped you with.


You may say to yourself if I could just win the lottery or if someone important could see me maybe if my mother loved me or if my father never left then I could make it. You base the future of your success on things that you will never have but the truth is God is all you need. The devil wants us to believe we need we need things we don’t have in order to diminish your gratefulness and hinder your productivity. If you don’t believe you have the tools to do the job you won’t even try. But when you realize that God is all you need you will succeed by any means necessary.


If you were drowning and no one could save you would you just give up because you can’t swim or would you fight like hell to survive? That’s what faith is that fight inside you that won’t let you give up even when the situation looks grim. Even if you can’t swim you are going to try to save your life. That’s the same attitude you have to have with everything you have to at least try. That’s what TD Jakes meant by go blind to walk by faith and not by sight. In the natural things may never add up but when you have faith you begin to operate in the spiritual and God can add skills to you that will transcend man’s understanding. God is without limitations.


I have often talked about going even if you have to go alone but God gave Td Jakes something that I could not get before now. As I listened to TD Jakes speak it was as if he was talking directly to me. I could see when I left home and married a man who beat and mistreated because I no one believed in me at home. I was the black sheep I was misunderstood and treated differently. I was made to feel like nothing I ever did was good enough. So time after time I left the comfort of my calling to do something that would impress others but would make me miserable. I always had to stand-alone, I became so good at going against the grain that my family labeled me crazy or bipolar. But when you have to fight alone you learn to always be on the defense. I have always known who I was and living in world where people are either jealous or don’t get it you have to fight to be you.


This may sound crazy to some but anyone that has a dream or a calling knows what I’m talking about when I say it defines you. If people couldn’t love the rapper, singer or writer in me they could not love me because that’s who I was. It wasn’t until he said you could go without it that I understood what God wanted me to hear. I spent so much of my life looking for acceptance and love that never came. I would never do anything unless I had someone else’s okay and if they left me I began to fell incapable of finishing alone. I needed someone to say that’s a good idea or I like that song you wrote for me to feel like it was good. But it wasn’t until I believed in myself that I started to get recognition for my work.


Even now I can’t really get any support from anyone that knows me but people all over the world that I don’t know do support me. God kept showing me a vision of where he wanted to take me but because I wanted that love and acceptance I never got as a child or adult I kept trying to paint a picture for negative people who would never support or love me anyway. See I kept trying to add to myself what I never had access to and I was failing miserably. I would grab anyone willing to feel that void I had in my life. But you can’t give what you don’t have.


I have learned that like attracts like and because I was lacking all I could attract was other people who were lacking. I have been blind in this world and yet so close to light that I could feel it on my face that’s why when heard Td Jakes say it I began to cry. In that moment when he said those words I no longer wanted to tell half the truth but the whole truth. I no longer wanted to lie to myself I was tired of begging people for love and support. When I released that thirst for people God gave me drink. In my lack I was made whole because God filled in the gaps for me.


Gods wants you to know that where he wants to take you some people can’t go and if you are not willing to leave them behind you will be stuck with them never seeing your full potential. With God all things are possible. His favor will take you where money and talent cannot. But you have to be willing to follow him even if you have to go without.


© 2015 Aquila Taite

2 Corinthians 9:8

8 And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work: