Fill Me Up


Fill me up

With peaceful vapors and liquid happiness

My soul is empty


Fill me up

With meaningless connections

Lost in the wind

A tornado of nothingness

And Soulless faces

My blind eyes search for allies

In divers places

All I know is a bunch of actors and playwrights

All the authentic people got stage fright


Fill me up

With lies and false intentions

Award my enemies

With an honorable mention

Misery keeps me company

Disguised with friendly smiles

Fake well wishers

Concerned faces

Asking invasive questions

Loose lips

Wrong places


Fill me up

Day after day

Empty again

Lost in my way

Prayed for an answer

In silence I lay

Asking redundant questions

All has been revealed

Maybe I can’t except the answers

To hung up on how it feels


Fill me up

With Material possessions

Still just a student trying to teach a lesson

When it all falls down

The most intelligent result to guessing

When everything you own Is an expendable Obsession


Fill me up

With things that will never die

Let my love live forever in my lovers eyes

Let my words carry on in the greatest books

Let me live a life they wont overlook

When superficial things all fade away

I’ll be gone tomorrow and here today

When my body crumbles and turns to sand

All that’s left is who I am