Where He Brought Me From 3.4

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 3: This is your song

3.4 This is your song: Dream Come True


Jessica slowly got up and straightened her dress. She smiled at Kash and then walked over to him. Kash opened the door behind the reception desk that led to his office and several other offices.


He softly whispered in her ear don’t be nervous as she walked past him and through the door. Kash came in behind and softly shut the glass door. Right this way he said as he led the way to a huge room with double glass doors.


In the room sat four of the biggest names in music and entertainment. Lee Russell Oscar winning screenwriter, Danny Bleed Grammy winning guitarist and songwriter, Justin Humphrey Oscar winning fight and dance chorographer and Chris Cullen one of the best managers in music and film history. Jessica was really nervous now because she looked up to these people. Kash opened the double doors and Jessica slowly walked in.


Have a seat Chris Cullen told her as he motioned to the seat at the head of the long rectangle shaped table. Jessica quickly sat down and Kash took a seat next to her.


Everyone this is Jessica Kealoha Kash said. Okay Jessica tell us a little about yourself then let us hear your song Kash said.


Jessica stood up and smiled at everyone as she let out a deep breath. Hi I’m Jessica and I’m twenty-four years old she said. I have been writing song, poetry and stories for as long as I could talk she added. At the moment I make my living performing at local bars, I also sing, play the guitar and piano she said. I like to think that I am a great writer because I can write for any genre I don’t limit myself she told them. She began to pass out sheet music for her song to all the people in the room. My song is called “So Glad to say Goodbye” Jessica said. Jessica took out the CD she had made on her laptop of the song and put it in the CD player. Jessica pressed play but the song didn’t come on, she started to panic franticly pressing the play button. The CD player doesn’t seem to be working she said laughing nervously.


Everyone just sat there stone faced until Chris Cullen said I guess you will have to sing for us then.


Okay Jessica said. Is there a piano or guitar? She asked.


No Kash answered.


This was crazy, the track Jessica had created on her computer to accompany the song was amazing it had guitar, piano and drums with cool sound effects. Jessica had even used really cool effects on her voice on the CD but now all she had was her regular voice to impress the judges.


Okay that’s cool she said.


Jessica looked at her sheet music for a second to familiarize herself with the song. Ten she place the sheet music on the table and began to sing. She imagined herself on stage at one of those bars she performs at and she just sung like her life depended on it. When Jessica was finished she looked around the room to solemn faces. She couldn’t tell if they hated it or loved it.


Okay misses Kealoha you can go back out to lobby and wait for our decision Chris Cullen said.


As Jessica gathered up her things Kash winked at her and she smiled. His smile made her feel like maybe things went good and she cheerfully went back out to the lobby to wait.




Dirty Little Bitches 3.4

Dirty Little Bitches

Chapter 3: Boss Bitch

3.4 Boss Bitch: Who’s the Boss?


Aaliyah and her father pulled up right to the front of the building. They waited quietly as the driver came around to open their door. As the driver opened the door Aaliyah stepped out of the car and took off her shades then put them in her purse. She waited for her father to get out the car then they walked into the building together. Aaliyah couldn’t hide her excitement she had the biggest smile on her face as she got onto the elevator.


Aaliyah pressed the button to the seventh floor. As she watched the numbers in the elevator slowly change she began to think of how angry Raquel would be. The elevator finally reached the seventh floor and the doors began to open. Aaliyah stepped out of the elevator arm and arm with her father. The entire office stopped what they were doing to gawk and whisper.


She knew they were wondering what the bosses daughter was doing here and Aaliyah was excited for them to find out. She followed her father past Raquel’s office down the long hallway into her father’s office. As she past Raquel’s office she saw Raquel’s look up from her desk shocked and she pretended not to notice.When they got to her fathers office he sat down at his desk and called his sectary on the intercom.


Call a meeting in a hour, for the entire office in the big meeting room he told his sectary.


Yes sir she said.


Aaliyah laughed and said I want to go see my new office.


Okay honey just have a seat I’m going to check my emails and make a couple of phone calls then I’ll show you your new office he said.


Aaliyah sat down on the couch in her fathers office and started to text Dominic. Guess what, Honey? she typed. What’s up? He text back. I am going to be working for my father at the Magazine as the managing editor Aaliyah text him. Congratulations Dominic text her. Don’t forget dinner tonight, I will talk to you later he text her. Okay she text back then put her phone back in her purse. She began to fumble through old issues of the magazine on the table while she waited. Time seemed to go by so slowly as she checked the clock on the wall every few minutes.


Finally a hour had gone by and Aaliyah saw everyone going to the big meeting room. Her father had just finished up a phone call and motioned for Aaliyah to follow him. They walked into the big meeting room and were greeted by questioning confused eyes. Aaliyah stood proudly by her father as he started to speak.


Thank you guys for the work you all have done so far, making this magazine number in the world he said. I asked you all here to talk about the managing editor position we have been looking to fill he added. All though all of you were great candidates I have decided to give the job to my more than capable daughter he said with a smile. She is more than qualified to do this job, so I hope you all will respect her and her expertise in this field Mr. Rojas said.


Aaliyah saw the look on Raquel’s face, the look of disgust and disappointment and it made Aaliyah smile.