Strevarrian Odyssey


“Bespir!, Hursoof!, pack your things!” Gleaffaar yelled as he raced through the house with his brother Arfadaar close behind.


“Honey, what’s going on?” Bespir asked as she ran out of the kitchen.


“Vhatalii and Chokan are dead and me and Arfadaar are wanted for murder.” Glaeffaar replied. “Get Hursoof, we have to go now.” He said calmly.


Bespir ran upstairs screaming her daughters name as Glaeffaar and Arfadaar began grabbing food and water. Glaeffaar and Arfadaar were brothers who both worked in the military.Arfadaar built weapons for the military and trained soldiers in hand- to- hand combat. Glaeffaar was captain of the ship “The Odyssey” in the Strevvarian navy. He was also an admiral and controlled an entire fleet.


Hursoof came down the stairs in tears with two huge suitcases. “Daddy, what’s going on?” she asked. “Where are we going?” she asked while crying.


“Hursoof, calm down and follow your uncle outside to put your things in the car.” He answered her calmly while gazing into her eyes to comfort her. “I don’t have time to explain now.” He added. Glaeffaar ran up stairs to pack his clothes and hurry his wife along. “Bespir, hurry up we must leave right now!” Glaeffaar yelled.


“I’m coming.” Bespir yelled back.


“Go put your things in the car, I’m right behind you.” Glaeffaar said.


The entire family was safely in the car when they began to hear sirens. Glaeffaar started the car and speed out of his driveway. He used all the back roads to avoid the cops. Every once in a while Glaeffaar would look over at his wife who looked frightened. He placed his hand on her knee to reassure her that things were going to be okay. But Glaeffaar wasn’t so sure.


Glaeffaar and his brother Arfadaar had murdered six rogue Strevvarian cops who killed Arfadaar’s wife and child. The cops had also framed Arfadaar for killing King Hanzoar of Strevv, under the orders of Ozasicoor, The Secretary of Defense and the King’s right hand. They killed the king to put Ozasicoor in power. Ozasicoor planned to blame the kings murder on the Eldanlonians of Gresisia to start a war between the two countries. The Eldanlonians were a race of humanoid aliens with red eyes and telekinetic abilities. They also hate to lose as much as they hated the Strevvarians.But Arfadaar figured out his plan and was about to tell the royal counsel when Ozasicoor has his family kidnapped. Ozasicoor promised to let his family go if he kept quiet but when Arfadaar returned home with his brother Glaeffaar six cops had killed his family and where waiting to kill him as well.


Glaeffaar and Arfadaar were very skilled fighters and they killed the cops with ease.  But they knew when the cops didn’t report back toOzasicoor they would be in trouble. They had basically just laid out a red carpet for Ozasicoor to blame them for everything. They had no other choice but to flee planet Ouswion for planet earth.

Ozasicoor was a Strevv born Eldanlonian who was beat by his father and abandoned by his mother. He vowed to kill all Eldanlon’s the day he murdered his father at age 14. He spent his childhood in jail until he was of legal age, 18. King Hanzoar had ruled it self-defense and gave him a job in the castle as his assistant when he got out of jail. When Ozasicoor turned 21 he joined the military and quickly moved up the ranks until became the Secretary of Defense. When King Hanzaor signed a peace treaty with the Eldanlons, Ozasicoor was furious. The peace treaty is what led him to kill a man who had been like his father for many years. Ozasicoor couldn’t let go of his hate for the Eldanlonians.


With the military and the Strevvarian police department on their trail Glaeffaar drove into a field where he did hid his ship the Odyssey.“Okay, quickly everyone get on the ship.” Glaeffaar said. Everyone grabbed their things and ran onto the ship. Glaeffaar sat in the captain’s seat while his brother got in the co-captains seat. Glaeffaar began to start up the ship and prepare for lift-off as his wife and daughter buckled up. Hursoof began crying again.


“Daddy, where are we going?” she asked.


“Planet Earth.” He replied.


The Strevvarians were a race of humanoid aliens, who are known throughout the galaxy for their spicy cuisine and piercing green eyes that glow in the dark. So Glaeffaar knew that they would easily fit in with disguises.


“Get ready for lift.” Arfadaar said as the ships jets came on and lifted off of the ground.


“Ready the jets for super speed.” Glaeffaar said.


“Ready.” Arfadaar replied.


Glaeffaar pressed a green button under a glass case and the Odyssey speed through the sky into outer space. Just as they thought they had lost Ozasicoor’s men, a ship appeared out of nowhere. The ship began firing at them.


“We’re hit.” Arfadaar yelled. “But I think we can make it.” He said. “Arm the missiles!” He yelled.


“Armed!” Glaeffaar replied.


“Fire!” Arfadaar yelled.


They hit the enemy ship and it exploded on impact. Glaeffaar let out a sigh of relief.


“We just lost two engines on the left side!” Arfadaar screamed. “We are going down!” he yelled.


“Everyone get ready for a crash landing!” Glaeffaar yelled.


The Odyssey broke through Earth’s atmosphere and caught fire as it fell into a body of water.


1000 years later


“I’m so excited.” April said. “I can’t believe we are finally going to see inside the ship.” She said talking to the divers on the radio. “What do you see down there?” she asked.


“There are people down here.” Matthew answered back. “I think they are still alive!” he said excited.


“How is that possible?” April asked.


“You won’t believe this, but they are in cryostasis.” He answered.