Rockcity Rapland 3.4

Rockcity Rapland

Chapter 3: Forbidden Love

3.4 Forbidden Love: Battlefield


It was morning and a little ray of sunlight shone through the crack in the dark draperies. As Camilla woke up from a sound sleep she noticed Alejandro was still asleep. Camilla could smell the aroma of waffles and bacon in the air. She slowly crept out of bed being careful not to wake Alejandro. She quietly tiptoed across the room to the door and opened it slowly. Camilla softly walked out of Alejandro’s bedroom into the hallway and gently shut his door. As soon as she shut the door she looked up to see Angelo with a baffled look on his face.


“What are you doing coming from out of my cousin’s room this early in the morning?” He asked. Camilla just stood there silently not knowing what to say. “Wait, did you guys hook up?” He asked enraged.


Before Camilla could deny his allegations Angelo stormed into Alejandro’s room. Camilla quickly ran after him trying to stop him from getting to Alejandro.


“Wake up!” Angelo yelled as stomped across the room to Alejandro’s bed. “Wake up!” He yelled again as he stood over Alejandro who still did not wake up. Angelo  was furious and he could not contain his anger anymore. Alejandro was abruptly awaken when Angelo lunged at him punching him in the face.


“What the fuck is your problem!” Alejandro screamed.


Camilla began pulling Angelo’s arm trying to prevent him from hitting Alejandro again but he was to strong and determined to hurt Alejandro. Angelo had gotten in three punches to Alejandro’s face when Alejandro finally grabbed him by the neck and put him in a choke-hold.


“What is going on?!” He yelled.


“You know what’s going on, you bastard!” Angelo yelled back.


“Hey, watch your mouth” Alejandro said.


Camilla watched in fear that would eventually kill each other, if she didn‘t say or do something. “He saw me coming out of your room this morning” Camilla said disapprovingly shaking her head.


“Is that all?” He asked with a laugh. “Cousin are you mad because me and your girl had a sleepover?” Alejandro asked taunting Angelo while he held him in the choke-hold


“You knew I liked her!” Angelo screamed.


“Can you let him go?!” Camilla shouted.


“Okay, are you calm now?” Alejandro asked.


“Man fuck you, you ordered me to stay away from her so you could make your move” Angelo said. “What, where you scared of the competition?” Angelo asked.


“Competition?!” Alejandro asked. “What competition, you?” Alejandro asked amused at the assumption.


“Let me go” Angelo replied.


“You good?” Alejandro asked.


“I’m good but just know that from now on if you want Camilla you are going to have to go through me” Angelo stated as Alejandro let him go.


“I, will have to go through you?” Alejandro asked defensively brushing him off with a smirk.


“Yeah, are you scared of a little competition, are you afraid you will lose her to me?” Angelo asked challenging Alejandro.


“No cousin I just don’t won’t you to get your feelings hurt” Alejandro calmly stated.


“Hold up, who said I wanted anyone of you?” Camilla asked abrasively. “You two are not going to fight over me, I won’t allow it!” she yelled. “My parents just died and I have not even buried them yet, I don’t have time to worry about you two” she screamed as rushed out of the room in tears.





I Know Your Type 3.4

I Know Your Type

Chapter 3: Killer Plan

3.4 Killer Plan: The Ex


Dawn stepped into her bedroom, she saw Dylan laying there completely naked not even covering himself with the sheets as he finished his cigarette. His dark hair was wet from sweating and his skin was damp.


“Are you thirsty?” Dawn asked.


“Yes parched” he replied.


Dawn sipped the untainted wine in her right hand as she walked over to him and then handed him the poisoned glass. She watched with glee as he gulped it all down. Dawn slowly slide back into bed underneath her satin sheets. Dylan snuggled up close to her and wrapped his arms tightly around her. Dawn wanted it to always be like this, and soon it would she thought. After I kill his fiancé he will be mine forever Dawn thought as she drifted off to sleep.


It was the next morning but barely day the sun had just begun to rise and Dawn could hear vomiting in the next room. Dawn quietly got out of her bed and grabbed her robe from off of her dresser. She tiptoed across her bedroom floor into the bathroom where Dylan sat on the bathroom floor hugging the toilet.


“Are you okay?” Dawn asked with a believable concerned tone in her voice.


“Yeah I’m good, I think I just ate something that did not quite agree with me” Dylan uttered through violent heaves.


“You don’t think its food poisoning, do you?” Dawn asked as she kneeled down beside his limp body.


“It feels like it” he answered.


“Maybe we should get you to a hospital” Dawn said.


“No I’ll be fine, I have to go into work today just get me some ginger ale” he told her trying to sound as macho as possible.


Dylan I really don’t think ginger ale is going to cut it, you look awful she said trying to change his mind.


Dylan was so stubborn, he refused to go to a hospital and insisted on going to work. Dawn went downstairs to get him a glass of ginger ale while he took a hot shower. She took out a big glass from the cabinet and poured it full of ginger ale. When she got back upstairs Dylan was out of the shower vomiting again.


Here you go she said as he handed him the glass. Dylan quickly took a couple of sips then handed Dawn back the glass.


“I feel better already” He said as he walked into her bedroom. Dylan picked up his clothing from the floor and started to get dressed. “Can you drop me off ?!“ he yelled so that Dawn would hear him in the bathroom over the running water.


“Sure, just let me finish showering and get dressed” Dawn said.


Dawn stood in the shower as the warm water caressed her body and smiled. Hurting people made her happy and getting what she wanted made her even happier.


Dawn turned off the shower and noticed how quiet it was. She grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her then went into her bedroom. “Dylan, are you still okay?” She asked when she saw him sitting on the edge of her bed silently with his face as white as snow.


“No take me to the hospital” he said.


“Okay let me get dressed” Dawn said and she then ran downstairs.


Dawn grabbed the half empty box of mothballs and poured them into the washer and turned it on heavy duty hot water. Then she set the box on fire in her kitchen sink. While the box burned she grabbed some clothing out of her dryer and got dressed. When the box was burnt to ashes she rinsed the evidence out of the sink and went back upstairs.


“Okay, honey lets go” she said to Dylan when she walked back into the room.




Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 3.4

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde

Chapter 3: Bad Mamma Jamma

3.4 Bad Mamma Jamma: Initiation 


Daniel and Angelica purchased their guns and ammo, then went back to the hotel to get dressed. “What do you think I should wear?” Daniel asked Angelica as they pulled into the hotel parking lot.


“Did you buy anything dressy when we went shopping?” Angelica asked. “Like a dress shirt and slacks” she added.


“Yeah” he answered as he pulled into a parking spot.


“Wear that and your Rolex” Angelica said.


Angelica and Daniel were suppose to be career criminals and she wanted to make sure that they looked successful in that career field. There were two kinds of criminals ones that were good and ones that got caught and if you wanted to do business with Kimura you couldn’t be the latter. With this particular job Angelica and Daniel had to be triple agents. First they were the law, second they were club employees and then they had to be criminal masterminds looking for an in with the richest and most notorious mob boss in Miami. They had to make a good impression on Kimura and he was hard to impress.


“I think you should wear that little black lace dress you got” Daniel said with a grin as he got out of the car.


Angelica smiled as she opened her car door because she knew the one he was talking about. It was a knee length form fitting lace dress with a short black skirt underneath, it had low cut V neck in the front and long lace sleeves. “Yeah I think I’ll wear that one” Angelica said with a contemplative look on her face.


When they entered their hotel room Angelica sat her gun down on the nightstand then went straight to the bathroom to take a shower while Daniel began to unpack. Daniel took out his blue silk shirt, black slacks and black snakeskin shoes. Then he sat down on the bed with his gun in his hand and begin to watch TV waiting for Angelica to get out the shower. Daniel slowly inspected his gun switching it from hand to hand getting a feel for it.


“Babe don’t take all day! “Daniel yelled.


“I’m done!” Angelica yelled back as she turned off the shower. She stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel off the rack. She wrapped the towel around her then opened the bathroom door and said you can take a shower now.


Angelica had just began blow drying her hair when Daniel entered the bathroom completely naked and started the shower. Daniel slowly came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He softly kissed her on the neck and said you are so beautiful. Angelica smiled then turned off the blow dryer and sat it down on the counter. “Are you ready for this?’ He asked her.


“I was born ready” Angelica answered.


“Okay go get sexy then” he said as he smacked her on the butt. Angelica turned around and kissed him on the lips  then went into the bedroom to get dressed.


Angelica put on her sexy black lace dress, her six inch stilettos and her red lipstick. She was curling her bleached blonde hair when Daniel came out the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and said “wow you look amazing”.


“I know she” said and winked at him.