Rockcity Rapland 3.4

Rockcity Rapland

Chapter 3: Forbidden Love

3.4 Forbidden Love: Battlefield


It was morning and a little ray of sunlight shone through the crack in the dark draperies. As Camilla woke up from a sound sleep she noticed Alejandro was still asleep. Camilla could smell the aroma of waffles and bacon in the air. She slowly crept out of bed being careful not to wake Alejandro. She quietly tiptoed across the room to the door and opened it slowly. Camilla softly walked out of Alejandro’s bedroom into the hallway and gently shut his door. As soon as she shut the door she looked up to see Angelo with a baffled look on his face.


“What are you doing coming from out of my cousin’s room this early in the morning?” He asked. Camilla just stood there silently not knowing what to say. “Wait, did you guys hook up?” He asked enraged.


Before Camilla could deny his allegations Angelo stormed into Alejandro’s room. Camilla quickly ran after him trying to stop him from getting to Alejandro.


“Wake up!” Angelo yelled as stomped across the room to Alejandro’s bed. “Wake up!” He yelled again as he stood over Alejandro who still did not wake up. Angelo  was furious and he could not contain his anger anymore. Alejandro was abruptly awaken when Angelo lunged at him punching him in the face.


“What the fuck is your problem!” Alejandro screamed.


Camilla began pulling Angelo’s arm trying to prevent him from hitting Alejandro again but he was to strong and determined to hurt Alejandro. Angelo had gotten in three punches to Alejandro’s face when Alejandro finally grabbed him by the neck and put him in a choke-hold.


“What is going on?!” He yelled.


“You know what’s going on, you bastard!” Angelo yelled back.


“Hey, watch your mouth” Alejandro said.


Camilla watched in fear that would eventually kill each other, if she didn‘t say or do something. “He saw me coming out of your room this morning” Camilla said disapprovingly shaking her head.


“Is that all?” He asked with a laugh. “Cousin are you mad because me and your girl had a sleepover?” Alejandro asked taunting Angelo while he held him in the choke-hold


“You knew I liked her!” Angelo screamed.


“Can you let him go?!” Camilla shouted.


“Okay, are you calm now?” Alejandro asked.


“Man fuck you, you ordered me to stay away from her so you could make your move” Angelo said. “What, where you scared of the competition?” Angelo asked.


“Competition?!” Alejandro asked. “What competition, you?” Alejandro asked amused at the assumption.


“Let me go” Angelo replied.


“You good?” Alejandro asked.


“I’m good but just know that from now on if you want Camilla you are going to have to go through me” Angelo stated as Alejandro let him go.


“I, will have to go through you?” Alejandro asked defensively brushing him off with a smirk.


“Yeah, are you scared of a little competition, are you afraid you will lose her to me?” Angelo asked challenging Alejandro.


“No cousin I just don’t won’t you to get your feelings hurt” Alejandro calmly stated.


“Hold up, who said I wanted anyone of you?” Camilla asked abrasively. “You two are not going to fight over me, I won’t allow it!” she yelled. “My parents just died and I have not even buried them yet, I don’t have time to worry about you two” she screamed as rushed out of the room in tears.





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