Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 4.1

Asia Tao and the Essence of the Dragon

CHAPTER 4: The Other Guy

4.1 The Other Guy: Fatal Attraction


Asia finished dinner and began clearing the table. She wanted to try the homework thing again before it got too late, but her mind was racing now more than ever.


You know you aren’t in this alone her aunt reassured her. I’m here for you whatever you need you can come to me.


Thanks, aunt Angela she replied.


She wanted to tell her the feeling she had about Mr. Santos and his weird behavior, but she decided it was better to dig a little more first.


Well I’m sorry your first day was horrible, I mean your first day a student commits suicide. A football player at that her aunt said as she shook her head. I feel bad for his parents.


Yeah, I know Asia agreed. I feel bad for his girlfriend she is a horrible person but to lose your boyfriend like that, and you know that’s going to be all anyone is talking about tomorrow Asia said.


Asia’s cell phone started to ring; she ran to get it out of her purse. It was Soo Yun.


Hello, Asia answered.


Hey, are you watching the news? Soo Yun said frantically. “They are doing a story on Chris.”


Aunt Angela, can you turn on the news please, it’s about Chris? Asia asked her aunt. What’s going on? Asia requested Soo Yun.


It’s Mrs. Calvin their saying she killed Chris.


What! How! Why! Asia yelled.


They have an eyewitness who said they saw them arguing about a grade when he was leaving. Which is insane everyone makes a reasonable degree in her class Soo Yun said.


Who was the witness? Asia inquired.


Mr. Santos Soo Yun replied. Asia got a bad feeling a chill went through her body, and she just stood there in silence. Asia! Can you hear me?


Yeah, I’m just shocked. What do mean everyone gets a good grade in her class? Asia asked eagerly.


Well, she’s very lax, you read you do a book report, and if you are in the ballpark, you get a decent grade. No one gets lower than a C in her class, ever Soo Yun said. Mr. Santos said because of the degree Chris got in Mrs. Calvin’s course he couldn’t play in Friday’s game, so he went berserk yelling, and screaming. Mr. Santos said Chris was known for getting angry and going off about the smallest things. Poor Mrs. Calvin was probably just defending herself he added. He’s making it seem like Chris had severe anger issues Soo Yun said. The crazy thing is Chris was an A+ student Soo Yun said.


Well does Chris have a temper? Asia inquired.


Yes on the football field but I don’t understand why Chris would go crazy on the sweetest woman in the school, Asia it doesn’t make any sense? Soo Yun argued.


I know it does sound weird, and why didn’t Mr. Santos do something if he heard them fighting? Asia asked.


He said he didn’t think it would go that far; he said he was already on the way home before the accident happened, Soo Yun replied.


So he knew the kid had a temper but he didn’t think the argument was severe and I saw him after the accident still in his class Asia thought. Soo Yun, I have to go I got a lot of homework to do and with everything that’s going on I haven’t been able to focus Asia quickly said. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, okay? Asia requested.


Okay bye, Soo Yun replied, and she hung up the phone.


Now she knew something was up, why would Mr. Santos lie like that? There must be more to this than just a bad grade and a football game. Mr. Santos has something to do with this more than he’s letting on. I think he killed Chris and framed Mrs. Calvin but why? And how? Teachers killing students this is something new that I don’t want to get used to, Asia thought. It had to be him there was no one else in the building at the time of the accident, but Mr. Santos and Mrs. Calvin and she didn’t remember a thing. If there was anyone else in the building she was sure she would have seen him or her.


I can’t fathom homework tonight aunt Angela I’m just going to take a shower and go to bed.


Okay, honey goodnight.



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