Shift 3.5


CHAPTER 3: Puppy Love

3.5 Puppy Love: Lone Wolf


Ahote was afraid and excited by his grandfather’s news. The history between the Caucasian and Native American people was infamous. Ahote knew that a lot of people in the tribe would not be happy about this new addition but he believed in his grandfather’s wisdom. It was Ahote’s great-great-grandfather’s idea to open up the reservation to other cultures besides the Native Americans that made the tribe what it was today. Ahote knew that his grandfather’s decision would take some getting use to but he knew that in the end it would only help the tribe progress.


Ahote got from the rocking chair he was sitting in on the porch and went into the house. The tantalizing smell of chicken, succotash and cornbread filled his nostrils as he stepped through the front door. “Grandfather it smells delicious in here.” He said. “I’m so hungry.” He said as he sat at the kitchen table.


“So what did you and Dyami do today?” Namid asked as he sat the food down on the table and sat down.


“Nothing much after I got in a fight with Zachary we went swimming with Aoki and Kim.” He replied as he started to pile his plate with food.


“Aoki?” Namid asked. “Didn’t you her have a thing before Chenoa moved here?” he asked as he grabbed a chicken wing and a slice of cornbread and put it on his plate.


“Sort of.” Ahote mumbled.


“So then you have moved on?” Namid asked.


“I mean I guess I have.” Ahote said. “I think Aoki is cool.” He said.


“Well you better be sure a teenage girl’s heart is nothing to play with.” Namid said.


“Oh I know Aoki informed me of that much.” Ahote said. “She already told me that I have to prove I’m over Chenoa and that I really like her before she will talk to me.” He added.


Namid began to chuckle. “That one has always had some spunk.” He said. “You are definitely going to have your hands full with that one she doesn’t play around.” He told him.


“Yeah do you think you can give me some tips on how to prove to a girl that you like me and are not just trying to make another girl jealous?” Ahote asked.


“Why don’t you just ask her.” He suggested.


“You know girls are they want to read their mind and figure it out if I come right out and ask her she will get mad.” Ahote explained.


“Don’t ask her what to do ask her what she likes.” Namid stated.


“Yeah that might work.” Ahote said as he took a bite of his chicken leg. “Hey grandfather do you think I can borrow the truck tonight to take Aoki into town?” He asked nervously.


“Where exactly are you trying to go?” Namid asked.


“To see a movie or something.” He replied.


“Will it just be you and her?” Namid asked.


Ahote careful thought of how he would answer his grandfather’s question. “Yes.” He said nervously.


“Okay because I don’t want you going into town with Dyami.” Namid said sternly. “When you two get together you act like idiots.” He said. “As long as you promise that it will be just you and Aoki you can borrow it.” He told Ahote.


“I promise.” Ahote replied.



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