Where He Brought Me From 3.5

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 3: This is your song

3.5 This is your song: When one door closes….


Jessica and the other contestants had been in the lobby for almost an hour when Kash came to call them to the back office. They all slowly rose up from their seats slowly and in a single file line followed Kash to the back. He lead them to the office where all the judges with serious looks on their faces. As he opened the office door they all entered and sat on one side of the rectangle table as the judges sat on the other. Kash followed them in and sat beside the other judges.


“Okay” Kash said. “We have made a decision and I’m sorry Lyric you didn’t make the cut” Kash said to the other female contestant. “Head back to the lobby the receptionist has a nice gift bag for you” he added.


As lyric got up from her chair she looked very disappointed. She said “thank you for the opportunity” and left the room.


As soon as she had left the room Kash turned back to the others contestants. “Otis Lee” he said as he looked at the male contestant. “We chose you” he said.


Jessica’s heart sank as he finished the sentence. Everything in the room seemed to go in slow motion. She watched as Kash shook his hand and he said thank you over and over again.


“Jessica” Kash said as he looked at her with a smile on his face. “We chose you for another position” he said.


“Really? What position?” Jessica asked.


“The new artist position, Otis Lee is going to help you write for your new album he told her. After you sung your song the group thought collectively that you were to good to be behind the scenes he said. Then after we checked out some of your performances on the internet we made an unanimous decision to give you a record deal.”


Jessica began to cry as she said thank you and shook everyone’s hand. She couldn’t believe this, she had finally made it.


“I just need you guys to look over these contracts and bring them back tomorrow signed before two pm Kash said.  We have lawyers who can go over the contracts with you or you can use your own, if you decide to use our lawyers just let the receptionist know Kash said. We will see you two tomorrow he said.”


Jessica left the office ecstatic, as she walked down the hallway back to the lobby she could not stop smiling. She could not wait to tell her sister Jennifer about her record deal. When Jessica got on the elevator her phone vibrated to let her know she had received a message. Jessica reached in her pocket and pulled out her cell phone, the message was from Kash. The message said congratulations on your new job I know you are going to do well, lets have dinner tonight to let celebrate. Jessica wrote back thank you. See you at eight Kash wrote. The elevator stopped and Jessica started dialing her sister’s number as she got off the elevator.


“Hey Jen, I got some good news she said as her sister answered the phone. I got a record deal she said. I’m celebrating tonight with my boyfriend around eight if you are free she added.”


Jessica loved being able to throw this in her sister’s smug face and the fact that her boyfriend was richer than Jennifer’s fiancé.


“I’m free Jennifer said.”


Jennifer said bye and hung up the phone. Jennifer was not particularly excited for Jessica but she was curious and very critical of everything Jessica did. She wanted to know more about this record deal and this boyfriend of hers.



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