Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 3.5

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde

Chapter 3: Bad Mamma Jamma

3.5 Bad Mamma Jamma: Prove Yourself


Daniel grabbed his clothes then went back into the bathroom to began to get dressed while Angelica put on her make up.  As Angelica put on her ruby red lipstick she wondered how Kimura would test them. He was known for making outrageous requests to test potential employees. Kimura was a very paranoid person, years of  crime had made him that way.


He also had a very interesting family background. He was abandoned by his mother when was ten years old and left with his older brother who sold him to the mob to pay off his gambling and drug debt. Kimura worked for the mob as a drug dealer and a bodyguard for the previous mob boss until he was twenty-one when his boss died and he took over. Kimura was the youngest ever mob boss to the Chan family. Soon after he took over he became known for being merciless. Angelica just knew that whatever she and Daniel had to do was going to make her hate herself in the morning.


“You ready yet?” Daniel called from the bathroom.


“Yeah, I’m ready” Angelica answered.


Daniel stepped out of the bathroom in a black silk shirt and grey slacks. He had his hair slicked back, his Rolex on and his black snake skin shoes. Daniel really looked the part. Daniel grabbed his keys and wallet then headed towards the door. Angelica picked up her clutch off of the nightstand and followed him. Daniel walked over to Angelica’s side of the car and opened her door. She smiled at him as she slide into her seat. As he shut her door he winked at her then he walked around to drivers side and got in. It was a five minute drive to the club which was just a couple of blocks away. Daniel almost wanted to go as slow as he could to delay them but he took a deep breath and started the car.


As they pulled up to the club they saw a crowd in front of the building. There was a line of people wrapped around the corner. Daniel saw a group of valets standing near the street in front of the club and he pulled his car over to where they stood. A valet came to open Daniels door and get his keys while another opened Angelica’s door. When Angelica stepped out of the car the people in line in front of the club began to stare and whisper. She hated to admit it but she loved the attention.


Daniel handed over his keys to the valet and grabbed his ticket then he went over to join Angelica. He took Angelica’s hand and led her to the front door of the club. At the front door stood a huge stern looking bouncer in a suit holding a clipboard.


“Name?” the bouncer asked.


Chanel and Carter Smith Daniel answered.


“Yeah, I see you two” he said as he checked off their names. Then he pushed a button on his walkie talkie and said “their here.” “Mr. Kimura wants to see you two someone is coming to escort you” he said.


A minute later another huge bouncer with a ponytail came out of the club to escort them to Mr. Kimura. “Right this way” he said.




I Know Your Type 3.5

I Know Your Type

Chapter 3: Killer Plan

3.5 Killer Plan: Changing Faces


Dawn arrived at the hospital with Dylan hunched over in the passenger seat. She had to call someone to get him out of the car on a stretcher. Dylan looked like he was in bad shape as the nurses pulled him out of the car. As the nurses rushed him in the hospital Dawn followed closely behind. They took Dylan straight to the ER and asked Dawn to stay back and answer some questions.


What’s the patients name and your relation? The nurse asked.


Dylan Curtis and I’m just a friend Dawn answered.


Who is his next of kin? The nurse asked.


I’m not sure , he has a fiancée her number is probably in his phone her name is Meredith she said. He has his phone Dawn added.


Okay thank you ma’am the nurse said and walked to the back where Dylan was.


Dawn was happy because she knew they would call Meredith and she would come running right into her clutches. Meredith would be right where she wanted her to be. Dawn sat around for an hour but the hospital would not tell her anything because she was not family, so she left.


Dawn was in her car driving home to get ready for work and the only thing she could think of was killing Meredith. As she rode home different ways to murder Meredith went through her head. She would finally be able to have Dylan to herself with Meredith out the way. Dawn had zoned out in her thoughts and in no time she was in front of her house. She pulled into her driveway, turned off her car then called her office.


Hey let the team know I will be a little late she told her sectary.


Yes ma’am the sectary said.


Dawn hung up the phone and got out the car. She slowly walked up to her front door and unlocked it. Dawn took a deep breath as she shut and locked the door then she went upstairs. Dawn started to think that maybe she was taking things to far. There could be a chance that all this could be linked to her. But she was in her emotions and not thinking straight, she was getting sloppy.


Dawn went straight to her closet and grabbed her suit. She quickly got dressed then ran downstairs to get a cup of coffee. Dawn went to her cupboard and took out a thermos. She began her coffee maker then sat out at her bar. Dawn often wondered how she ended up here. She was smart, the top of her class and beautiful, the prom queen. Somewhere along the way that nice little girl snapped and all that was left was this broken and bitter woman. She was Humpty Dumpty and no one could put her together again. So she tried to ease her pain and fill that hole inside with one night stands that ended in murder.


The coffee was done and the pot was filled. Dawn poured herself some coffee into her thermos then went out to her car. She sat in her car and began to cry because she knew she could never be the old Dawn again. She felt sorry for herself for about five seconds then she dried her tears and started up her car.




Rockcity Rapland 3.5

Rockcity Rapland

Chapter 3: Forbidden Love

3.5 Forbidden Love: The Only Girl in the World


Angelo started to run after Camilla but Alejandro stopped him.


No, let me Alejandro said.  I think you have done enough he said as he walked out of the room.


Angelo just stood in Alejandro’s bedroom feeling horrible about the way he acted. He wanted to apologize to Camilla for being such a jerk. Angelo walked slowly into the hallway trying to be quiet as he tiptoed to Camilla’s room. As he approached her bedroom door he could hear her sobbing. Then he heard Alejandro say it was going to be okay. Angelo looked into the room to see Camilla sitting on the edge of her bed with her back turned to him and Alejandro sitting next to her.


I’m sorry Alejandro said as he wrapped his arm around her. He pulled her close and held her in his arms. Angelo stood in the hallway not saying a word, just watching. He didn’t know what to say sorry just didn’t seem adequate enough. Take a shower and get dressed Alejandro told her. I’m going to give you my credit card and the limo so you can go shopping he said. Alejandro looked over to the door and saw Angelo standing there with his head door. I’m going to send Angelo with you he said to her. Angelo looked up in shock, he could not believe what he had just heard. Alejandro took Camilla’s face in his hand and wiped her tears. Stop crying he said as he looked into her eyes and ran his fingers through her hair. Alejandro looked back over to Angelo and said Go get dressed I want you to go shopping with her and keep an eye on her. Okay Angelo stammered as he began to walk to his room.


What is he up to? He thought. Why is my cousin being so nice right now? He wondered. Whatever Alejandro was cooking up was giving Angelo an entire day alone with Camilla and he was going to use it to his advantage.


Alejandro kissed Camilla on the forehead. Okay I’m going to let you get ready he said as he stood up and left the room.


Alejandro left Camilla’s room shutting her door on the way out and headed to Angelo’s room. Alejandro had a plan, he thought by sending Angelo with Camilla he could earn some points with her. Alejandro had to make sure Angelo knew this was not an invitation for him to make a move on Camilla. Alejandro knocked on Angelo’s already opened door.


Cousin! Alejandro called.


Angelo stepped out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. What? He asked.


When you take Camilla out today keep your hands to yourself he ordered. Angelo smiled as he went over to his closet and took out a suit. I’m serious you are just to keep an eye on her that’s it Alejandro said.


Okay cousin I got you Angelo said with a laugh. I won’t touch her but if she touches me I’m not going to stop her he said with a huge grin.


Well I’m not to worried about that Alejandro stated.


If you saw the way she kissed me last night you would be Angelo said staring Alejandro down with fire in his eyes.


Alejandro swallowed hard and tried not to look bothered by Angelo’s statement. Just get dressed he said as he left Angelo’s room and slammed his door. He had saw the kiss and he knew Camilla had feelings for Angelo but he also knew she had feelings for him too. He just hoped that she liked him more.