I Know Your Type 3.5

I Know Your Type

Chapter 3: Killer Plan

3.5 Killer Plan: Changing Faces


Dawn arrived at the hospital with Dylan hunched over in the passenger seat. She had to call someone to get him out of the car on a stretcher. Dylan looked like he was in bad shape as the nurses pulled him out of the car. As the nurses rushed him in the hospital Dawn followed closely behind. They took Dylan straight to the ER and asked Dawn to stay back and answer some questions.


What’s the patients name and your relation? The nurse asked.


Dylan Curtis and I’m just a friend Dawn answered.


Who is his next of kin? The nurse asked.


I’m not sure , he has a fiancée her number is probably in his phone her name is Meredith she said. He has his phone Dawn added.


Okay thank you ma’am the nurse said and walked to the back where Dylan was.


Dawn was happy because she knew they would call Meredith and she would come running right into her clutches. Meredith would be right where she wanted her to be. Dawn sat around for an hour but the hospital would not tell her anything because she was not family, so she left.


Dawn was in her car driving home to get ready for work and the only thing she could think of was killing Meredith. As she rode home different ways to murder Meredith went through her head. She would finally be able to have Dylan to herself with Meredith out the way. Dawn had zoned out in her thoughts and in no time she was in front of her house. She pulled into her driveway, turned off her car then called her office.


Hey let the team know I will be a little late she told her sectary.


Yes ma’am the sectary said.


Dawn hung up the phone and got out the car. She slowly walked up to her front door and unlocked it. Dawn took a deep breath as she shut and locked the door then she went upstairs. Dawn started to think that maybe she was taking things to far. There could be a chance that all this could be linked to her. But she was in her emotions and not thinking straight, she was getting sloppy.


Dawn went straight to her closet and grabbed her suit. She quickly got dressed then ran downstairs to get a cup of coffee. Dawn went to her cupboard and took out a thermos. She began her coffee maker then sat out at her bar. Dawn often wondered how she ended up here. She was smart, the top of her class and beautiful, the prom queen. Somewhere along the way that nice little girl snapped and all that was left was this broken and bitter woman. She was Humpty Dumpty and no one could put her together again. So she tried to ease her pain and fill that hole inside with one night stands that ended in murder.


The coffee was done and the pot was filled. Dawn poured herself some coffee into her thermos then went out to her car. She sat in her car and began to cry because she knew she could never be the old Dawn again. She felt sorry for herself for about five seconds then she dried her tears and started up her car.




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