Shift 4.1


CHAPTER 4: Bloodline

4.1 Bloodline: HardHead


Ahote and his grandfather hadn’t even finished dinner before Dyami was blowing up his phone with numerous texts. Ahote discreetly reached into his pocket and turned his off as he listened to his grandfather speak.


“Don’t stay out too late the new tribe members will be there bright and early.” His grandfather said. “You need to start taking on more responsibility as future chief of this tribe so we will start with making you the head of the welcoming committee for the new members.” He said.


“Yes sir,” Ahote said.


“Stay out of trouble and make sure you do the dishes before you leave.” His grandfather told him. “This old man is going to retire to his room now.” He added as he got up from the table and went to his room.


“Goodnight,” Ahote said.


As soon as his grandfather had gone into his room and shut the door, Ahote turned his phone back on. His phone immediately began to receive several text messages. Ahote shook his head angrily as he dialed Dyami’s number and went outside onto the porch to talk.


“Hey, dude where you been I have been texting you?” Dyami said as he answered the phone.


“I was eating dinner with my grandfather,” Ahote whispered angrily through clenched teeth. “I had to turn my phone you because were texting so much.” He said.


“Okay, my bad for disturbing your dinner but I just wanted to know what you decided to do,” Dyami said.


“Well I didn’t want to take the car, so I asked my grandfather could I borrow it,” Ahote said.


“What, man no!” Dyami exclaimed. “He thinks that you are irresponsible and childish.” He said.


“No, he thinks that you are irresponsible and childish and shut up because he said yes,” Ahote told him.


“Really?” Dyami asked shocked. “What are you waiting for, call the girls and come pick me up.” He said.


“Um, there’s one little catch.” Ahote stammered. “I had to promise him something to get the car.” He said.


“What, what is it?” Dyami asked confused.


“He made me promise not to take you with me,” Ahote replied.


“Dude are you serious, why doesn’t your grandfather like me?” he asked.


“Because you are irresponsible, childish and a bad influence we just went over this,” Ahote explained.


“But come, man you aren’t going to listen to him, you are going to come get me right?” Dyami asked.


Ahote thought about it for a second. He didn’t want to disobey his grandfather, but Dyami was his boy. Ahote knew he was part of the reason that Dyami had a reputation. Dyami would always take the blame for everything even blame meant for Ahote.


“Man you know I’m coming to get you,” Ahote said. “I have to do the dishes and get dressed.” He said.


“Hey you call the girls I don’t think Kim likes me that much,” Dyami said.


“What makes you think that?” Ahote laughed.


“Because she told me she doesn’t like me that much,” Dyami replied.




Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 4.2

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Asia Tao was an ordinary teenager; she wanted a normal life. She wanted to have fun and she wanted to be liked by her peers but unfortunately for her life would never be normal again.

Asia's mother and father disappeared when she was just ten years old and since then she had lived with her grandfather in China. When her grandfather died the courts decided she would now have to leave everything she knew in China and move back to America with her last living relative her aunt Angela.

Once at her new school in Pensacola, Fl her life took a turn for the worst. After drinking a mysterious liquid in an ancient Medallion left to her by her parents she obtains superpowers. Now she must fight the evil that was born to match her.