Where He Brought Me From 4.1

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 4: Family Reunion

4.1 Family Reunion: Shopping Spree


As Jessica walked out of the building a limo was waiting to take her home. The limo driver opened up her door and handed her a small box.


“This is a gift from Mr. Torelli” he said. Jessica smiled and grabbed the box as she slide into the limo.


As the driver shut the door Jessica opened up the small neatly wrapped box. Inside was a credit card with her name on it and a note. Jessica unfolded the note and read it. The note said go shopping the card has a ten thousand dollar limit love Kash. Jessica softly knocked on the window in the backseat to get the drivers attention.


The driver rolled down the window and said “Yes ma’am”.


“I want to go shopping do you know of any nice places?” she asked.


“Yes, Mr. Torelli instructed me to take you to fifth avenue” he answered. “He has already called ahead” he said. Jessica was impressed and excited she always dreamt of shopping at places like that.


Kash just kept on surprising her. She knew her sister was going to be so jealous when she saw her with her rich amazing boyfriend and her expensive clothes. She was finally going to be able to shut her sister up. Jennifer always thought Jessica was making bad life decisions and she was always putting her down but now she could finally prove her wrong.


The Limo pulled right up in front of Torelli‘s Department Store. Jessica looked in awe at how beautiful the building was as the limo driver opened her door. She walked up to the door containing her excitement so she looked like she belonged there. The doorman bowed to her as he opened the door. Jessica smiled and curtsied as she walked into the store. Two personal shoppers came to greet her.


“Hi, Ms. Kealoha follow us, we have some great options for you” one of the women said.


The two women led her to the back of the store to the dressing rooms where there racks of clothes lined up. As they walked through the store Jessica noticed that no other customers were there.


“Where is everybody?” she asked.


“Mr. Torelli had the store closed down for you” one the women answered.


Jessica smiled and said “that was nice of him”.


“Why don’t you look through these racks of clothes and find something you like, everything is in your size” the woman told her.


“Okay” Jessica said.


“Would you like a glass of champagne?” The woman asked.


“Yes, please” Jessica answered.


“Okay, we will be right back just have a look around” the other woman said.


Jessica wanted to look sexy tonight. She was thinking of getting her hair and nails done too. She figured she might as well go all out.


Jessica began searching through the racks of clothes pulling out things she liked. By the time the woman came back with her champagne she had her hands full with clothing.


“Let me take those to a dressing room for you” the woman said as she took the clothes out of Jessica’s arms.


The other woman handed her a glass of champagne and smiled. “We are having shoes sent over right now” the woman told her.


“Thank You” Jessica said as she sat down on the beige leather couch and sipped her champagne. She was so happy that didn’t want this day to end. She was being treated like royalty. “I want to get my hair and nails done too” Jessica said.


“Don’t worry we got you covered” the women said with a smile.



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