Rockcity Rapland 4.1

Rockcity Rapland

Chapter 4: The One

4.1 The One: Camilla’s Day Out


Camilla started to search through her closet for something to wear. She could use a little black card therapy she thought to herself. If this was not the saddest time in her life she would happy about two guys fighting for her attention, but right now it was just too much to handle. She hoped Angelo would not think this was an opportunity for him to get close to her. She just wanted to shop and go to nice restaurant for dinner. Camilla decided she would pretend that Angelo was not even there. Camilla grabbed a pair of really short powder blue jean shorts and white cut-off short sleeve top. Camilla laid the outfit on her bed then went into the bathroom to plug up her flat irons. As she plugged up her flat irons she stared at herself in the mirror trying to decide what to do to her hair. She still did not know what shoes she was going where. “I guess I will just where it down” she said aloud as she begin to flat iron her hair. When she finished flat ironing her hair it fell down to her waist. She began to look through her head bands and grabbed a brown leather one that reminded her of her cowgirl boots. She placed the headband on her head and smiled. This would be so cute with my boots she thought.


Just as Camilla finished brushing her teeth and began to put on make-up there was a knock at her door. “Are you ready yet?” Angelo yelled. Camilla went and opened the door still in her nightgown. “You still are not ready?!” He exclaimed. “No” she answered. “I need thirty more minutes” Camilla said. “Its been an hour already” he said. Camilla gave Angelo an angry look and put her hand on her hip. “Okay thirty minutes” he said defeated. “I will be downstairs” he added. Camilla shut the door then went back into the bathroom to finish her make-up.


As Angelo came downstairs and entered the kitchen Alejandro saw the frustrated look on his face. “She’s still not ready?” Alejandro asked with a laugh. “No” Angelo said as he sat down at the breakfast bar.  “Women, man” Angelo said and shook his head. Alejandro sat down next to Angelo and turned on the TV as he sipped his coffee. As he turned on the TV the news came on and there was Camilla’s parents. The news anchor was saying their bodies were found three days ago near their vacation home in the Hampton’s and their remains have been positively ID. It looks like they were on their way to the home when they lost control of their helicopter and crashed in the nearby woods. Alejandro quickly turned off the TV. “Make sure Camilla does not see this” he told Angelo. “She can not find out about this right now, it will kill her” Alejandro said.” I want her to have a good day today, so make sure she does” he added sternly as he took another sip of his coffee. As soon as Alejandro finished his sentence Camilla walked into the kitchen with a huge smile on her face. “I’m ready!” she said.




I Know Your Type 4.1

I Know Your Type

Chapter 4: The beginning of the end

4.1 The beginning of the end: The Fiancee


Dawn was on her way to work and she knew everyone was going to ask questions when Dylan didn’t show up. Dawn decided she would not even participate in any conversations about Dylan. Sooner or later people would find out she took him to the hospital then they would want to know what they were doing together. Dawn would rather them find out later, way later. Dawn didn’t really want to go into work today she wanted to call in. She knew it would be another day of pretending to solve a crime that she committed. Dawn was so sick of pretending, everyday she wanted to scream out loud and tell everyone it was me, I did it. Not because she felt guilty but just because she was so tired of this case. Dawn pulled into the parking lot of her job and parked. She just sat there in her car thinking in a daze. “Dawn pull it together” she said to herself. Dawn reached into the glove compartment of her car and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. She needed a smoke bad. I’ll smoke like two cigarettes then I will go in she thought. Dawn took out a cigarette and lit it. Dawn put her red lips to that cigarette and took a deep breath. As she slowly exhaled smoke poured out of her nose.


Dawn sat in her car and smoked two cigarettes then went inside. As soon as she went inside Will ran up to her. Guess what? He said. What? Dawn asked. I got some good news he said as he smiled at her. We found some new evidence on the case he told her. Dawn suddenly stopped breathing for a second. What case? She stammered. The Widower case he stated. Come on I’ll show you he said excited as he began walking down the hall. Dawns heart started to beat so fast that it felt like it was coming out of her chest. Her vision began to get blurry and her breath became short. Dawn was struggling to catch her breath. Had she made a mistake? Did she leave behind evidence that could point to her? Was her life over now? Dawn was so frightened about what Will was going to show her. If there was some evidence that pointed to her she was going to have to fix it, it was that simple. If there was a problem Dawn would have to fix but who knows what fixing it meant. Would she have to kill again? This time would be a co-worker or a friend? So many different scenarios were running through Dawn’s head as they walked down the hallway.


The hallway seemed so long. It was like the world was going in slow motion as she slowly walked side by side with Will. So what did you find? she asked curiously. I want you to see it for yourself will said. We might be able to solve the case with this information he stated. Dawn swallowed hard and started to feel warm as they approached the morgue. Will slowly opened the door to the morgue and walked in. Dawn followed with fear in her eyes. What is about to happen Dawn thought nervously as Will turned to face her.




Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 4.1

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde

Chapter 4: One Of them

4.1 One of them: Unstable Elements


Daniel and Angelica followed the burly bouncer to the back of the smoke filled club. They watched as drunken club-goers danced wildly underneath the pulsating strobe lights in the dimly lit club. They danced to Hip-Hop music played so loudly you could not hear yourself think. Angelica and Daniel pushed past scantly dressed women and overly zealous men until they reached a roped off area which looked like the VIP.


There behind a red velvet rope sat Kimura and his men on a snow white leather couch surrounded by beautiful women and glass tables. Kimura was drinking a dark colored alcoholic beverage and smoking a cigar while a sexy brunette whispered in his ear. As soon as Kimura saw Angelica he motioned for the woman to move. Kimura’s eyes lit up when he saw Angelica he smiled at her and waved them over. The brunette looked at Angelica and rolled her eyes as she got up and moved to the other side of the VIP area. Angelica smiled back and walked over to Kimura as Daniel followed closely behind her. As Angelica approached Kimura stood up like the gentleman everyone knew him as and kissed her hand. “Welcome” Kimura said. “Please, sit down” he said as he shook Daniel’s hand. “Get them a drink” he ordered one of his men. “What do you two drink?” He asked while gazing into Angelica’s eyes. “I’ll take a vodka and tonic” Angelica answered. “Hennessy and coke” Daniel replied. The man waved down a waitress and gave her their order.


Daniel was beginning to feel uncomfortable. The way Kimura looked at Angelica made him nervous. Kimura was smitten with her, he had not taken his eyes off her since they got there. Angelica must have sensed Daniel’s apprehension because she grabbed his hand and held it tight. When Kimura saw her take his hand it was like the air was let out of him and he was snapped back into reality. Kimura turned up his glass and gulped down what was left. Then he motioned for the waitress to bring him another.


“So I like you two” Kimura said. “I would like you two to start work right away” he said. “Is tomorrow good?” He asked. “Yeah” Angelica answered. “Good” he said as the waitress brought over his drink. “Okay, tonight I show you how the boss parties” he said with a grin as he took a long sip of his drink then sat it on the glass table. “Chanel, may I have this dance?” Kimura asked. Angelica quickly looked over at Daniel. “That is if its okay with Carter” he added. “Its cool” Daniel said as he forced a smiled. Daniel watched as Kimura led Angelica to the dance floor. This is not cool Daniel thought. A notorious murder and crime boss was enthralled with his girlfriend and he could not break character. No matter how bad he wanted to say hell no you can not dance with my real girlfriend and fake wife he could not. Daniel was forced to sit watch as Kimura shameless flirted with Angelica all night.