Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 4.3

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Asia Tao was an ordinary teenager; she wanted a normal life. She wanted to have fun and she wanted to be liked by her peers but unfortunately for her life would never be normal again.

Asia's mother and father disappeared when she was just ten years old and since then she had lived with her grandfather in China. When her grandfather died the courts decided she would now have to leave everything she knew in China and move back to America with her last living relative her aunt Angela.

Once at her new school in Pensacola, Fl her life took a turn for the worst. After drinking a mysterious liquid in an ancient Medallion left to her by her parents she obtains superpowers. Now she must fight the evil that was born to match her.

Shift 4.2


CHAPTER 4: Bloodline

4.2 Bloodline: Peer Pressure


“Okay, I’ll call them,” Ahote said.


“What are we going to do when we get into town?” Dyami asked.


“I thought that we would go see a movie,” Ahote replied.


“Aw man, that sounds boring.” Dyami said. “Do you want to impress the girl or bore her to death?” he asked.


“Well, what do you have in mind?” Ahote asked.


“There’s this club in town that doesn’t check ID we should go there,” Dyami suggested.


“Um I don’t know I’m trying to stay out of trouble,” Ahote said nervously.


“Dude come on.” Dyami pleaded.


“I’ll think about it,” Ahote said. “And be ready I’ll be at your house in thirty minutes.” He said as he hung up. Ahote sat down in the rocking chair on the porch and started to dial Aoki’s number. He began to get nervous as the phone rung.


“Hello?” Aoki answered.


“Hey, Aoki it’s me Ahote.” He replied. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight my grandfather let me borrow his truck to go into town?” he asked.


“Me and you?” she asked.


“Well Dyami wanted you to ask Kim to join us and make it a double date type thing,” Ahote said.


“You know she doesn’t like him, right?” Aoki asked.


“Yeah, I heard.” Ahote laughed. “But its boring and there is nothing else to do so I’m sure you can convince her,” Ahote said.


“Okay I’ll try, but I’m down even if she doesn’t want to go,” Aoki said.


“Okay I’ll see you in like forty-five minutes then,” Ahote said.


“Make it an hour,” Aoki said.


“Okay,” Ahote said with a massive grin on his face as he hung up the phone.


Ahote went back into the house and finished clearing the table. He was so excited that he began to sing and dance as he washed the dishes. Ahote had never been on what he considered a real date before. All his appointments stayed confined to the reservation this was the first time he would go pick up a girl in a car and go somewhere. He just hoped that Dyami would not ruin the opening date for him by being his usual annoying self. Ahote needed Dyami not to annoy Kim long enough for him to convince Aoki that he was serious about being her boyfriend.


After Ahote had washed all the dishes and put them away, he went into his room to find something to wear. He began to yank clothing from his closet and throw them onto his bed. Ahote couldn’t decide if should look cool or sophisticated all he knew was that he wanted to impress Aoki. When he finally chose something to wear it was a mix of the two opposite ends of the spectrums. “Cool and sophisticated.” He said as he looked down at the outfit lying on his bed. “Now to the shower.” He said with a smile as he went into the bathroom.


Ahote turned on the shower then took his long black hair and put it into a bun on the top of his head. He stepped into the warm water it poured down over his chiseled body. All Ahote could think about at this moment was Aoki; it was as if Chenoa did not even exist. He wasn’t sure, but he felt that their afternoon romp in the pool was to blame for the occupancy she now held in his mind. Ahote showered and got dressed as quickly as he could because he could not wait to see her again.


As he was heading out the door to pick up Dyami his phone rang. “Hello?” he answered.


“Hey Ahote you can tell Dyami that Kim is coming,” Aoki said.


“Okay cool,” Ahote said.


“So where exactly are we going so I know how to dress?” Aoki asked.


“Um, I’m not quite sure yet.” Ahote stammered.


“Okay but I hope we are doing something more exciting than seeing a movie.” She said.


“Well I thought we would go to this club in town that doesn’t check ID’s but I didn’t know if you were to nice for something like that.” Ahote joked.