Where He Brought Me From 4.2

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 4: Family Reunion

4.2 Family Reunion: Gentleman


Jessica felt that she could definitely get use to this level of pampering. As she stared at herself in the salon mirror her eyes began to swell with tears. “I look so beautiful.” She whispered through her fingers that rested over her mouth. Jessica ran her fingers through her bone straight hair as a single tear ran down her cheek. “Oh, I don’t want to mess up my make-up.” She said as the hairdresser handed her a tissue.


“Okay miss Kealoha here are your shoes and dress for tonight.” A female sales rep said. “We going to pack up all the rest of your things and have them delivered to your home.” She added.


“Thank You.” Jessica answered.


“Let me show you to the dressing room.” The sales rep said.


Jessica followed the sales rep to the dressing room to change into a dress that cost more than her rent. “Would you like me to pick out some matching accessories for you as well?” the sales rep asked.


“Um yeah.” Jessica replied.


“Okay, I’ll be right back.” She said as she hung Jessica’s dress in the dressing room. Jessica just stood in the dressing room staring in the mirror and taking it all in. She silently screamed and jumped up and down in excitement.


“Okay Jessica this is it, what you have been waiting for.” She said to herself.


She took two deep breaths and put on the beautiful gold knee length dress. She felt like Cinderella as she slipped on the gold shoes with diamond accents. She felt like she was dreaming and was going to wake up at any moment.


“Miss Keahola.” The sales rep called as she knocked on the dressing room door.


Jessica slowly opened the door to see the sales rep and another women holding a case of beautiful jewelry for her to try on.


By the time Jessica had gotten all dolled up it was almost eight o’clock. She was just about to call Kash when her phone rang. “Hello, I was just about to call you.” She said. “I invited my sister and her fiancée tonight, where are we going?” she asked.


“The Wild Boar.” Kash answered. “I’m on way to pick you up are you almost ready?” he asked.


“Yes.” Jessica answered.


“Okay see you in a minute.” Kash said and hung up. Jessica called her sister, to let her know where she and Kash were going for dinner.


“Roger, Jessica just called and they are going to The Wild Boar for dinner.” Jennifer said.


“Well I’m ready I’m just waiting on you like always.” He answered.


“She has a new boyfriend this one is suppose to be rich.” She said sarcastically.


“Oh really? Who is he?” Roger asked curiously.


“I don’t know, I forgot to ask.” Jennifer said.


“I just hope he is better than the guy she married, he was a loser.” Roger replied.


“Yeah me too.” Jennifer said. Jennifer wanted her sister to do well but she was secretly always in competition with her to do better. “I’m ready.” Jennifer announced as she walking into the living room.


“Finally.” Roger said.





Dirty Little Bitches 4.2

Dirty Little Bitches

Chapter 4: Dirty Game

4.2 Dirty Game: Checkmate


“So I was thinking of throwing a party to celebrate my job and I wanted to invite Raquel’s ex.” Aaliyah said.


“My cousin Derek?” Pamela asked shocked. Aaliyah nodded her head yes. “Girl, I don’t think he would agree to that he thinks she is insane.” Pamela stated.


“What exactly happened between those two?” Aaliyah asked.


“Well, his sister told me that she constantly accused him of cheating, she would even pop up on him at work.” Pamela said. “Then when got finally got sick of her shit and got back with the girl he was dating before her, she stalked them both.” She added. “She left the girl threatening messages and keyed her car.” She went on. “The girl had to take out a restraining order on her.” Pamela said laughing.


“Wow, are they still together?” Aaliyah asked.


“Yeah, they are engaged now.” She answered.


“We have to get them both to this party, that bitch is going to lose her mind if they show up.” Aaliyah stated.


Back at the office Raquel sat in her office fuming mad. She knew that Aaliyah and Pamela were up to no good. There was still one card Raquel had left to play, the French model.


“There has to be someway to find out who he is.” Raquel said to herself.  “Maybe in her email or phone records.” She added. Raquel picked up her phone and began to dial a number. “Hey Tony its me, I need a favor.” She said. “I need you to hack into someone’s email and phone records.” She said.


Aaliyah and Pamela sat in a booth at the café four blocks away from the office drinking coffee. “This party is going to be huge I’m going to invite some of my celebrity friends.” Aaliyah said. “I just need you to get Derek and his fiancée there.” She said to Pamela. “Don’t even mention Raquel just say you’re going and its going to be the party of the year.”


“I think I can manage that.” Pamela said.  “When are you going to throw this party?”


“I was thinking three weeks from now.” She answered.


“I’ll call you tomorrow and we will go over details.” Aaliyah looked down at her watch. “Can you drop me by Saks? I have to meet Dominic for dinner later and I have nothing to wear.” Aaliyah said as she stood up and she left money on the table.


Dominic couldn’t stop looking at the clock. He was anxious for the day to end. He kept pacing around his office and taking the engagement ring out of his pocket staring at it. Aaliyah had really changed his life she was his equal. He was use to dating weak women who let him do whatever he wanted because he was good-looking and rich. He knew that Aaliyah saw him for who he really was and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.


“Hello, what do you have for me?” Raquel asked.


“I found this guy in her emails and phone records who matched what you told me.” Tony said. “His name is Jean Pierre.”


“Jean Pierre? That famous model on all the billboards?” She asked shocked.


“Yeah that’s him.” Tony answered.


Raquel began to smile. “Okay thanks Tony, what’s his number? She asked.