Rockcity Rapland 4.2

Rockcity Rapland

Chapter 4: The One

4.2 The One: Escape


Angelo liked Camilla and was all for spending time with her but babysitting her at the mall was not his idea of fun. Camilla was taking all day and she had to go in every single store.


“I’m going to sit out here and wait on you.” Angelo told Camilla.


“Okay.” Camilla replied as she walked into another store.


Camilla was combing through the racks of clothes when she felt a hand on her shoulder. “Camilla? “ the person said. Camilla turned around to see Deon her best friend since first grade. “I heard about your parents.” Deon said. “I’m so sorry, I have been trying to reach you all week.” She added. “Where have you been? Deon asked. Camilla looked at Deon with this blank stare on her face then burst into tears. She grabbed Deon’s wrist and pulled her to the back of the store.


“You have to help me?” Camilla said.


“What’s wrong?” Deon asked frightened.


“Alejandro Bastianelli killed my parents and now he’s holding me captive.” She whispered.


“What?” Deon asked.


“They are the mob or something and his cousin is right outside the store waiting on me.” Camilla told her in tears.


“Okay, what should I do?” Deon asked.


Deon walked over to Angelo and pretended to be interested in him long enough for Camilla to slip out of the store. As soon as Camilla was out of his range of sight she ran out the mall into the parking to wait on Deon at her car. A few minutes later Deon came running out.


“What do we do now?” Deon asked.


“I didn’t think that far ahead.” Camilla answered.


“Okay we will just go to my house until we think of something.” Deon replied.


Angelo had been waiting on Camilla outside the store for what seemed like forever and he just could not take it anymore. Angelo was ready to leave and he didn’t care if she was done shopping or not. Angelo walked into the store and glanced around but he did not see Camilla anywhere.


“Excuse me did you see a girl about sixteen with long black curly hair?” He asked a sales rep.


“Yeah, she left about fifteen minutes ago.” She replied.


“Was she with anyone?” He asked.


“I saw her talking to some blonde girl before she left.” She answered.


“Okay thanks.” Angelo said as he left the store in a panic. Alejandro was going to kill him.


Angelo reluctantly called Alejandro. “Alejandro we got a problem, I lost Camilla.” He said.


“How!” Alejandro yelled.


“She just disappeared, some girl helped her get away.” He told him.


“Did you see what the girl looked like?” Alejandro asked calmly.


“Yes.” He answered.


“Okay, go get a security guard and find her on the security tapes I’m on my way.” Alejandro said.


Alejandro called a friend who worked for the police department to meet him at the mall. There was no doubt in his mind that he would find Camilla. There was nowhere in the world that she could hide from him.




I Know Your Type 4.2

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Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 4.2

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde

Chapter 4: One Of them

4.2 One of them: Challenge


Daniel nervously sat in V.I.P throwing back shots of whiskey as he intensely watched Angelica and Kimura on the dance floor.


“Carter,” A big burly man called out across the V.I.P section and motioned for Daniel to come closer. Daniel grabbed his drink and went and sat beside the man. “I’m Akeno, Kimura’s younger brother.” He said as he held out his hand. “How you doing?” he asked.


“I’m good.” Daniel said.


“Don’t worry about my brother and your old lady, he’s harmless.” Akeno said with a chuckle.


“Was I that obvious?” Daniel laughed.


“Yeah.” Akeno said.


Angelica and Kimura made their way back from the dance floor. “Your wife makes me feel like a young man again.” He said as he gave Carter a pat on the back.


Angelica smiled and said, “Oh, I could barely keep up with you.”


“Here drink, the night is just starting.” Kimura said as he poured Angelica and Daniel another drink. Kimura sat down next to Carter and leaned in close. “I got a job for you tomorrow.” He whispered in his ear. “Be at the club tomorrow at 10 am, you and your wife she can get started dancing.” He added.


“Okay.” Daniel said as he nodded his head.


“I don’t know how you let your wife dance, I could stand anyone else looking at her.” Kimura said. “I mean, if she was my wife.” He added as he took a sip of whiskey. “But if she was my wife I guess she wouldn’t have to.” He said with a laugh as he stood up. “Chanel, how about another dance?” He yelled across the room.


“Sure.” Angelica answered.


Daniel stared at Kimura as he took Angelica back on the dance floor. Daniel felt that Kimura had just challenged him. He felt his entire body began to get warm and his anger overwhelmed him. Akeno saw the look in Daniel’s eyes.


“Hey man, don’t do it.” He said as he grabbed his arm.


Daniel threw back a shot of whiskey and snatched his arm away. He headed out to the dance floor stepping lively. Akeno motioned for the security guards to go after him. Daniel was about five feet away from Kimura when two security guards grabbed him. Daniel quickly freed himself from their grasp and knocked one of them out with one punch. Daniel and the guards began to cause such a huge commotion that Kimura became aware. He and Angelica turned around to see Daniel and the remaining guard in a scuffle.


“Hey!” Kimura yelled. Then suddenly the whole club went quiet, even the DJ stopped playing music. “What’s the problem?” He asked.


“Keep your got damn hands off my wife!” Daniel screamed.


Kimura laughed. “So you’re not just a spineless little pussy?” he asked. “I admire your courage but don’t get fucked up, this is my house.” He added.


“Chanel lets go.” Daniel said out of breath.


Angelica pushed past Kimura and went over to Daniel. “Okay Mr. Smith you go on home and calm down and I’ll see you and Chanel tomorrow.” Kimura said with a smile as he winked his eye at Angelica. “Okay, people I’m trying to turn up!” He yelled. The music came back on and everyone started dancing like nothing happened.