Where He Brought Me From 4.3

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 4: Family Reunion

4.3 Family: Green With Envy


Jennifer always envied Jessica. She envied her beauty and talent. People were always telling her how beautiful she was saying that she should be a model. Then there were the people gushing over her voice and the poetry she would write. It all seemed so effortlessly for her. Jennifer was the one with the college degree and both her parents but she still hated that she wasn’t more like Jessica. She could remember when they were kids that she would always remind Jessica how much more she had than her. She was so mean to Jessica. Jennifer’s father made sure she got whatever she wanted while Jessica barely got anything and their mother didn’t even care. But for some reason when Jennifer thought back on things she still felt like the loser because she was always so unhappy. Why was Jessica so happy all the time? Jennifer thought. What the hell did she have to be happy about?


Jennifer and Roger pulled up to the valet at the luxurious Wild Boar. A nicely dressed handsome valet opened her door with a welcoming smile on his face. Jennifer took a deep breath as she got out the car and took Roger’s hand. They walked through the door of the restaurant to the hostess stand.


“Yes we are here for the Kealoha party.” Jennifer said.


“Yes, ma’am right this way.” The hostess said as she led them to their table.


Jennifer could see Jessica in the distance and she looked gorgeous. She was sitting next to a very handsome man laughing and talking. As they got closer Jennifer began to flashback to when they were teenagers. She thought about the time Jessica had a crush on a boy so she told the guy a bunch of lies about her so he wouldn’t like her, then she slept with him. She thought about all the times her mother made Jessica cook and clean while she did nothing. She thought about the many times her father cursed Jessica out or hit her while their mother did nothing. She remembered hearing Jessica cry all night through those thin walls but now it was as if none of that ever happened.


“Jen, Roger!” Jessica squealed as she stood up and gave them both a hug. “This is Kash Torelli.” She said.


“Hi, how are you?” Kash asked as he shook both of their hands.


“Good.” They answered in unison.


“Torelli, like Rockcity Rapland Entertainment Torelli’s? Roger asked.


“Yes, that would be me.” Kash said with a laugh as everyone sat down. “I’m glad you guys are here I didn’t know how long I could keep this a secret.” Kash said.


“What are you talking about?” Jessica asked confused.


“Well, okay everyone knows about the three sixty record deal Jessica has just got signed to already.” Kash said dragging things out.


“Yes.” Jeesica said.


“Well the company was so impressed by you that they have decided to do a big special in our magazine and on our channel about you.” He added.


“Are you serious!” Jessica said gleefully as she hugged Kash.


“You deserve it.” Kash told her as he kissed her on the forehead.


“Congratulations.” Roger said.


“Yeah, I’m so excited for you.” Jennifer chimed in and forced herself to smile.


Everything had come full circle for Jessica and Jennifer didn’t know how to feel about it. Her sister was finally happy but she was not happy for her but then again she never was. Seeing Jessica down made Jennifer feel better about herself, so what would she do now.




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