Rockcity Rapland 4.3

Rockcity Rapland

Chapter 4: The One

4.3 The One: Collateral Damage


Angelo waited outside the mall for Alejandro to arrive. He already had alerted security, which were going through the security tapes. He paced back and forth dreading what would aspire between him and cousin. He knew that Alejandro was livid and somebody was going to have to pay and it would most likely be him.


Alejandro pulled up at the mall in the back seat of a black Rolls Royce. He jumped out of the car dressed in all black. A black dress shirt, black slacks and black dress shoes his entire outfit screamed mob boss. From his gold chain to his gold Rolex to his gold pinky ring and his gold-rimmed shades he looked like money.


“What the hell happened!” he yelled.


“She went into a store and then she just disappeared.” Angelo said.


“Where were you?” Alejandro asked.


“I was sitting on a bench right outside the store waiting on her.” He answered.


Alejandro clenched his jaw and took a deep breath. “You were suppose to be watching her.” He said. Alejandro was just about to lose his temper when mall security approached him.


“Mr. Bastinelli we found the girl she left with, that detective you sent over is trying to identify her right now.” The man said.


“Okay take me to him.” Alejandro said calmly as he looked at Angelo like the conversation wasn’t over.


Alejandro and Angelo entered the small security room of the mall. There sat two security guards and a big man in a cheap suit. “I know who your girl left with.” The man in the cheap suit said. “A girl named Deon Waters they went to school together.” He added. “I got an address for her, do want me to handle this?” he asked.


“No, detective Rossi me and my cousin will take it from here.” Alejandro said.


“Okay, cool I’m gone then.” Detective Rossi said with a doughnut in his mouth as he left.


Alejandro was relieved and angry at the same time. “This will be the last time she leaves my sight.” He thought. He didn’t want to admit it but he was afraid to lose her but he didn’t know how to make her want to stay.


Camilla and Deon were sitting in Deon’s living room talking nervously. Deon’s parents were out of town so they were on their own. Not that her parents would have been any help from ruthless murders who were in bed with the police department anyway.


“Deon I’m so scared Alejandro is crazy.” Camilla said. “I don’t know why he just didn’t kill me too, instead he’s holding me hostage and treating me like his girlfriend or something.” She added. Deon was just about to speak when they heard a loud banging on the door. “They found me.” Camilla whispered.


“What are we going to do?” Deon asked.


“Camilla!” Alejandro called from outside the front door.


“Lets go out the back.” Camilla suggested.


Deon and Camilla ran to the back door just as Alejandro kicked it in. Alejandro looked at Camilla with anger in his eyes then he took out a gun and shot Deon two times in the chest.


“No!” Camilla screamed as she dropped to her knees and began to cry hysterically.


“What happened?” Angelo asked as he ran in through the back door. He saw Deon’s lifelessly body lying on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood as Camilla knelt crying by her side. Angelo went to Camilla and held her. “Man did you have to kill her?” he asked Alejandro.


“You are a monster!” Camilla yelled. “She was my best friend.” She cried. Camilla saw Angelo’s gun hanging off his hip. She wanted to kill Alejandro he made her sick. She grabbed the gun and pointed it at Alejandro as she stood up while Angelo looked on in shock.


“You wouldn’t dare.” Alejandro said as he stared her down. “Put the gun down.” He said as he began to walk towards her. Before Alejandro could take a second step Camilla shot him.




I Know Your Type 4.3

I Know Your Type

Chapter 4: The beginning of the end

4.3 The beginning of the end: Gone Baby Gone


Dylan didn’t know how to feel about what Dawn had said. He couldn’t believe she would get an abortion without even consulting him. On the other hand Dawn was right he didn’t want a child. The day he found out Dawn was pregnant he cheated on her with a cheerleader. He was young and stupid and he didn’t know what he had. Dawn was beautiful and smart; she would have made a great mother and wife. Dylan couldn’t say the same for himself. He was afraid to be someone’s father. He was afraid that he was no good at it and he didn’t want to mess up some kid the way his father did him. Dylan buzzed for the nurse. He was ready to go, he had to find Dawn and apologize.


Dawn sat in her car crying hysterically and pounding her fists on the dashboard. “I should never started again with him!” she screamed. “That bastard hasn’t changed one bit!” she yelled as she tears from her face. Dawn begin to fumble around her car trying to find out where she had dropped her keys. She had her keys in hand ready to start the car when her phone rang. It was Dylan. Dawn took a deep breath and composed herself. “Hello.” She answered angrily.


“Can you come back up they won’t let me leave.” He pleaded.


“Dylan, I can’t do this right now or ever, we should just go our separate ways.” She told him.


The line went silent all you could hear was the sound of the two breathing. “If you don’t come up here I’m coming down.” Dylan said demandingly. “Dawn, I love you.” He added hoping that would change her mind.


“Okay, just for a minute.” She said.


Dawn knew this was a mistake but deep down she still had hope for them. Eventually Dylan would let her down like always did but she was willing to go along for the ride. Dawn got out of her car and went back into the hospital. As she walked down the long hallway she was dreading the conversation that she knew was coming. As she approached the room she saw Dylan hugging a woman with shoulder length brown hair. With closer examination she recognized the woman was Meredith.


“Hi, Dawn its nice to see you.” Meredith said as Dawn entered the room.


“Hi.” Dawn said putting on a fake smile.


“I was just telling Dylan the good news, we’re pregnant.” Meredith said.


“Oh really, that’s wonderful.” Dawn said shooting Dylan a shocked looked. Dylan began to mouth the words I didn’t know. “Well I just came to see how this guy was doing but I’ll leave you two alone.” Dawn said.


“Maybe we can get together later?” Meredith asked.


“ Yeah sure.” Dawn said as she exited the hospital room.


She couldn’t believe she had let him suck her in again. “How could I have been so stupid?” she thought as she stomped down the hallway out of the hospital. “Now Meredith is pregnant!” she screamed inside her head. Dawn wanted to kill them both. “That’s what I should do.” She thought. “I should kill them both.”




Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 4.3

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