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Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 5.1

Asia Tao and the Essence of the Dragon

CHAPTER 5: Giovanni

5.1 Giovanni : Giovanni Yu


Just as Asia began to cross the street a yellow Lamborghini came barreling into the parking lot almost hitting her. The driver slammed on brakes as her quick reflexes sent her leaping onto the hood of his car. The driver quickly came to her rescue.


“Are you okay?” he asked. “How did you do that?” he added.


When Asia recovered from her disbelief she began to get angry. “Are you insane? You almost killed me!” she yelled.


“I am so sorry let me make it up to you.” He said. “I’m Giovanni Yu.” He said as he held out his hand.


“I don’t care who you are, learn how to drive!” she yelled as she stormed off towards the school.


“Hey, I didn’t get your name!” he yelled after her with a huge grin on his face.


“Screw you!” Asia yelled back.


Giovanni let out a chuckle as he got back in his car. As he parked his car he started to wonder why he was drawn to her. Giovanni felt insane he barely knew her, he had almost killed her and she was now all he could think about.


Asia entered the lunchroom still angry. As she looked around for Soo Yun she couldn’t stop thinking about the guy that almost ran her over. She couldn’t get him off her mind. She just stood in the doorway of the lunchroom in a complete daze until Soo Yun startled her by grabbing her arm.


“What’s wrong?’ Soo Yun asked. “You look lost.” She added.


“Oh, nothing I was just looking for you.” Asia replied. “Hey, do you know this cocky kid with black hair that drives a yellow Lamborghini?” Asia asked as she and Soo Yun got in line for breakfast.


“Yes, everyone does that’s Giovanni his father is some kind of billionaire.” She answered.


“The bastard almost ran me over this morning.” Asia said.


“Well don’t look now but he is staring at you.” Soo Yun said with a giggle.


“What? Where?” Asia asked startled and confused as she franticly looked around the room.


“By the window.” She answered as she bowed her head.


“Oh my goodness, he is staring.” Asia said through clenched teeth as she quickly looked away.


“Now he is coming over.” Soo Yun said.


“Oh wow, can this line move any slower.” Asia said nervously.


“Hi, I didn’t get your name earlier.” Giovanni said as he blocked Asia from moving forward.


“I know, I didn’t give it to you.” Asia replied sarcastically.


“Look, I just want to apologize over dinner or something.” He added.


“That’s not necessary just learn to drive.” Asia said as she walked around him.


Giovanni turned around and grabbed her wrist. “Please.” He started but quickly stopped and released his grip when he saw the dirty look she gave him. “Okay, I’m sorry but I promise I am a nice guy if you get to know me.” He told her.


“I know all I need to know.” She said.


“Cool, I’ll leave you alone then as soon as you tell me your name.” Giovanni said with a grin.


“Asia.” She answered.


Asia was now at the front of the line. She began to reach in her pocket for money to pay for breakfast.


“No, let me.” Giovanni said. “I got these two.” He told the cafeteria lady.


“Thanks.” Soo Yun said.


“Yeah, Thanks.” Asia chimed in.


Giovanni smiled and said, “Bye Asia.” Then he returned to his table.


“What an ass.” Asia said as she turned to look at Soo Yun who was grinning from ear to ear.


“Yeah but he’s cute though.” She replied.



Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 5.2





Shift 4.4


CHAPTER 4: Bloodline

4.4 Bloodline: If You Can’t Beat Them


“I really don’t like that kid, and I know that would burst his bubble if he saw Chenoa getting all jealous of you and Aoki,” Dyami said. “He needs to be taken down a peg.” He said.


“I agree but do you think becoming his friend would make Chenoa think I’m over her?” Ahote asked.


“Yes that and making tonight memorable for Aoki so that she tells everyone and makes all the other girls jealous,” Dyami replied.


“How exactly do I do that?” Ahote asked confused. “I don’t think getting her drunk and taking her clubbing will make for some unforgettable memories that will have everyone jealous.” He said.


“Okay well, what do you think we should do then?’ Dyami asked. “Dinner and a movie?” he laughed.


“No, but we have to do something more romantic than going to a club.” He said. “And something more exciting than going to a restaurant and a movie we have to meet in the middle.” He added.


“Okay well, you think about that while I go get some ice so I can get tipsy.’ Dyami said. “Do you want me to get you a cup or what?” Dyami asked as he got out of the car.


“Nah man I’m good,” Ahote said. “Hurry up.” He added as Dyami went into the community center.


Ahote began to think of what else they could do in town that would impress not only Aoki but also make every girl she told jealously. Ahote started to get antsy as he waited for Dyami to get ice. He wanted to hurry up and get into town before they got caught behind Dyami’s antics. He did not want to ruin his one good chance at impressing Aoki before it even began. He was afraid that someone would see him and Dyami then tell his grandfather because no one on the reservation could help but gossip.


“Hey man, open the door,” Dyami said as he came back to the truck with four cups of ice.


Ahote leaned over and opened the passenger side door for Dyami to get in. “I told you not to get me a cup; I’m not drinking,” Ahote said as he saw how many cups Dyami had.


“I know both of these cups are for me.” He said. “Now come let’s go get the girls I’m ready to turn up.” He added with a grin.


Ahote cranked up the truck and drove over to Aoki’s house. “Should I go door to the door?” Ahote asked as he parked in front of her house.


“I wouldn’t parents like to ask questions, and you are a horrible liar so I was you I would text her,” Dyami said as he poured vodka into his cup. “Hey tell her to bring out some juice for the vodka.” He added.


“Okay,” Ahote said as texted Aoki.


“You look, nervous dude, have a drink and loosen up,” Dyami said as he began to pour Ahote a cup of Vodka.


“That’s enough.” He said as he took the cup a gulped down the Vodka.


“Oh man look I think that’s them coming from the backyard,” Dyami said excitedly. “Wow, I have never seen them dress like that.” He said.


“Yeah they look hot,” Ahote said in shock as he watched Aoki and Kim make their way to the truck. “I think I need another drink.” He added.