The Afterlife

Many moons ago when I was child

Things were much simpler then

Than they are now


There was hurt, there was pain and there were tears

But if your compare them

To the sum of my fears

In time, things all equal out


There is love, though I have known it not

I never felt it reciprocated

There is happiness but I know it not

No matter how long I’ve chased it


There are dreams

But only when I sleep

I wanted to die today

The Lord my soul to keep


Many suns ago things were much brighter

The only sight I see now

Is engulfed in fire


Deep down inside

Born for the struggle

A fighter

On my mound of dirt

I built an empire


Desire is for the weak

Faith is for the strong

I’m hungry like the wolf

Hear my song sing along


Death is easy

Life is hard

I live I breath

Then I fall apart


Lost in the shadows just holding on to my beliefs

Consumed with hatred burdened by grief


I am a bird ready to fly

Into the wild we go

We live and we die