Where He Brought He From 4.4

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 4: Family Reunion

4.4 Family: Sabotage


Kash motioned to the waiter who brought over a bottle of champagne and began pouring everyone a glass.


“Are you ready to order?” he asked.


“We need a few minutes.” Kash said. “I’m not done yet.” He told Jessica as he pulled an envelope out of his inside jacket pocket. “I suggested that we do the special and photo shoot on location.” He said with a huge grin on his face. “Open it.” He said.


Jessica took the envelope out of his hand and opened it. Inside the envelope were two first class plane tickets to Thailand. “Thailand?” Jessica asked.


“Yes for two weeks and I’m going with you.” He said. Jessica’s eyes began to fill up with tears. She started fanning her face to stop from crying. Kash wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her ear, “You deserve it.”


“Okay, enough about me how’s the wedding planning going?” Jessica asked.


“It’s been postponed.” Roger answered.


Jennifer gave Roger a dirty look like she didn’t want him to tell. Jessica caught the look that Jennifer gave him. “Why? What happened?” Jessica asked looking at Jennifer for answers.


“Tell her Jen.” Roger demanded. Jennifer didn’t say a word she just stared at the menu obviously annoyed by this conversation. “Okay I’ll tell you what happened.” Roger said unconcerned about Jennifer’s attitude. “The restaurant isn’t doing so well so I told your sister that we may have to downsize the wedding and she went crazy and called it off.” He added upset at the thought of it.


“If it can’t be the way I want it then I don’t want to get married.” Jennifer stated angrily. “I don’t want to discuss this right now.” She added frustrated.


“You never want to talk when you are wrong.” Roger replied.


Kash could see that things were getting heated and Roger was intent on being quarrelsome so he quickly called waiter over. “Yes sir.” The waiter said as the reached the table.


“We are ready to order now.” Kash said.


Jessica watched Jennifer intensely as she dialed a number on her phone. “Hi mom, I’ve got good news.” She said. “I’m at dinner with Jessica and her boyfriend celebrating her record deal.” She told her.


Jessica knew what Jennifer was trying to do she wasn’t stupid. As she listened to Jennifer talking to her mother she began to become enraged but she refused to show it. “Of course mom you can stay with me and Roger.” Jennifer said.


“What?” Roger asked confused and furious. Jennifer started to smile when she saw the fake smile leave Jessica’s face.


“Okay bye mom.” Jennifer said and hung up the phone. “Cool it Roger its just for a little while mom wants to come and congratulate Jessica.” She said.






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