The Thrill Of Us


Break my heart to pieces

Pain I never ever felt

No rhyme

Or no reason

I was better by myself


The thought of you leaving

Left nothing else

Just painful memories

Of a heaven through hell


Love me

You love me like never before

Severe addiction

Begging for more


When its good its good

But when its bad its bad

The thrill of the chase

The best I ever had


I can see through the flames

I can see clearly now

You are my everything

You’re just bringing down

Dipping me in sorrow

And wringing me out


Filling me with love

My cup overflows

The thrill of the rollercoaster

Watch how this goes


Tell me

Is this love

This pain that I feel

Are you in it for the long run

Or just for the thrill

Love is deadly

Your words can kill


The silence is deafening

Your heart still speaks

The spirit is willing

But the flesh is weak