Where He Brought Me From 4.5

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 4: Family Reunion

4.5 Family: Hater  


Jessica wanted to curse Jennifer out so bad but she wasn’t going to allow her vindictive sister to make her act out in front of Kash. “Jessica aren’t you excited to see mom?” Jennifer asked trying to get a reaction out of Jessica.


“Yeah that’s great.“ Jessica said as she began eating.


Jennifer could see she was going to have to do more to get the reaction she wanted out of Jessica. She wanted to embarrass her in front of her new boyfriend. Jennifer wanted Jessica to know that she was not anything special just because she has a rich boyfriend and a record deal. Jennifer began to chuckle to herself.


“Jessica remember that time you got arrested back home?” She asked. Jessica looked up from her dinner at Jennifer with a look of anger and disbelief. When Jennifer saw that she was getting to Jessica she decided to keep going. “You remember, the first time you were arrested, for drugs.” Jennifer said. The entire table looked uncomfortable as Jennifer went on. “My moms going to be so proud of my sister.” Jennifer said to Kash. “My sister has come so far from a couple of years ago.” She added. “How many times were you arrested? Three times wasn’t it?” Jennifer asked. “The first time it was marijuana, then the criminal mischief charge and last but not least the DUI for hitting a cop car.” She laughed. “Remember when the whole family found out you were stripping?” Jennifer asked still laughing.


“Okay that’s enough Jennifer.“ Roger said.


“What? Its not a secret.” Jennifer replied. “I’m sure she told Kash already.” She added. “Didn’t you Jessica?” she asked.


Jessica was furious and everyone could tell. She was gearing up to tell Jennifer off when Kash grabbed Jessica’s thigh underneath the table to stop her from speaking. “I know everything I need to know about Jessica.” Kash said. “And I am very disgusted that you would accept an invitation to come and celebrate her success and use this moment to try and embarrass her.” He added. “She has nothing to be ashamed about but you should be very ashamed of yourself.” He said. “Continue your dinner I will pick up the check but we are leaving.” Kash said as he and Jessica got up from the table. “It was nice meeting you Roger.” He added as they left.


Kash and Jessica walked outside and got in his limo. As soon as the driver shut the door Jessica began to cry. She wanted so desperately to be close to her family but they always made it hard. She felt as if they didn’t like her. They never supported her in anything she’s ever done and they always criticized and ridiculed her. Jessica spent so much of her life trying to impress them because she wanted them to love her.


“Don’t cry.” Kash said as he wrapped his arms around her. “Don’t let her pull you down to her level.” He said. “She’s beneath you and she’s mad about it.” He added. “People always bring up your past when your future starts looking brighter than theirs.” He continued. Kash wiped the tears from Jessica’s face with his fingers. “Your past is a process not a definition, it doesn’t define you it refines you.” He said. “I want to take you somewhere.” Kash told her. Kash pressed the intercom to speak with the driver. “Take us by the church.” He said.






Dirty Little Bitches 4.5

Dirty Little Bitches

Chapter 4: Dirty Game

4.5 Dirty Game: Old Friends


Aaliyah was on cloud nine as she walked into work this morning. She was still thinking about last night and she couldn’t keep her eyes off of that huge engagement ring. She must have been glowing because everyone could tell there was something different about her as soon as she got off the elevator. Aaliyah had not told anyone that she and Dominic had gotten engaged because she wanted to see their reactions in person, especially Raquel’s.


“You look happy.” The girl at the front desk said. “Something’s different about you, I can tell,” she added. “Spill it!” she demanded. Aaliyah slowly raised her hand and pushed her hair behind her ear. “Wow that is a huge rock!” the girl said. “Oh my goodness you got engaged!” she squealed as she jumped up and down. Everyone in the office began to stare at them. “My girl’s getting married!” she yelled.


“Bianca, shh!” Aaliyah laughed.


“I want details, now.” Bianca said.


“Okay, Okay at lunch not right now I got a lot of work to do and so do you.” Aaliyah said.


Aaliyah was walking to her office when she ran into Raquel in the hallway. Raquel purposely bumped into Aaliyah who was busy looking at her phone reading text messages from Dominic. “My bad.” Raquel giggled.


“You good.” Aaliyah said giving Raquel a nasty look.


“I heard about you engagement, congratulations.” Raquel said sarcastically.


“Thanks.” Aaliyah said putting on a fake a smile.


“Here are your files Mrs. Evans.” A tall blond girl said as she handed Raquel a folder.


“Oh this is my new assistant, Sandra.” Raquel said.


“Hi.” Aaliyah replied as she shook Sandra’s hand. “You look familiar, do I know you from somewhere?” She asked.


Sandra laughed, “No, I don’t think so.”


“Well nice meeting you.” Aaliyah said perplexed by the way Sandra replied as she continued to her office.


When Aaliyah got to her office and sat down at her desk. She hadn’t even gotten comfortable before Bianca paged her.


“Yes Bianca.” Aaliyah answered.


“There’s a Keisha here to see you about the personal assistant position.” Bianca replied.


“Send her in.” Aaliyah said.


Keisha was beautiful she was turning heads all over the room as she walked into Aaliyah’s office. Was head in particular was fuming mad. Raquel watched as Keisha entered Aaliyah’s office and sat down. She knew Aaliyah had done this on purpose, her and Pamela. “My ex’s baby’s momma!” She thought. Raquel knew she had to step her game up because Aaliyah was playing dirty. “I can’t believe she brought that hoe to my job.” She thought.


“That dirty little bitch.” She said under her breath.


“What’s wrong?” Sandra asked as she walked up to Raquel by the water cooler.


“Aaliyah has stepped up her game, so we have to now.” Raquel said.


“What happened?” Sandra asked.


“That girl in her office is my ex’s baby’s momma.” Raquel replied clenching the water cup in her fist.


“Why you mad?” Sandra laughed. “You got me.” She added cockily. “Look I got so much dirt on this bitch and her fiance, she’s going to have to leave town.” Sandra said. “I say we be petty and put that shit on Facebook or Twitter, can you say screenshot?” Sandra said as she high fived Raquel.