Rockcity Rapland 4.5

Rockcity Rapland

Chapter 4: The One

4.5 The One: Protégé


Camilla was still in shock as Angelo lied her down in her bed. “Do you need anything?” He asked her.


Camilla sat up and looked over at Angelo standing in the doorway. “Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked.


“Alejandro told me not to.” He answered.


“Alejandro.” She laughed as she stood up and began to pace around the room. “Well didn’t the boss think that someone was going tell me eventually and I wouldn’t know what the hell was going on!” she screamed. “He’s really a jackass, you know.” She said. “He thinks he can do whatever he wants to people.” Camilla went on. “When is he going to let me go!” she yelled. “I want to go home!” She screamed. “I hate it here! I hate him!” she screamed at the top of her lungs with tears in her eyes. Angelo stepped out of the doorway and went over to hug Camilla. As he wrapped her up in his arms she began to cry hysterically. “I just want my life back.” She whispered through whimpers.


“Thanks for the advice Doc but just patch me up.” Alejandro said.


“Okay it’s none of my business, I just want you to be careful.” The Doctor said as he patched up the wound.


Alejandro took a deep breath and said, “I love her.” “I need her here, I know this is crazy but I can’t just let her go.” Alejandro said.


“You probably should have thought about that before you killed her parents.” The Doctor said.


“What else was I suppose to do?” he asked. “My father died and I was named the new boss, everyone said I wasn’t ready they were all waiting on me to fail then her father goes and steals from me.” Alejandro said. “I couldn’t look weak, I had to make a statement.” He stated. “She has to understand that.” He went on.


“Would you?” the Doctor asked as he bandaged up Alejandro’s shoulder.


Alejandro looked annoyed because even though he didn’t want to admit it he knew that he would never understand and Camilla wouldn’t either.


After Alejandro was all patched up he went upstairs to check on Camilla. As he walked up the stairs he went through what he would say to her in his head. The closer he got to her room the more he could hear her crying. Alejandro stood in her doorway and watched as Angelo held her in his arms. Alejandro was overwhelmed with sadness as he quietly watched him comfort her. He wished that he could be the one to hold her. He lightly knocked on the door and walked in with his head down. When Camilla saw his face she suddenly stopped crying.


“Can I talk to Camilla alone please?” he asked.


Angelo nodded his head as released Camilla from the warmth of his embrace. “What do you want?” Camilla asked frustrated at the sight of him.


He waited until Angelo left the room and fell to his knees. “I’m sorry, what do I have to do to make it up to you?” He asked. The look on Camilla’s face showed that she doubted the sincerity of his apology. “I’ll do anything.” He pleaded. Camilla looked in Alejandro’s eyes and in that moment she believed him but she didn’t forgive him.


“Teach me the business.” She said.





I Know Your Type 4.5

I Know Your Type

Chapter 4: The beginning of the end

4.5 The beginning of the end: Two Can Play That Game


Dawn tried to enjoy the rest of her day but she was so angry with Meredith for calling her with that nonsense. There was no way she was going to relax or get any sleep now. She poured herself another glass of wine trying to calm down to no avail.


“I can’t let her win.” Dawn said aloud to herself. “And if I kill her I will only win by default.” She went on.


Dawn was wrecking her brain trying to figure out how to handle Meredith. She was starting to become extremely annoyed be her and Dylan. Dylan was starting to be more work than he was worth but she couldn’t help wanting him still. Maybe I’ll get a real boyfriend and make him jealous, she thought. Do I even know how to date or be a girlfriend anymore? She asked herself. I haven’t had a boyfriend in so long, she thought. But how hard could it be, I’m cute, she assured herself.


Dawn was done trying to have a relaxing bath, so she decided to watch some television and maybe still manage to get some sleep. There is nothing on TV like always, she thought as she sat in bed and flipped through the channels. She had her glass and bottle of wine in reach on her bedside table. She had her phone laying on bed so every once in a while she could glance over it to see if Dylan had text her. I can’t believe I’m waiting on his call, she thought.


“He isn’t going to call, Dawn.” She yelled to herself.


Maybe when Meredith leaves if he wants to have sex with you again, she thought. At that moment Dawn made up her mind, she would get a boyfriend and make Dylan jealous. Then when he tried to get her back she would would breakup him and Meredith up for good then dump him or kill him, she hadn’t decided yet.


Dawn had just begun to nod off when her phone started to vibrate. It was Meredith again. “What do you want now?” Dawn screamed. “Hello.” Dawn answered the phone calmly.


“I wanted to invite you to dinner with me and Dylan they are releasing him.” Meredith said.


“What? Why?” Dawn asked.


“So we can talk to you silly.” Meredith giggled. “After our conversation I knew you wouldn’t do the right thing so I told Dylan to stop seeing you or he would never see our child.” Meredith said. “So he quickly agreed to break things off and I guess I have you to thank for that since you told him you aborted his last child and made him vulnerable.” She said.


“He told you that?” Dawn asked shocked and livid.


“Yes and now he’s going to tell you its over.” Meredith said. “We going to the bar and grill down the street from the hospital, are you coming?” she asked.


“I’ll be there.” Dawn said with rage in her voice then she hung up the phone and threw it across the room.


I don’t believe her Dylan would never tell me he was done with me, especially not like this, she thought. She was skeptical but yet and still Dawn was intrigued to see if Dylan would actually do what Meredith had asked, so she got dressed and went to meet them.





Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 4.5

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde

Chapter 4: One Of them

4.5 One of them: Burakumin


“I’m going to tell you a story.” Kimura said, as he looked Daniel in the eyes. “This story is about me. He said. “My real name is Hiroshi Kimura and I am a descendant of the burakumin in Japan.” He went on. “My mother was a Zainichi Korean and my father was a Japanese butcher as was his father and his grandfather.” Kimura said as he stared out the window of the limo. “We were treated like dirt, less than human.” He said.


“When I was about five my father decided to join the Yazuka the Yamaguchi-gumi syndicate because he wanted better for his family and he was sick of the way we were being treated by other Japanese.” He stated. “We finally started to get some respect.” He laughed. “Then five years later he was killed by a cop during a raid.” Kimura said. “My mom was devastated she didn’t know how to raise three boys on her own, my older brother was hooked on drugs and he had a huge gambling debt with the Yamaguchi-gumi.” He sighed. “One day she just left in the middle of the night and we never saw her again.” He said.


“My brother tried to raise me and Akeno but his affliction got the better of him and he sold me and Akeno as laborers to the Yamaguchi-gumi to pay off his debts.” He shook his head and went on. Kimura turned to look at Daniel with hate in his eyes. “I later put a bullet in his head for that.” Kimura said. “I hated my brother for the longest time but that was probably the best thing to happen to me and Akeno.” He chuckled. Because of what my brother did we met Hyun Su Chan the head of the Yamaguchi-gumi at the time.” He stated. “That man was like a father to me he taught me everything I know.” He said with faint emotion in his voice. “Chan took me and my brother in as his own and taught us the business.” Kimura went on. “He didn’t have any biological children, so he made me his successor and when he died I was no longer Hiroshi I became Kimura.” He finished.


Daniel wondered why Kimura was telling him this. As Daniel looked at Kimura he began to see him as more of a man and less of a monster. “People think I’m ruthless and I am but I only became this way to match my circumstances.” Kimura said.


“Well isn’t the point of life to change your circumstances and not let them change you?” Daniel asked.


Kimura laughed, “In a perfect world maybe but in the real world we adapt or we die.” The limo suddenly stopped in front of a large warehouse located on a port. “We’re here.” Kimura said as the driver opened their door.


“Where’s here?” Daniel asked.


“Headquarters.” Kimura answered. “This is the cornerstone of my operation.” He added. “This is where I conduct all my legal business.” He said. “My restaurants, clubs, Internet businesses and charities are all ran from here.” He went on.


“Charities?” Daniel questioned.


“Even a monster has a heart.” Kimura said. “Right now we are getting ready to go feed the homeless, my men are packing up food, toys and clothes to take to the shelters.” He said. “I always like to be present when they do this so I can be close to the people, its reminds me of how I grew up.” He went on. “You must never forget where you come from.” Kimura said.