Where He Brought Me From 5.1

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 5: Divine Intervention

5.1 Divine Intervention: The Right Place


“Church?” Jessica asked. “Why are we going to a church?” she questioned.


“Because there is no better place to find Jesus.” Kash replied. “Listen Jessica, I know you’re strong but you are going to need the strength of Jesus to go where he’s trying to take you.” He said. “Your own family is trying to tear you down, they would break even the strongest of men.” He added.


“I have not been to church in years.” Jessica stated.


“Well now is a great time to get reacquainted with the Lord.” Kash said as they pulled up in front of the church.


Jessica looked up at the church with fear in her eyes. As the driver opened the door Kash grabbed her hand. Kash softly pulled her arm to get her out of the Jessica but Jessica pulled back. “I have done too much Kash.” She said. “I’m not worthy to be in his presence.” She added with tears in her eyes.


Kash knelt down outside the car and grabbed Jessica’s face. He stared deep into her eyes and said, “We all have sinned and fell short of his glory.”


Jessica took a deep breath and said, “Okay I’ll go in.” Kash stood up and led Jessica into the cathedral.


As they entered the huge double doors Jessica gripped Kash’s hand tightly. Kash whispered to her, “Ask him to help you forgive people that hurt you, that lied to you, that lied on you, that mistreated you and talked about you.”


“What?” Jessica asked.


“You have to forgive others if you want God to forgive you.” He replied. “Go ahead talk to him.” He urged as they sat down in the front pew.


Jessica had no idea what to say to God. She hadn’t been in church since she was a kid. She bowed her head and said, “Um, God can you please help me to forgive the people in my life.”


Kash chuckled, “Talk to him like you are talking to a friend.”


Jessica felt strong emotion rush through her body and she began to cry. “God does my sister ever feel guilty?” she asked angrily.  “When did it all go wrong why me, lord?” She asked.


“His ways and his thoughts are not your own, God doesn’t make mistakes.” Kash said.


“There are times when I feel so alone and like nobody understands.” Jessica cried. “There are times when I feel lost and like God has left me.’ She said. “I feel like maybe I’ve sinned too much for him to answer my prayers.” She added.


“God will never leave or forsake you.” Kash said. “You are where you need to be, everything happens for a reason.” He went on. “Even though it may be difficult at times we must be a light to this world even in our own times of darkness.” He said. “Did ever ask yourself why your sister is so mean to you? Maybe she is dealing with her own demons as well.” He stated. “Sometimes you have to forgive before you forget, sometimes you have to cry alone in your  room so you can be a shoulder to cry on for someone else in the open.” He told her.


“So now I’m supposed to feel sorry for her after everything she’s done to me?” Jessica asked no longer crying.


“Yes, be the bigger person and kill her with kindness.” Kash said.






Dirty Little Bitches 5.1

Dirty Little Bitches

Chapter 5: Fame

5.1 Fame: Social Media


Aaliyah could see Raquel and Sandra at the water cooler talking and peering into her office at Keisha. “You do know that Raquel works here?” Aaliyah asked. “I know you two have history, do you foresee that being an issue?” She asked.


“No ma’am I intend on being very professional.” Keisha answered.


Aaliyah laughed, “Okay but if I know Raquel which I do she won’t make that easy so if you have any problems with her let me know.”  “Is that your resume you have with you?” Aaliyah asked as she reached for the paper in Keisha’s hand.


“Yes ma’am.” She replied as she handed it over.


Aaliyah quickly skimmed over her resume. “Everything looks good, I’m just going to contact some of your references and I’ll let you know later on today if you got the job.” Aaliyah said then she shook Keisha’s hand.


Raquel and Sandra watched as Keisha left Aaliyah’s office, snickering as she walked by. “Girl lets go to my office I want to see what evidence you have on Dominic.” Raquel said.


“Okay its on my phone, I got pictures and everything.” Sandra replied.


“Pictures?” Raquel asked.


“Yeah I got some pictures of him in my bed sleeping and me in his bed.” Sandra answered.


Raquel laughed, “You got them side chick photos, you had to catch him slipping.”


“Hey he’s rich and I’m struggling, I needed some insurance in case I started doing real bad.” Sandra said as they entered Raquel’s office. “Let me just get my phone out of my purse.” Sandra stated.


Raquel sat down at her desk and begins to check her emails while Sandra searched for her phone. Raquel notice there was a memo for a meeting later on today about the next issue of the magazine.


“Here it is!” Sandra exclaimed as she ran over to Raquel and put her phone in her face.


“That’s a good picture you can see his entire face.” Raquel said. “Hey we got a meeting in two hours about the next issue of the magazine, so you should put those pictures out now.” Raquel stated.


“Why? What difference does that make?” Sandra asked confused.


“If I know Aaliyah she’s planning a party to celebrate her engagement and new job and to piss me off she’s going to do it here at work.” Raquel explained. “That’s why we are going to embarrass her before she announces it.” Raquel said.


“Where should I post them and which pictures should I post?” Sandra asked.


“All of them and everywhere.” Raquel replied.


Aaliyah was so excited about her first meeting at the magazine. She was going to announce her engagement and her engagement party. She couldn’t wait to show off her ring to everyone. Aaliyah was going over her presentation for the meeting when Bianca ran in her office.


“Aaliyah, there are pictures of Dominic and Raquel’s new assistant all over the Internet!” she yelled.


“What?” Aaliyah asked.


“Look!” Bianca said holding up her cellphone. “They are in bed together!” Bianca yelled. “The entire office just got this email.” Bianca said. Aaliyah stood up and looked all over the office to see everyone looking at her and whispering. Aaliyah was furious.


“Raquel.” She grumbled under her breath.