Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 5.1

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde

Chapter 5: Deep Cover

5.1 Deep Cover: Man or Monster?


Back at club seven Angelica was patiently waiting for the girls to arrive. Tired of watching sports on the TV behind the bar she decided to take a look around the club while she waited. She noticed that there was a surplus of private rooms, way more than any normal gentleman’s club. The rooms were also very lavish with huge plush couches and a mini bar. This is the nicest prostitution ring I have ever seen, she thought. How could a man as charming as Kimura be into this? she wondered. Angelica wasn’t sure she was prepared for what she may see tonight. She knew what she had heard about Kimura and she knew what she had seen but she also knew that in actuality things could be much worse beneath the surface.


“I own four shelters and a orphanage here in Miami.” Kimura said to Daniel. “I like to help people, I even make sure that they get jobs and the kids get educations.” He went on. “Come, we are going to follow my guys to the shelters.” Kimura said as he got back in his limo.


Daniel quickly followed Kimura and got into the limo. He was very confused he didn’t know what to think anymore, he was beginning to think that he had underestimated Kimura. Kimura was playing him like a fiddle, tugging at his heart strings he was doing so many great things for his community but Daniel knew it had to be a front. What Daniel couldn’t figure out is why Kimura was trying so hard to make him believe he wasn’t the monster everyone said he was.


The girls had finally showed up after an hour of waiting. Angelica began to introduce herself as they filed in. The girls seemed nervous as they quietly told her their names and scurried off to the dressing room. Angelica decided to pick the most outgoing girl of the bunch and ask her some questions. “Candy is it?” she asked as she entered the dressing room.


“Yeah, what’s up?” Candy answered.


“As you probably know I’m new here and no one has really given me a detailed job description.” Angelica laughed.


“Yeah Akeno’s pretty clueless and Devon’s pretty mean.” She replied. “I’ll fill you in,” she said.


“Thanks.” Angelica replied.


“Okay, you pretty much just watch us girls and make sure no escapes and everyone turns in all the money they make each night.” Candy said as she sat down as begin putting on her makeup. “You especially have to watch the foreign girls.” She added.


“What do you mean escape?” Angelica inquired.


Candy looked at Angelica and laughed, “You are very green, huh?” “Some of the girls here didn’t exactly sign up for this.” She explained.


“What about you?” Angelica asked.


“I was an orphan and a dropout living on the streets, what do you think?” Candy said. “Don’t look so heartbroken, I’m good.” Candy laughed. “Look Kimura treats us good better than all of these other wannabe pimps.” Candy said. “We got nice clothes, we got a nice place to stay, we eat well and our kids get good educations.” She went on. “Some of us just want more, but hey that’s life.” She said.





Rockcity Rapland 5.1

Rockcity Rapland

Chapter 5: The One

5.1 The One: Plot


“What business?” he asked knowing full well what she meant.


“You know what business, the mob.” She answered.


Alejandro laughed and shook his head as he stood up, “No, there has to be something else you want.”


“There isn’t anything else, this business got my parents killed.” She stated.


“Okay the more reason for you to stay away from it.” He replied.


“I live with the mob boss who killed my parents and kidnapped me.” Camilla refuted.


Alejandro paced around the room looking at the floor in deep thought. He just kept mumbling under his breath and shaking his head. “Under one condition.” Alejandro said as he looked into Camilla’s eyes.


“You and your conditions!” she yelled. “Your have taken everything from me and yet and still you want more!” she rambled on.


“Yes, you have to give me a chance.” He said as he held her hands in his. “I mean a real chance just try to understand me please.” He begged.


“That’s it?” she asked uncomfortable with their closeness.


“You have to let me take you on a date?” he said. Camilla didn’t like the thought of going on a date with Alejandro. She didn’t want to understand him or his grey area but if she wanted revenge she would have to play along.


“Just one date?” she asked.


Alejandro showed a faint look of disappointment and said, “Yes just one.”


“Okay when?” she asked as she moved her hands from his grasp.


“Tonight, if that’s okay with you?” Alejandro asked.


“Just give me a couple of hours to get ready.” She answered as she went to her closet.


“Um, what kind of things to you like to do?” he asked nervously.


“I like India food, Chinese food and action movies.” She answered.


“Okay,” he said as he left her room with a smile.


Alejandro felt that he could win Camilla over if she just got to know him. He wasn’t the thug he had to pretend to be. Alejandro now regretted accepting the role of mob boss but it was too late to turn back, what’s done is done. Now he had promised to teach Camilla this horrific business. There was no doubt in his mind that it would destroy whatever innocence he hadn’t already destroyed. Then on the other hand his grandmother knew the business and she was a fierce boss after his grandfather died. Alejandro thought of how things were when they had worked together, the good old days. He missed the days when the mob was about family and not just about crime and money.


Camilla had a plan. She refused to sit around and be Alejandro’s captive for the rest of her life. She wanted to destroy everything he ever held dear. She wanted to learn this business and burn it to the ground right along with Alejandro and his entire family. She couldn’t believe she had once considered these people friends. They were monsters. Okay Alejandro you want me to love you, then I will love you to death, she thought as she grabbed her sexiest outfit from out of her closet.





I Know Your Type 5.1

I Know Your Type

Chapter 5: The beginning of the end

5.1 Revenge: The End


Dawn entered the bar in her skintight jeans and low cut blouse. She had on heels with spikes and her faux leather jacket. She walked around the bar searching for Dylan and Meredith but it seemed that they had not yet arrived. Dawn took a seat at the bar and ordered a martini to drink while she waited.


“Hi, I saw you walk in and I just had to come over.” A handsome man said as he sat down next to dawn.


“I’m Armando.” He said as he held out his hand to greet her. Dawn shook his hand and said,


“Hi, I’m Dawn.”


“You are beautiful.” He said with a sly grin. “Let me buy you drink.” He stated.


Dawn nodded her head and said, “Okay.”


“What are you drinking?” He asked.


“An apple martini.” She answered. He is so cute, Dawn thought.


“Excuse me, can I get another apple martini for the lady and another beer for myself.” He called out to the bartender. I love his accent it’s so sexy, she thought. “So what is a beautiful young woman such as yourself doing in a bar alone?” he asked.


“I’m actually waiting on some friends from work.” Dawn replied.


“A male friend?” he asked while taking a swallow of his beer.


Dawn laughed, ”Yes but he’s bringing his fiancée.”


“Oh so you’re unattached?” Armando questioned moving his stool closer to hers.


“Yes I’m single.” She giggled.


“Okay well how about you give me your number before your friends come.” He stated.


“Okay.” Dawn replied.


Dawn grabbed a pen from her purse and a napkin from the bar. She was writing down her number when Dylan and Meredith walked in. “Here,” Dawn said as she handed Armando her phone number.


“Thank you.” Armando said as her kissed her hand and took the napkin.


“It looks like my friends just got here, thanks for the drink.” She said as she got up from the bar and went over to Dylan and Meredith.


“Who was that?” Dylan asked as he peered over at Armando.


“No one.” Dawn answered. “I think I saw an empty booth in the back.” She added as she led the way.


As soon as they sat down a waitress came over. “Can I get you guys something to drink?” she asked.


“I’ll take a beer.” Dylan said.


“I’ll take another apple martini.” Dawn answered.


“Sweet tea.” Meredith replied.


“Okay.” the waitress said as she sat down three menus on the table.


When waitress walked away Dawn asked, “Are we eating? Because I’m starving.”


“Who was the guy at the bar?” Dylan asked annoyed.


Meredith and dawn both looked up from their menus. “Why do you care?” Meredith asked frustrated.


“I’m not talking to you.” Dylan said.


“Dawn who was that guy you gave your number?” he asked.


Dawn laughed, “I’m with Meredith why do you care?” Dawn could see Dylan getting angry. “Why are we here?” Dawn asked aggravated. “You are here to end things with me because now that she’s pregnant you want to do the right thing.” She whispered angrily. “That’s fine with me I’m just going to eat and drink and you two lames are going to pay for it then I’m going home.” She added.


“I don’t want to be with Meredith.” Dylan said. “I told you that Meredith.” Dylan stated.


“Dawn we are both here to apologize me from the whole situation and her for calling you.” He went on.


“What?” Dawn asked confused. “That’s not what Meredith said when she called and she even threatened me.” Dawn said. “I should slap the taste out your mouth right now.” Dawn said angrily pointing her finger at Meredith.