Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 5.4

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Asia Tao was an ordinary teenager; she wanted a normal life. She wanted to have fun and she wanted to be liked by her peers but unfortunately for her life would never be normal again.

Asia's mother and father disappeared when she was just ten years old and since then she had lived with her grandfather in China. When her grandfather died the courts decided she would now have to leave everything she knew in China and move back to America with her last living relative her aunt Angela.

Once at her new school in Pensacola, Fl her life took a turn for the worst. After drinking a mysterious liquid in an ancient Medallion left to her by her parents she obtains superpowers. Now she must fight the evil that was born to match her.

Shift 5.2


CHAPTER 5: Bloodline

5.2 Outsiders: Not For Long


“Yeah you are right.” Ahote said as he got out of the car and let up the back seat. “We have gotten away with outgoing so far so lets make it a night to remember.” He said.


There was a slight chill in the night air. The stars and the moon lit up the sky and shined down on the ramshackle building. The air had a rustic scent to it vindictive of living in the desert. The music blared from the club causing the ground outside to vibrate. Several drunken people straggled outside of the club making out and throwing up.


Ahote grabbed Aoki’s hand as they made their way to entrance. Ahote took a deep breath as he opened the door to the club. He had never done anything of this nature before. Of course he wasn’t the most responsible teenager but his delinquency was usually in the form of childless pranks and sneaking out of the house to go drinking in the fields. Sneaking into some club was way out of his comfort zone.


A huge man stood at the door in all black. “That will be five for the women and ten for the guys.” He said.


Ahote and Dyami reach in their pockets and each handed the man a twenty. The man then handed the money to a woman who sat behind a cash register who then gave him their change. “We don’t tolerate any nonsense make sure you can handle your liquor.” The man said as he handed them their change.


“I got you.” Ahote said nervously as he put the five-dollar bill in his pocket. Ahote Took Aoki’s hand and walked further inside of the club as Dyami and Kim followed. “You girls want something to drink?” he asked.


“Yeah, hey me and Kim are going to go the bathroom we will meet you at bar.” Aoki said as she grabbed Kim’s hand. “We will both take a beer.” She said as they got lost in crowd.


“Man we have to come again one day and not bring any dates with us.” Dyami said as he glanced around the club. “These girls are wild in here.” He said.


“Yeah but at least it looks like we got the best looking girls in the club.” Ahote said.


“Yeah you’re right but I will give them a little pass on the looks to get a girl too grind on me like the girls are doing in here.” He laughed as they got in line at the bar. “I mean they can’t be ugly be that don’t have to be models either.” He added.


“Ahote looks so good tonight.” Aoki squealed as she and Kim stood in front of the mirrors in the bathroom checking their makeup and clothes. “And it looks like you and Dyami are getting along.” She said.


“Yeah he isn’t so bad.” Kim said as they left the bathroom.


They were on their way to the bar when someone grabbed Aoki’s arm. She turned see a tall muscular Caucasian male with a cocky grin on his face. “What up?” He said. “Are you looking for me?” he asked.


“No I’m here with someone.” Aoki said angrily as she snatched her arm away.


The boy laughed and took a gulp of his drink. “Okay that’s cool but you will be leaving with me.” He said self assuredly.


“In your dreams.” Aoki said annoyed as she rolled her eyes and walked away.