Where He Brought Me From 5.2

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 5: Divine Intervention

5.2 Divine Intervention: The Right Time


“I’m trying Kash.” Jessica said. “My relationship with my family is so broken, it maybe beyond repair.” She went on. “Every time I think have forgiven these people they do something else to me that’s put me back in that place of hate.” She said. “I don’t understand why my own family has it out for me.” Jessica stated. “They have always treated me like the ugly stepchild and now that I finally feel like Cinderella they can’t even pretend to be happy for me.” She said.


Kash took Jessica by the hand and smiled, “Are you saying I’m your prince charming?”


Jessica laughed, “Yeah, so far.”


“So what happened, if you don’t mind me asking why don’t you and your family get along?” Kash asked.


Jessica sighed and put her head down to hide the tears filling up in her eyes. She began to shake head back and forth trying to fight back the tears.


“Its okay you don’t have to fight it go ahead and cry, just let it out.” Kash said. “You can tell me.” He said.


“I don’t know where to start.” She sniffled. “I guess I’ll start at age four when my parents got divorced and my mother remarried.” She said. Jessica wiped her eyes and looked at Kash. “I hated my stepfather he was mean and hateful.” Jessica said. “That man was verbally and physically abusive and my mom never said a word, he used to hit her and curse us all out especially me.” She said through clenched teeth.


“They gave my sister everything and ignored me.” Jessica said. “Then when I was fourteen my father died and things just got worse.” She went on. “They treated me so bad I had to wash dishes, iron their clothes for work and clean up the bathroom me and my sister shared while she never had to do anything.” She said.


“Then he started putting his hands on me first it was just grabbing me by the arm or putting his finger in my face then it escalated to dragging me down a hallway and choking me.” Jessica said as she shook her head. “I just wanted someone to stand up for me, I was looking for my mother to help me but she wouldn’t.” Jessica cried. “I don’t if she was scared or just didn’t care but I still hate her for that.” Jessica said.


“She still doesn’t understand how much my childhood affected me.” Jessica stated. “I was so tired of being abused and mistreated that I married the first guy that was partially nice to me.” Jessica said. “I would do anything to feel loved and he knew it, he used it against me.” She continued. “He beat me, he cheated on and he made me pay all the bills but I stayed because it was still better than home to me.” She said. “I started smoking weed and drinking just to make it through the day, I was losing my mind.” Jessica said. “I even had to check myself into a center because I was so depressed and lost.” She went on.


“Don’t worry I found you and so will God if you let him.” Kash replied as he hugged her.





Dirty Little Bitches 5.2

Dirty Little Bitches

Chapter 5: Fame

5.2 Fame: Media Frenzy


“If I were you I would go and fire her right now.” Bianca said.


“We don’t have any proof that she gave these photos to the media.” Aaliyah said.


“They are in her bedroom who else would have had these photos beside her and Dominic and we both know he didn’t do this.” Bianca argued. Aaliyah knew that she had grounds to fire Sandra but she also knew she couldn’t because of what Raquel had on her. “Well at least curse the bitch out.” Bianca added.


“Oh I will definitely say something to her but not in anger because I refuse to let some professional side chick make me act out of character.” Aaliyah replied.


“Oh wow now there are pictures of your engagement last night coming out.” Bianca said. “Look, they are saying what happens now is the wedding off.” She read.


Aaliyahs phone began to ring it was Dominic. “Girl this is Dominic give me a minute alone please.” Aaliyah said as she sat down. Bianca nodded her head and left the room shutting the door behind her.


“Hello.” Aaliyah answered the phone.


“I can explain.” Dominic blurted out.


“Please do because this tramp is working in my building as Raquel’s assistant.” Aaliyah said through clenched teeth.


“What?” Dominic asked. “Never mind that I love you and whatever me and that girl had going on was along time ago, I promise its over now.” He explained. “This is just some jealous female trying to break us up.” He said. “I’m so sorry Aaliyah.” He went on.


“I believe you.” Aaliyah replied. “This is something Raquel cooked up.” She said.


“What’s that girl’s deal?” he asked. “I thought you two were friends?” he questioned.


“We were, at least at I thought we were once but I guess she has always hated me.” Aaliyah replied. “I have to go I need to get ready for this meeting I’ll call you later.” She said.


“Okay.” He answered and they hung up the phone.


Aaliyah wasn’t at all fazed by what Sandra and Raquel had done. She knew she could spin this if she put her mind to it. Aaliyah picked up her office phone and called Raquel’s office.


“Yes Ms. Rojas.” Raquel answered.


“Very clever Raquel I bet you are very happy of what you have accomplished.” Aaliyah said.


“I am.” Raquel replied.


“This is the first and last warning I’m going to give you I am going to destroy everything you hold dear starting with your new assistant, she wanted her 15 minutes of fame and I’m going to make sure she gets it.” Aaliyah said. “I will leave no stone unturned in that poor girls life, I will make her the most hated woman in America.” She went on. “Then when I’m done with her I will do the same to you.” Aaliyah said then she hung up.


Raquel could tell she had crossed the line with Aaliyah to the point of no return. Aaliyah was a nice and sweet person but she had one hell of a mean streak. Raquel slowly hung up the phone and she had this faint look of fear on her face.


“There’s no turning back now.” She said to Sandra.