Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 6.1

Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon

CHAPTER 6: Suspect

6.1 Suspect: Stalker


It was now time for lunch and Asia couldn’t even think about eating. Her stomach was doing flips thinking about Giovanni. Then there was still Mr. Santos who obviously knew something but Asia was afraid to ask him. What if he saw Giovanni kill Chris? He could be the proof Asia needed. Asia decided to try and eat something. She decided to take a break from worrying and enjoy lunch.


It seemed as if she would have to eat alone today since Chris was dead now and Soo Yun didn’t have lunch at the same time as her. Asia found a seat in the back corner of the lunchroom away from everyone else. Just as she was about to take a bite of her pizza Giovanni appeared out of nowhere standing over her.


“My goodness you startled me.” Asia said. “Do you have lunch right now?” she asked.


“I do now.” He said.


“Are you stalking me?” she laughed offsetting her suspicions but deep down she considered it.


Giovanni was starting to show up everywhere she was like he could sense her. Asia began to think she needed to do some research on these powers they were getting.


Giovanni sat down next to Asia and smiled. “I just came from the library.” He said.


“That’s great that you are learning how to read.” She replied.


“Very funny but I read something very interesting.” He added. “I read this Chinese myth about a guy named Longwei.” He told her.


Asia’s eyes got big and she stopped eating. “Oh really.” She said as she turned to face Giovanni.


“From the look on your face you know the story.” He said with an inquisitive look.


“Yes I may have heard some of it.” Asia replied.


Giovanni took a bite of his apple as he stared at Asia looking for any sign that she may know more than she was letting on. “Well I learned a lot, I skipped my last two classes to do research.” He said.


“Why are you so interested in this all of a sudden?” Asia demanded to know.


“Because of you.” He answered.


“Me?” Asia asked shocked and nervous that he was on to her.


“Yeah your necklace made me curious.” He said.


“Do you want to hear the story, you might learn something?” Giovanni laughed.


“Why not?” she replied sarcastically.


“Okay, Longwei was a warrior from the Han dynasty who helped the emperor Liu Bang defeat warlord Xiang Yu in the battle of Gaixia in 202 BC.” Giovanni said. ‘Xiang Yu committed suicide after the battle and his body was dismembered by soldiers who were looking to claim a reward from the emperor Liu bang.” He went on. “Now Longwei had gotten his powers before all of this happened and when he did his best friend Chin ho got powers too.” He added. “They stopped being friends after they got powers because Chin Ho wanted to use his powers for evil.” Giovanni said. “Well Xiang Yu was Chin Ho’s uncle.” He went on as he animatedly told the story.


Asia began to become more interested in the story; this was a part she had never heard before. “Why didn’t Chin Ho help in uncle in battle?” Asia asked.


“I’m getting to that.” Giovanni replied as he finished the rest of his apple. Giovanni was taking his time for dramatic effect. He saw Asia getting impatient and he started to laugh.


“Can you hurry up?” she demanded.


“I don’t’ want to choke.” He said with his mouth full.



Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 6.2




Shift 5.3


CHAPTER 5: Bloodline

5.3 Outsiders: Outnumbered


“Hey who was that?” Ahote asked as Aoki approached him.


“Some Asshole trying to talk to me.” Aoki replied.


“Are you okay?” he asked.


“Yeah I’m good I told him off.” She said with a grin. “ I don’t need you to protect me.”


“Is that so?” Ahote asked as he grabbed her by the hand and kissed her on the forehead. “Do you two want something to drink?”


“I do.” Kim replied.


Ahote led Aoki, Kim, and Dyami to the bar through the crowds of people. There were young and old people all around the club drinking and dancing. The line at the bar was long and the three bartenders seemed overwhelmed. Ahote could tell that his were getting restless waiting around for a drink.


“Why don’t you guys go out on the dance floor and I will wait for the drinks?” Ahote suggested.


“Are you sure?” Aoki asked.


“Yeah, Dyami take the girls to dance.” He replied.


“Okay.’ Dyami said.


Ahote watched as his friends went out onto the crowded dance floor. He watched as Dyami attempted to dance and he began to chuckle to himself. The line slowly began to move forward as more as more people piled into the club. Ahote was keeping one eye on the dance floor and one eye on the bar. The way Aoki moved to the rhythm of the music enticed him. He was beginning to like her even more and it made him nervous. He did not want to screw things up tonight; he wanted to make a good impression. I definitely need some liquid courage he thought as the line moved a little more.


Kim and Aoki were laughing and dancing when Ahote spotted the asshole from earlier moving towards them. He began to wonder if he should get out of line and go to her rescue but he decided that Dyami could handle it if things got out of hand. It was almost his turn to order and he had been in line for almost thirty minutes so he did not want to have to start this process all over again.


Ahote kept a close eye on Aoki as the mysterious boy walked up to her and grabbed her arm. The boy looked around about their age with blonde hair and seemed to be alone. The boy pulled Aoki close to him and wrapped his arms around her tight restricting her movements. Aoki squirmed and twisted trying to fight him off. Ahote could feel himself getting angry as he got out of line and began to push his way through the club to the dance floor. He could feel himself beginning to shift and he fought to suppress the urge. Before Ahote could reach Aoki, Dyami stepped in and pushed the boy to the ground. Then out of nowhere five more Caucasian boys surrounded them. They were looking for a fight. Little did they know they had found the right ones.


Dyami laughed, “ This isn’t what you want white boy.”


The boy got up from the ground and grinned. “As you can see you are outnumbered.” He said.


“You might want to look again.’ Ahote said as he stepped up and stood next to Dyami.