Where He Brought Me From 5.3

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 5: Divine Intervention

5.3 Divine Intervention: Mommy Dearest


It was the next day, early in the morning and Jessica was already awake on her way to the studio. Kash had sent a limousine to pick her up. She was on her way out the door when her cell phone rang.


“Hi, Jennifer.” She said as she answered the phone. “Hey mom just boarded her plane and she’ll be here in two hours,” Jennifer said.


“Okay,” Jessica replied annoyed.


“She wants to have lunch with you,” Jennifer said.


“What for Jennifer?” Jessica asked. “We don’t get along she doesn’t care about me so why does she want to see me now?” She questioned.


“She misses you, Jessica,” Jennifer replied.


“She doesn’t miss me, what did you tell her I have a rich boyfriend? Does she want money or something?” Jessica argued. “Look I have to go, I have a studio session I’ll call you later.” She said.


“What about lunch?” Jennifer asked.


“I’ll let you know,” Jessica said as she hung up the phone. I don’t need this I have to be in my right mind when I get to the studio, she thought. Jessica checked to make sure she had everything then she went downstairs to wait for the limo driver.


Jessica didn’t want to be bothered by her mother. She wasn’t ready to forgive her yet. Everything was going so well in her life right now. Her mother only wanted to come and complicate things for her. Jessica could remember when she left home and her mother didn’t even tell her goodbye. She could remember how badly her mother had treated her and how she never stood up for her. She wasn’t just mean, she was cruel and now she wanted to come and hang out like nothing happened. The limo pulled up and Kash got out the backseat.


“Are you going with me to the studio?” Jessica asked.


“Yes, I have been given the task of managing you.” He said as he ushered her into the car.


“My sister called me this morning and she and my mom want to have lunch today,” Jessica said once they were in the car.


“Oh really? You should go.” He told her.


“I don’t know if I’m ready to be alone with her and my sister just yet, you remember what happened at dinner with Jennifer and her fiancé last night.” She said.


“I can go with you if you want,” Kash stated.


“Are you sure you want to do that?” she asked.


“My mom is twice as bad as Jennifer.” She added.


“I can handle her.” He replied with a smile.


“Thank you,” Jessica said as she leaned in and kissed Kash.


Jessica began to think that maybe she could get through a lunch with her mom and sister. What could they do or say that they haven’t already? She thought.


“Listen to these tracks and figure out which one you like,” Kash said as he plugged in his Mp3 player.


“I’m not going to write my own songs?” she asked.


“You will be able to write your owns song but the label wants you to do some songs by well-known producers and songwriters as well,” Kash answered. “But you will be able to write all your own lyrics.” He added. Kash pressed play and music began to fill the limo as he started to nod his head.


“I like this one.” She said with a smile.





Dirty Little Bitches 5.3

Dirty Little Bitches

Chapter 5: Fame

5.3 Fame: Hot Topic


It was time for the meeting and the entire office was still reeling from the photos. Aaliyah refused to let them see her sweat she had to go about her day like this scandal was no big deal. She had to walk into that meeting full of her peers with her head held high and she did just that.


“Okay everyone I know you’ve seen photos, so let’s go ahead and get the questions out of the way.” She said as she sat down at the head of the long table.


“I think we should run the story before anyone else does and let you tell your side of the story,” Bianca said.


“Yeah, let’s do a spread with you and Dominic.” Someone else chimed in.


“Yeah, I’m sure Dominic would love to explain himself,” Raquel said sarcastically.


“You know what let’s interview the girl in the pictures too, she’s Raquel’s assistant,” Aaliyah said.


Raquel’s eyes got big as Aaliyah finished her sentence. What was she up to, she thought. Why would Aaliyah want to interview Sandra and put her in the magazine alongside her and Dominic, she wondered.


“Any objections?” Aaliyah asked gazing around the room. No one said a word and a mischievous grin formed across her lips. “Okay moving on.” She said.


“Bianca, what’s next on the agenda?” Aaliyah asked.


“We still need male models for the model article we’re doing,” Bianca replied.


“Any suggestions?” Aaliyah questioned.


“Jean Pierre is pretty hot right now,” Raquel answered.


Aaliyah swallowed hard and tried not to react. Somehow Raquel had found out Jean Pierre’s name, Aaliyah thought. Raquel was waiting on an answer from Aaliyah with a gleeful expression on her face. Aaliyah was stunned she had no idea how to handle this. If she said yes that meant that Jean Pierre would be here in her office building asking questions about her life trying to be closer than they were. Jean Pierre wanted to be serious but Aaliyah told him she wasn’t ready she said that she was focused on her career but the truth was she was already serious with someone else. How would she explain the huge diamond ring on her finger? Then she could say no but there would still be questions because he was the hottest model in the world right now.


“Aaliyah what do you think?” Bianca asked.


“Um yeah, he’d be perfect.” She replied. “Is that everything?” she asked.


“Yes, that’s it,” Bianca said.


“Okay, Bianca I’ll get with you later to set a time for the interview,” Aaliyah said. “Everyone dismissed.” She added.


Aaliyah looked calm on the outside but inside she was panicking. She quickly went into her office shut all the blinds and locked the door. She sat down at her desk and took a long deep breath.


“What are you up to now Raquel?” she asked aloud shaking her head. Aaliyah pulled out a bottle of vodka from her desk drawer and a glass. She slowly poured herself a drink then turned her chair around to face the window so she could think.


“Girl we got her now,” Raquel said as she entered her office.


“What happened?” Sandra asked.


“Well there’s good news and bad news,” Raquel replied sitting down on the couch in her office next to Sandra.


“What’s the bad news?” She asked.


“You have to do an interview for the magazine about sleeping with Dominic.” Raquel quickly blurted out.


“No way.” Sandra shook her head.


“if you don’t do it they will just make things up,” Raquel explained. “But we will discuss that later I got good news.” She said.


“Aaliyah is having an affair with a French model and he’s going to do a spread in our magazine,” Raquel said.


“She agreed to that?” Sandra asked.


“Yes she had to he’s hot right now, so that was the best decision for the magazine,” Raquel stated. “It’s not so bad for us either.” She grinned.