Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 5.3

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde

Chapter 5: Deep Cover

5.3 Deep Cover: Friends in High Places


Angelica was curious. Who is here? She thought. She knew she had to find out. Angelica went over to the bar where Daniel was making drinks. “Who are those for?” she asked.


“Kimura.” He answered.


“I just heard Akeno tell him that someone was here, it sounds important.” She whispered. “We need to get back there.” She added.


“Okay.” Daniel nodded his head as he poured the last drink.


He was just about to take the drinks to the office when Han appeared. “I got it,” he said taking the drinks from Daniel.


“Are you sure? Because I can take it.” Daniel said.


“I’m sure, go help Devon,” Han replied.


People started to enter the club and it slowly started to fill up. Daniel and Angelica desperately needed a way into that office. Angelica watched as Daniel cut up more lemons and limes that Han had brought up from the kitchen. Then Angelica got an idea she knocked all of the fruit off of the bar and onto the floor.


“Oh my goodness I’m so clumsy.” She said as Devon rolled her eyes.


“What are you doing?” Daniel whispered.


“Devon is busy and Han is out of sight so I guess you are the only one who can go in the back and get more fruit.” She hinted.


“Oh.” He said catching on. “Hey, Devon I’m going to go to the kitchen and get more fruit,” Daniel said.


Devon nodded her head and brushed him off like she was annoyed by his presence. Daniel winked at Angelica and headed to the kitchen.


Daniel went into the back and he saw that the office door was closed. He glanced around to see if anyone was coming then he put his ear to the door.


“What can I do to make this deal more appealing to you?” he heard Kimura ask.


“That area is zoned for residential I’m going to need more money if you want these permits to happen.” A familiar voice replied.


Daniel knew that voice but he couldn’t put his finger on it. “And I want free access to any girl I want in this club for life.” The voice added.


Kimura laughed, “You drive a hard bargain, Cabrera, I’ll give you two million and all the access you want.”


“We got a deal.” The voice answered.


Cabrera? Daniel thought. Why does that name sound familiar, he wondered. Daniel was deep in thought when he heard someone coming. He quickly made his way to the kitchen.


“Where’s the fruit for the bar?” he asked.


“In walk-in cooler.” A line cook said.


Daniel went into the cooler and grabbed the fruit when he came out Devon was standing there with her hand on her hip. “I couldn’t find it.” He said. Devon snatched the fruit out of his hand and rolled her eyes. He chuckled as he followed her back to the bar.


“Well, what happened?” Angelica whispered.


“Kimura and some guy named Cabrera got some deal for permits of a residential area.” He quietly replied.


“Cabrera?” Angelica asked trying to figure out who that could be. She gasped, “Mayor Cabrera.”


“That makes sense,” Daniel replied as he nodded his head.





Rockcity Rapland 5.3

Rockcity Rapland

Chapter 5: The One

5.3 The One: A Thin Line


Angelo was heated there was no way he was going to let Camilla go on a date with Alejandro. Angelo stormed down the stairs to the kitchen where Alejandro was still standing drinking. “I need you to talk to you,” Angelo said angrily.


“Okay, but first you need to take some of that bass out of your voice,” Alejandro said as he calmly gave Angelo a displeased look.


“Am I supposed to be afraid of you?” Angelo asked.


“I’m not trying to frighten you Lo but I am warning you, you need to calm down,” Alejandro replied.


“Or what, are you going to fight me?” Angelo asked. “Or better yet are you going to shoot me because you have been doing that a lot lately!” he yelled.


“What is this about, Camilla?” Alejandro asked becoming annoyed. “You jealous bro?” he questioned. “Get out of your feelings and out of my face before I really get mad.” He stated as he began to walk out of the room.


Angelo punched Alejandro in the side of the head as he walked by. Alejandro laughed, “You hit like a bitch.” He took a swing at Angelo landing a punch square in his face. His nose began to trickle blood. Angelo reached for his nose and wiped away the blood as he glared at Alejandro with hate he is eyes. “Oh, you want some more?” Alejandro laughed. “Okay cousin.” He said rolling up his sleeves as Angelo huffed and puffed. “Let’s go then.” He said. Angelo rushed Alejandro and tackled him to the ground. They were wrestling and hitting each other causing a loud disturbance throughout the house.


Camilla was looking in her closet for shoes when she heard the commotion. “What is that noise?” asked aloud stopping dead in her tracks. She quietly listened for a moment and she heard the faint sound of grunting. She quickly left her room and ran downstairs towards the noise. “What the hell is going on!” she screamed when she saw Alejandro and Angelo fighting. “Stop it!” she yelled as she ran over and tried to pull Alejandro off of Angelo. “Stop it!” she yelled again pulling at Alejandro’s shirt. Alejandro stopped hitting Angelo and got up out of breath.


“Angelo are you okay?” she asked kneeling down beside him and touching his face.


“I’m fine.” He lashed out as he pulled away.


Camilla was stunned, “excuse me then.”


Angelo got up from the floor and rushed upstairs. Camilla slowly stood up and glared at Alejandro with a look of disappointment. “Hey, he hit me first.” He said as he rubbed his knuckles.


“How’s your shoulder?” She asked nonchalantly.


“It’s fine.” He answered.


“I swear you two are like children.” She said. “Do you think you can stay out of trouble while I finish getting dressed?” she asked sarcastically.


“You still want to go out?” He asked astounded.


“Yes after all this I need a drink.” She said. “And you better not say I’m underage.” She said before he could reply as she went back upstairs. Alejandro smiled to himself and poured another drink.







I Know Your Type 5.3

I Know Your Type

Chapter 5: The Beginning of the End

5.3 Revenge: Scratch


Dawn was walking down the sidewalk on the way to her car when a well-dressed man coming out of the restaurant next door stopped her. “Hey, baby can I go with you?” He asked. Dawn just shook her head and kept walking trying to ignore him. “Oh you can’t speak?” he asked. “You think you too cute or something?” he continued.


Dawn was becoming annoyed as the man followed her all the way to her car taunting her. Dawn calmly opened her car door and sat her food in the backseat. “Such an expensive suit on such a cheap man.” She said as she slammed the door. At that moment it was like a switch flipped in her mind, it was as if she was another person. Dawn’s entire personality had changed. “Now what are you going to do with me?” She asked as she moved closer to him. “Do you really think you are even in my lane?” she laughed.


“I’m a millionaire.” He said.


“Oh is that so and a married man I see, your wife must feel so lucky.” She said sarcastically.


“I can do whatever I want.” He replied.


“Well, you are a grown man.” She stated as she grazed his arm with her fingertips. Dawn was laying it on thick and he was taking it all in. “The real question is can you handle me because I can definitely handle you.” Dawn smiled and said cockily as she leaned back on the hood of her car. He began to smile and loosen his tie.


“I can.” He said as he tried to kiss her. Dawn quickly moved her head. “Did I say you could kiss me?” she asked as she became furious.


“I thought,” he stammered.


“Oh don’t hurt yourself.” She laughed as she stood up. “Get in,” she said as she got in the car.


He hurriedly got in the passenger seat. Dawn smiled mischievously and cranked up the car. “What’s with all the plastic?” he asked looking around the car.


“Easy clean up.” She said as she pulled off.


“What?” he asked as she jammed a pocketknife into his neck.


He began to flail and grab for his neck. She quickly locked the doors so he couldn’t escape. Dawn was taking all the back roads to avoid detection. As the man bleed out in her car Dawn began to calmly talk to him.


“You should have just left me alone, you could have been home with your wife right now.” She said. “You men are all the same you have to have your cake and eat it too.” She laughed. “You greedy motherfuckers!” she yelled. “Hey are you listening to me!” she screamed. “Oh, you’re dead, just like a man to die so he doesn’t have to listen.” She said through clenched teeth.


Dawn pulled into her garage and shut the door behind her. She rolled up his body in the plastic covering the interior of the car then she dragged him out of her car. She placed his body is this huge plastic tub. Then she began to put on gloves and a mask.


“Good riddance.” She said as she poured acid all over his body.