Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 5.3

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde

Chapter 5: Deep Cover

5.3 Deep Cover: Friends in High Places


Angelica was curious. Who is here? She thought. She knew she had to find out. Angelica went over to the bar where Daniel was making drinks. “Who are those for?” she asked.


“Kimura.” He answered.


“I just heard Akeno tell him that someone was here, it sounds important.” She whispered. “We need to get back there.” She added.


“Okay.” Daniel nodded his head as he poured the last drink.


He was just about to take the drinks to the office when Han appeared. “I got it,” he said taking the drinks from Daniel.


“Are you sure? Because I can take it.” Daniel said.


“I’m sure, go help Devon,” Han replied.


People started to enter the club and it slowly started to fill up. Daniel and Angelica desperately needed a way into that office. Angelica watched as Daniel cut up more lemons and limes that Han had brought up from the kitchen. Then Angelica got an idea she knocked all of the fruit off of the bar and onto the floor.


“Oh my goodness I’m so clumsy.” She said as Devon rolled her eyes.


“What are you doing?” Daniel whispered.


“Devon is busy and Han is out of sight so I guess you are the only one who can go in the back and get more fruit.” She hinted.


“Oh.” He said catching on. “Hey, Devon I’m going to go to the kitchen and get more fruit,” Daniel said.


Devon nodded her head and brushed him off like she was annoyed by his presence. Daniel winked at Angelica and headed to the kitchen.


Daniel went into the back and he saw that the office door was closed. He glanced around to see if anyone was coming then he put his ear to the door.


“What can I do to make this deal more appealing to you?” he heard Kimura ask.


“That area is zoned for residential I’m going to need more money if you want these permits to happen.” A familiar voice replied.


Daniel knew that voice but he couldn’t put his finger on it. “And I want free access to any girl I want in this club for life.” The voice added.


Kimura laughed, “You drive a hard bargain, Cabrera, I’ll give you two million and all the access you want.”


“We got a deal.” The voice answered.


Cabrera? Daniel thought. Why does that name sound familiar, he wondered. Daniel was deep in thought when he heard someone coming. He quickly made his way to the kitchen.


“Where’s the fruit for the bar?” he asked.


“In walk-in cooler.” A line cook said.


Daniel went into the cooler and grabbed the fruit when he came out Devon was standing there with her hand on her hip. “I couldn’t find it.” He said. Devon snatched the fruit out of his hand and rolled her eyes. He chuckled as he followed her back to the bar.


“Well, what happened?” Angelica whispered.


“Kimura and some guy named Cabrera got some deal for permits of a residential area.” He quietly replied.


“Cabrera?” Angelica asked trying to figure out who that could be. She gasped, “Mayor Cabrera.”


“That makes sense,” Daniel replied as he nodded his head.





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